Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Makes Things More Exciting

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Zi Yi’s words left everyone in a furor.

“Su Ci, why don’t you just agree? Since she is going to become your woman, you have to give her pocket money, right?”


Zi Yi looked at Su Ci. “Are you afraid?”

Su Ci could feel his scalp tingle when Zi Yi looked at him.

He thought it must be his adrenalin talking to him.

How dare this woman ask for, Rhinoceros? That was the biggest joke he had heard all year.

“Of course. I will agree to anything you want. Haha…” He raised his hand and patted Li Xiangnan’s shoulder and leaned towards him to root for him. “Since she has such big dreams, you have to help her to achieve them.”

He pulled his hand back and asked the bodyguards, “Are the roadblocks ready?”

A bodyguard replied, “Young Master Su, it’s all set.”

Su Ci looked at Zi Yi with determination, “Just you wait. You will become my woman in no time.”

Another guy standing beside Su Ci, called Lu Huaqiang, deliberately said, “How about this? If Zi Yi’s racer can beat any of us, you will admit to losing.”

The rest of the guys chimed in, “Yeah! That makes things more exciting.”

Su Ci thought it would be fun too. After all, they had already bribed Li Xiangnan, so he was bound to lose.

He raised his hand and acted generously. “Sure, why not?”

Zi Yi looked at the absolutely confident men and said, “Since we are having a race, we ought to sign an indemnity for it.”

The rich men’s sons’ smiles froze as they looked at each other.

“Of course we will sign one. We don’t want you to accuse us of bullying you.”

Su Ci shouted at someone, “Zhang Hong, print two copies of the indemnity agreement used for professional car races and add two more clauses. If Zi Yi loses, she must be my woman for a year. If I lose, I will give her Rhinoceros.”

Zi Yi added, “Add one more clause to the agreement. If anyone gets maimed or dies from any accidents, no one else can be held accountable.”

Everyone suddenly went quiet.

Before the guys managed to answer, Li Xiangnan worriedly said to her in a soft tone, “Miss Zi, this clause works against us.”

Li Xiangnan was paid to race with them. He was terrified that these rich men’s sons would deliberately run him over. If that happened, he did not have the guts to do the same.

Zi Yi glanced coldly at Su Ci and the others. “Are you lot afraid?”

Li Xiangnan felt anxious. Although money was important, there was no point winning if he could not live to spend it. “If you add that clause, I won’t race for you!”

“Certainly. Why not?” Su Ci told Zhang Hong to add the clause.

He printed the indemnity agreement and brought it over.

All the rich men’s sons signed and placed their thumbprints on it decisively.

Zi Yi took the agreement and did the same.

She and Su Ci both kept a copy each.

The rest of the guys headed over to their sports cars and a flock of women stood at the starting line to cheer them on.

Li Xiangnan stood where he was with a livid expression. He had decided not to take part in the race.

Zi Yi did not even look at him as she walked over to her car.

Everyone was shocked to see Zi Yi getting into the car.

“Is she going to race herself?”

“Does she have a death wish?”

“Maybe she felt provoked by them.”

Zi Yi put on her racing gear and drove up to the starting line. Su Ci’s shocked voice came from the car beside hers. “I can’t believe you are going to race against me. You best take care of your pretty little face. I don’t like disfigured women.”

Zi Yi looked straight ahead and said coldly, “Tell me the route.”

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