Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 1217 - A Rib Breaks

Chapter 1217 – A Rib Breaks

Jiang Zezheng defended Cao Wenxin, not because he still liked her, but because he was her good friend.

Zhu Yuanzhen understood that, so she wasn’t jealous, but she felt heart-broken when Jiang Zezheng was injured.

“I’m fine,” Jiang Zezheng said to comfort Zhu Yuanzhen.

Zhu Yuanzhen didn’t believe Jiang Zezheng could be fine after being kicked so heavily, but she said nothing.

The noises of their fight attracted attention from tourists and workers in the amusement park, but nobody dared to stop them, because they were obviously kung fu lovers and quite aggressive.

Some staff members of the amusement park shouted at them to tell them to stop right now, and some reported it to their leader without delay. However, they refused to listen and kept on fighting.

Cao Wenxin wasn’t a match for Jiang Dina, but it still took time for Jiang Dina to beat Cao Wenxin.

At this time, Gu Ning, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya arrived, and Gu Ning called Cao Wenxin once she walked into the amusement park. Unfortunately, nobody answered her call.

Gu Ning thought that they probably left to play in the other facilities. Therefore, she directly used her Jade Eyes to find Cao Wenxin.

The moment she glanced around the amusement park, she saw a group of people were fighting against each other behind a house 10 meters away. In the middle of the crowd, she found Cao Wenxin and Gao Chengyun.

Cao Wenxin was fighting against a woman, while Gao Chengyun was fighting against a man. Beside them, An Ran and Zhu Yuanzhen were supporting the injured Jiang Zezheng.

It was obvious that Cao Wenxin was weaker than the woman, and there was blood on her left cheek.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning ran forward. Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didn’t know what was happening, but they chased after Gu Ning at once.

Once Gu Ning reached the house, she dashed straight towards Jiang Dina and threw Jiang Dina away after catching her hand. Jiang Dina couldn’t struggle and was thrown a meter away.

This scene shocked everyone, including Cao Wenxin, Gao Chengyun, and Qin Zifeng. Before they could react, Gu Ning kicked Jiang Dina with great strength.

Jiang Dina was kicked three meters away and hit against a hard wall before she fell down to the ground with a thud. It seemed like one of her bones was broken.

It happened too fast, and nobody realized what had happened until Jiang Dina fell to the ground.

“Jesus, the woman was kicked three meters away by the girl!”

“I can’t believe my eyes!”

“She must be a kung fu master.”


They were all impressed by Gu Ning.

They didn’t think that it was wrong that Gu Ning kicked Jiang Dina away, because Jiang Dina was bullying Cao Wenxin and her friends. Gu Ning was Cao Wenxin’s good friend and close relative after all.

“Ningning!” Cao Wenxin’s eyes lit up when she saw Gu Ning.

Gu Ning took out two power crystals and gave each of them to Cao Wenxin and Jiang Zezheng to help them recover.

“Hi, Miss Gu.” Gao Chengyun walked to Gu Ning as well, and stopped fighting.

“Dina!” Qin Zifeng ran to Jiang Dina and left Gu Ning aside.

Jiang Dina was seriously hurt and one of her ribs was broken. She couldn’t move at all now, but moaned in pain while lying on the ground. It would take at least two months for her to fully recover.

Gu Ning admitted that she had used great strength to hurt Jiang Dina, but she was really angry seeing Cao Wenxin being bullied by Jiang Dina.

“You deserve it!” Cao Wenxin felt very pleased, shouting at Jiang Dina. Cao Wenxin’s friends had the same idea.

“How dare you do that to Dina! The Jiang family will get you back!” Qin Zifeng threatened Gu Ning. He knew that Gu Ning wasn’t a weak girl, so he didn’t dare to fight against her right now.

“Let’s see what the Jiang family will do to me,” Gu Ning said. She wasn’t afraid of the Jiang family at all.

“Jiang Dina is a bully and she asked for it herself!” Cao Wenxin said with disdain, then turned to Gu Ning. “Ningning, don’t worry. Although Jiang Dina’s father ranks higher in the military, the Jiang family isn’t comparable to the Cao family and the Tang family.”

“You…” Qin Zifeng was mad.

He had glanced at Gu Ning, then said to Can Wenxin, “I know the Jiang family isn’t as powerful as the Cao family or the Tang family, but will the Can family or the Tang family behave against the Jiang family for an outsider?”

Qin Zifeng didn’t know Gu Ning’s identity, and he thought that Gu Ning only dared to hurt them because of Cao Wenxin’s support.

“Are you kidding me?” Cao Wenxin laughed. She thought that Qin Zifeng was really stupid. “Don’t you know that Ningning is an important member of the Tang family?”

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