Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Online Scandal

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On their way home, Zi Xu, Li Peirong, and Zi Lian were very quiet.

Only Zi Yi played with her phone calmly.

After they got back to the hotel, Zi Xu looked angry.

Li Peirong gestured for Zi Yi and Zi Lian to go back to their rooms before she comforted Zi Xu, “Yiyi did the right thing. Madam He was clearly trying to make things difficult for her.”

She said somewhat worriedly, “It was true that she was a little too blunt. Considering Madam He’s status, she might just make trouble for us.”

“Stop it.” Zi Xu was particularly annoyed and needed to calm down.

Li Peirong stopped talking.

After Zi Yi went back to her room, she sat in front of the computer and started typing on the keyboard.

It wasn’t long before the He residence’s surveillance appeared on the monitor.


In the He family Villa

The guests had already left and only Yang Shiya and Madam He were seated on the couch.

The butler was talking about the surveillance. “I checked the surveillance and Zi Yi genuinely only visited the toilet.”

“Impossible!” Yang Shiya raised her voice. “I clearly saw her entering the back door and locking herself in there.”

She looked at Madam He. “Did someone do something to the surveillance? Maybe Fei did it.”

Madam He looked annoyed.

Yang Shiya continued, “That woman is such a vixen. Or else, why would Fei embarrass you by leaving with the woman in front of so many guests?”

Madam He looked even angrier.

A few seconds later, she told the butler, “Send someone to take care of that woman and her family. Make sure she doesn’t dare to seduce my son from now on.”

“Yes, Madam He.”

Yang Shiya added, “Find someone outside the family to do it, so Fei won’t catch wind of it.”

Zi Yi turned off the surveillance. She sneered before she continued tapping on the keyboard.

A bunch of code quickly appeared on the monitor. She quickly hacked into the butler’s phone call.

The butler said, “Drug the woman and send someone to sleep with her. Get some reporters to spread the news”

Zi Yi pursed her lips and a murderous aura instantly radiated from her.

No one had ever dared to pull such a stunt on her. These people really wanted to die.

“If it’s fun you want, then it’s fun you’ll get.”

Zi Yi continued typing on the keyboard. She quickly dug up Madam He’s and her family’s scandals.

Zi Yi smiled as she looked at these scandals. She planted a virus and sent it across the entire internet.

At 10:45 pm, two pop-ups appeared one after another with fresh scoops that caused a frenzy online.

[This news comes accompanied by photo evidence. Madam He’s eldest nephew, Yang Guangyuan, snatched someone else’s girlfriend (MONTH/ YEAR) and the incident ended with two deaths and one injured party. Madam He used her power to make the problem go away.]

[On (MONTH/ YEAR), Madam He helped the Yang family smuggle over 100 luxury cars and evaded hundreds of millions in taxes.]



The internet exploded.

The He family instantly flew into chaos.

“What’s going on? Remove everything.”

“No, we can’t remove the news!”

“Get the internet department to remove them.”

“They can’t remove them either!”

“Jingcheng, look at what your wife has done!”

“Yang Shuqin, are you crazy? How could you do such things behind my back? Are you trying to kill me?”

“Jingcheng, I’m sorry. Uhhoo…”

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