Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Put Her in a Tight Spot

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Zi Xu certainly did not buy what the butler said, but regardless of what Madam He wanted to do to them, he did not have the courage to take his family and leave.

Zi Xu hoped that Zi Yi could behave.

He replied calmly, “That’s so thoughtful of Madam He.”

The butler felt even more contemptuous towards them as he led the four of them into the villa.

Before they entered, he pretended to remind them out of kindness, “Madam He has invited ladies of the high society today. I heard that Miss Zi tends to be more… lively. I hope she can get a close look at how real ladies interact, so as to avoid any embarrassment.”

Zi Xu was instantly insulted. Zi Yi was his daughter. No one had the right to discipline her, let alone a little butler.

Zi Yi looked at Butler Wu from behind and pursed her lips before she suddenly said, “Hang on.”

Everyone stopped to look at her.

Zi Xu was worried that she would make trouble, so he frowned and looked at her threateningly.

Zi Yi took out a lipstick from her clutch and said unhurriedly, “Sorry. My lipstick accidentally came off, so I need to touch it up a little.”

Li Peirong and Zi Lian looked at her strangely. When did she apply lipstick?

Zi Yi was not seeking permission here. Instead, she opened the lipstick cap and applied the lipstick.

She looked like an innocent fairy without makeup on. The moment she applied her lipstick, her aura instantly changed.

She had a powerful seductive aura that left everyone automatically staring at her lips.

Zi Yi put her lipstick away before she said to the butler, “All done.”

The butler automatically opened the door for her.

The laughter and chatting in the room surged towards them. In a second, the guests detected their presence and instinctively turned to look at the entrance.

The moment they caught sight of Zi Yi at the door, the women were awestruck.

She was gorgeous!

Who was she?

Why had they never seen her before?

Zi Yi glanced at the swarm of impeccably dressed women in evening gowns before she calmly headed towards Madam He who was facing the door.

Madam He was so awestruck by Zi Yi that she only managed to compose herself when Zi Yi was just a few steps away from her.

The moment she composed herself, she was displeased.

How could a merchant’s daughter attempt to intimidate her?

Despite her displeasure, she pretended not to know her as she asked her, “And you are?”

Everyone snapped out of their daze when they heard what Madam He said.

They were even more surprised by who Zi Yi was.

Zi Yi smiled ambiguously as she said quizzically, “Didn’t you invite us, Madam He? Why did you invite me if you didn’t know me?”

No one expected Zi Yi to speak this way.

In an instant, the living room fell into silence.

The atmosphere was becoming increasingly awkward.

Since Madam He was from a powerful family, she could not allow Zi Yi to gain the upper hand. She smiled graciously and said, “Pardon my memory. Since I had the butler invite you here, you are all my honored guests, Miss…”

“Zi Yi.”

“Welcome, Miss Zi.”

Zi Yi nodded before she turned to look at Zi Xu and the others who were in shock.

None of them saw this coming. Zi Yi had spoken so boldly to Madam He!

However, Zi Xu inexplicably felt triumphant that she took control of the situation.

Zi Xu strode over and said to Madam He, “Madam He, how do you do? I am Zi Yi’s father, Zi Xu.”

Madam He smiled and nodded to him nonchalantly before she suddenly waved at a woman. “Shiya, why don’t you show Miss Zi around?”

The woman called Yang Shiya walked over. “Sure, Aunt He.”

She said to Zi Yi, “Miss Zi, this way, please.”

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