Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Lu Clan’s Second Son

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On the second floor of Mount Li Sports Car Service Center.

The atmosphere inside the office, which was filled with all kinds of supercar models, felt intense due to the person sitting inside.

He Fei was one of the most infamous young men of the capital’s elite circles. He was accustomed to living without a care and was not even afraid of his father. He suddenly decided to open a supercar service center here, so he up and left his family home.

The only person he was intimidated by was this young man sitting in his office, Lu Jingye. His aura was very powerful, even if he did not say a word.

Lu Jingye was the second son of the Lu clan. He was 26 and looked striking and dignified. He was incredibly capable and was the rising star of his generation. Out of respect, everyone in their generation called him, “Second Older Brother.”

Also, he was so handsome that even a straight guy like him felt jealous of his good looks.

He Fei could not stand Lu Jingye’s all-knowing eyes. He straightened his uneasy legs and probed him. “Second Older Brother, what are you doing in City S?”

“It was on the way,” said Lu Jingye succinctly.

“Erm… What brings you to my shop…?”

“Uncle He wants me to tell you that if you don’t go back to get married, he will send his men to tear your shop apart.”

“…” He Fei felt powerless.

Lu Jingye looked at He Fei with his deep eyes. “Uncle He wants you to come back with me.”

He Fei parted his lips but before he managed to speak, someone barged into the office and the door swung open loudly.


“Boss, bad news. Fat Sheep…”

The moment Wang Gang barged into the office, he made eye contact with Lu Jingye’s calm and stern eyes, and instantly trembled in shock.

He Fei was instantly delighted to see Wang Gang. He quickly acted angry as he hinted to Wang Gang. “Can’t you see I have a guest? Are you trying to be rude?”

Wang Gang caught He Fei’s hints. Lu Jingye looked at him with a powerful aura radiating from him, so he stammered, “B-boss, Fat Sheep… No, Miss Zi is causing trouble.”

“Is it the girl from the Zi family? What kind of trouble could she possibly cause?” He Fei furtively glanced at Lu Jingye as he spoke. Lu Jingye might lose his patience and leave right away.

Wang Gang hurriedly said, “She wants the car modified and for its maximum horsepower to reach 3000 HP, top speed to reach 800 kilometers per hour, 0-100 acceleration capability of one second, and the tires changed to space synthetic ones made of XX.”

“…” He Fei went quiet for a few seconds before he questioned, “Is she trying to make trouble?”

He turned to look at Lu Jingye and pretended to be in a tight spot. “A big client is here. She is special since she is Old Master Dou’s granddaughter!”

However, Old Master Dou had spread the word that he was no longer having anything to do with her but Lu Jingye didn’t know that.

Lu Jingye contemplated for three seconds. “I will give you 30 minutes.”

He Fei’s eyes glinted. If things dragged on for over 30 minutes, Lu Jingye might end up leaving out of impatience. That way, he would be a free man.

“Erm… Why did you stand up?”

He Fei was stunned when Lu Jingye suddenly stood up.

Lu Jingye sounded determined. “I will go with you. We will leave right away after you fix the car.”

“…” He Fei felt powerless.

The three of them went downstairs to the lounge but there was no one there. He Fei became anxious. Just as he was about to ask, he saw a mechanic running back in from the workshop.

He Fei hurriedly shouted, “Zhang Minghua, where is Miss Zi?”

Zhang Minghua was on his way to get those things that Zi Yi wanted. The moment he saw the three of them, he halted and said excitedly, “Miss Zi is in the workshop modifying her Siebel Tuatara.”

He trotted off quickly to get the things.

He Fei could not believe his ears. He explained to Lu Jingye, “Don’t mind them. They tend to talk like that.”

He Fei led Lu Jingye to the workshop and he was struck dumb when he caught sight of the scene inside.

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