Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Climb Over the Wall

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Yang Shiya kept staring at Zi Yi, but she veered her eyes away two seconds later because she could not bear it. She said in annoyance, “I have seen plenty of women like you. Your family must have put in a lot of effort to get close to the He family, right?”

Zi Yi looked at her as though she was an idiot.

Yang Shiya became even more furious.

She was just a commoner. What gave her the right to come to the He residence, and compete with all these young ladies from elite families, to be her cousin’s wife?

A thought suddenly crossed her mind and she suddenly found a way to take care of Zi Yi.

Zi Yi looked in Zi Xu’s direction.

He Fei was talking to Zi Xu enthusiastically; Madam He was clearly annoyed, but she was controlling of her expression.

Li Peirong stood beside Zi Xu.

As for Zi Lian, Zi Yi’s eyes halted on Zi Lian for two seconds. Zi Lian was standing close to her with her eyes on He Fei the entire time.

Zi Yi finally looked at Yang Shiya after studying her family.

Yang Shiya had hatched a sinister plot. She wanted to make Zi Yi go to a restricted area so that her aunt would drive her away from the residence.

How could she subtly make her go out?

Zi Yi tapped her fingers on her seat. Yang Shiya was taking her sweet time to lead Zi Yi into trouble. Zi Yi finally lost her patience and asked, “Where’s the bathroom? I’d like to use the bathroom.”

“Do you think I’m the…” Yang Shiya swallowed the words “maid” and asked earnestly, “Do you need the ladies?”

Zi Yi asked rhetorically in an airy tone, “Is there something wrong with your ears?”

“You…” Yang Shiya suppressed her fury and nodded with a magnanimous look on her face. “Come on. On account that you are a guest, I will show you the way.”

Zi Yi stood up and followed Yang Shiya through a passage next to the living room and walked to the end of the corridor.

Yang Shiya walked over and opened the door as she said, “The bathroom is inside. You will see it once you go out.”

Zi Yi looked at Yang Shiya. Did Yang Shiya think Zi Yi was stupid, or did Yang Shiya think she was smart?

Yang Shiya was starting to feel uneasy from Zi Yi’s looks, so she said, “I will wait for you here. Hurry up. Or else, they will miss us.”

Zi Yi walked inside.

The moment Zi Yi stepped forward, Yang Shiya inexplicably felt like she was a maid opening the door for her mistress.

She suddenly wanted to slam the door shut and let Zi Yi open it herself.

After Zi Yi walked through the doorway, she locked the door from inside.

Zi Yi glanced at the locked door and then at the living quarters in front of her.

There was a garden in the quarters opposite two slightly smaller villas that were clearly the master’s quarters.

The entire compound was surrounded by a high wall.

If she was not mistaken, Yang Shiya would tell everyone she was missing soon and send men after her.

Zi Yi looked at the wall. She smiled and strode over. Just as she was about to reach it, she ran, jumped up and hung onto the wall; she quickly pulled herself up.

She was about to jump off the wall when someone suddenly shouted, “Who goes there?”

Two tall silhouettes walked over quickly.

Zi Yi stood on the wall and felt somewhat shocked to encounter the supercar workshop owner once more.

Lu Jingye was also surprised. He looked at the young woman standing on the wall and frowned as he asked, “What are you doing here?”

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