Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 1067 - Lu Weiwei

Chapter 1067 Lu Weiwei

Zhang Dequan and Gu Ning were going to seperate once they left the restaurant. However, they met several members of the Lu family when they reached the first floor.Lu Weili, the oldest son of the Lu family, who was 34, and Lu Weiwei, who was his younger sister and was 27 this year, came on behalf of the Lu family. There were two stone-gambling experts and two bodyguards with them too.

Although Lu Weili was the heir of the Lu family, he wasn’t very good at stone gambling, so he brought two experts with him. And because Burma was always involved in wars, so it was much safer to have some bodyguards by his side.

The second Lu Weili saw Zhang Dequan and his group, he greeted them, “Hi, Master Zhang, and Lord Zhang!”

He greeted them on his own initiative, but didn’t sound kind. The Zhang family and the Lu family were competitors in the jade industry after all.

Lu Weiwei, on the other hand, was stunned by Leng Shaoting’s appearance. She could barely move her eyes away from him.

Lu Weiwei had a plain face, but thought too highly of herself, and was only attracted to handsome men. She would do anything in order to get a handsome man she was attracted to.

Leng Shaoting, however, felt disgusted when Lu Weiwei fixed her eyes at him. He didn’t lose his temper just because she was staring at him, but simply moved a little farther away from her.

However, Lu Weiwei wouldn’t withdraw her leer, causing Gu Ning to frown with displeasure.

“Hi, Lord Lu and Miss Lu,” Zhang Dequan said.

“Master Zhang, what do you think of today’s jade raw materials?” Lu Weili asked.

“Hard to tell,” Zhang Dequan replied.

“Master Zhang, you’re being too modest! I think you can get a lot of good jade raw materials today,” Lu Weili said with jealousy evident in his tone.

Yes, he was being jealous. Zhang Dequan was the head of the Jade Association in City Teng, and he was well-known for his excellent skills at stone-gambling. Therefore, Lu Weili got jealous upon thinking that Zhang Dequan could get a lot of jade today.

“Ha-ha, I hope so!” Zhang Dequan said.

At this moment, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see the numbers on the piece of paper in Zhang Binsheng’s hands.

She planned to bid for different jade raw materials from them to avoid conflicts. If they still had conflicts, Gu Ning was willing to leave some to them in case they got nothing at the end of the day.

“Good luck!” Lu Weili also laughed a little, but with a cold face.

Afterwards, Lu Weili’s sight fell on Gu Ning. He was struck dumb for a second, then realized who Gu Ning was.

“This miss must be Miss Gu, who just replaced the Wang family and became one of the three largest jade providers in City Teng, right?” Lu Weili purposely asked this question with arrogance to take Gu Ning down a notch.

He understood that Gu Ning wasn’t simple since she could replace the Wang family, but he didn’t believe that she was able to do it alone. In fact, Lu Weili thought that Gu Ning was too young to be important.

“Yes, I did replace the Wang family,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

“Very well. I’m surprised that Miss Gu is able to make such a great achievement at such an early age!” Lu Weili said in an ironic tone.

In his eyes, Gu Ning was simply a little girl, and the real boss of Colorful Jade Provider must be someone else.

Lu Weili was curious why Gu Ning was chosen to represent Colorful Jade Provider. He was too self-satisfied to face reality.

“It’s not a big deal,” Gu Ning said and took Lu Weili’s irony as a compliment. “If you’ll excuse me, we need to leave now.”

Gu Ning hated Lu Weiwei staring at Leng Shaoting, and couldn’t stand it a second longer.

Lu Weili didn’t stop her, but Lu Weiwei opened her mouth. “Wait a second.”

After that, she walked straight towards Leng Shaoting and said to him, “Hey, why don’t you give me your phone number? We can share a meal together someday.”

Saying that, she put on a smile she thought was attractive, but it actually was quite disgusting.

Leng Shaoting ignored Lu Weiwei. It was as if Lu Weiwei wasn’t talking to him.

Gu Ning stood in between them and coldly looked at Lu Weiwei. “Miss Lu, don’t you think it’s too much that you ask my fiancé for his phone number right in front of me?”

Other people also disliked Lu Weiwei’s behavior, but they weren’t surprised because they knew her personality very well.

“Fiancé?” Lu Weiwei was a little surprised, but soon sneered, “So what? You aren’t married yet, so he’s still available.”

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