Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 13 - Shameless People

Chapter 13: Shameless People

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Gu Ning had a weekly allowance of one hundred yuan. It wasn’t much, but for Gu Ning it was a lot.

When Gu Ning left her home, Gu Man gave her one hundred yuan.

Though Gu Ning had a lot of money now, she didn’t want anyone to know that. She took the money from Gu Man as usual.

Gu Ning didn’t take the bus, but ran to her school.

Because Gu Ning wasn’t in good health, she needed to exercise. Gu Ning decided she would run to her school from now on, except on rainy days.

The No.3 High School of City F was a normal high school.

There were five high schools in City F. Only the No.1 High School was excellent, and the rest were all common.

Gu Ning had run for half an hour when she arrived at her school.

Gu Ning was weak indeed. Half an hour of running made her exhausted.

Gu Ning wanted to be strong, but she also knew it will take time to achieve her goal. So, she didn’t want to push herself too hard. She wanted to accomplish it step by step.

Gu Ning had left her home earlier, so it was still 20 minutes before the first class. She decided to have her breakfast first.

She went to buy her breakfast, and finished on her way back.

“Gu Ning?”

The second Gu Ning walked into the teaching building, a male voice called her with uncertainty.

Gu Ning frowned tightly, because she knew who this familiar voice was. It was Qin Zheng.

She looked over. It was Qin Zheng indeed.

Qin Zheng was around 5’11” tall in a white T-shirt and jeans. He was a very handsome athletic boy, and popular among the girls.

But what he had done to Gu Ning was so shameless.

“What?” Gu Ning stayed emotionless, like the boy was merely a stranger to her.

Actually it was the truth. Though she had all the memories of Gu Ning, she was Tang Aining after all. Except Gu Man and the family of Gu Qing, the rest were all strangers to Gu Ning.

Even those relatives in the Gu Family, she wouldn’t care about them.

Qin Zheng was the cause why Gu Ning had died, but Gu Ning had been reborn now. She had no intention to take revenge on him.

If they wouldn’t find her any trouble, she would let it go, but if they would, Gu Ning would fight back.

Seeing Gu Ning, Qin Zheng was greatly surprised. Hadn’t she been caught by a car accident? Why she looked so good now?

Due to his astonishment, Qin Zheng didn’t realize Gu Ning’s attitude towards him had changed. He asked, “Are, are you alright?”

Though Qin Zheng didn’t like Gu Ning, he felt guilty about her accident.

“And then?” Gu Ning asked back.

“What?” Qin Zheng didn’t understand, “What do you mean?”

Gu Ning snorted with laughter. She looked at Qin Zheng like he was an idiot, “Qin Zheng, are you blind? Can’t you see that I’m standing here right before your eyes? I’m fine! Leave me alone!”


Qin Zheng was displeased at once, because he had been humiliated. However, he was more surprised by Gu Ning’s change. She was so brave and straightforward now, which was totally different from the old self-abased quiet Gu Ning.

Was this because of the car accident? She had changed a lot.

Yes, the soul had been exchanged, and the personality had changed as well.

“What?” Gu Ning said calmly, like she hadn’t shouted at him at all.

“Bravo!” a loud female voice sounded. “Those shameless people build their happiness on others’ suffering, and they’re even proud of that.”

The girl was in a school uniform with long straight hair. She had very beautiful features with big round eyes, thick lips, and looked cute.

But her behavior was so different from her appearance. She swaggered over in abrasive manners.

It was 10 minutes away from the first class. There were many students walking inside. The girl’s words attracted much attention.

Qin Zheng was well-known in their high school for his good looks, excellent performance and rich family.

But, all those were in others’ eyes. Only his closest friends knew what he was really liked.

If he was a real good boy, he wouldn’t have chased Gu Xiaoxiao on a condition of hurting another innocent girl.

However, the onlookers all stood on Qin Zheng’s side. They didn’t believe that what had happened between Qin Zheng and Gu Ning was immoral. They thought it was interesting instead.

Only Mu Ke had warned Gu Ning.

And no one else, except them, knew the truth about what had happened. Qin Zheng hadn’t allowed Gu Ning to tell others, because it had been a game from the beginning to the end.

If anyone else knew Qin Zheng had a girlfriend like Gu Ning, who was poor, self-abased and bad at studying, he would be humiliated.

“Chu Peihan, you…”

Qin Zheng was annoyed while the crowd was confused.

He wanted to argue back, but had no idea how to.

He knew in his heart that he had done something bad.

On the other side, Gu Ning frowned a little when she heard the name “Chu Peihan”. She knew the girl was famous in school.

But the girl wasn’t famous for anything good. She was always late for classes, involved in fights and so forth. She had received countless warnings.

Normally, she would have been expelled, but she was so good at studying and always be the top 40.

Moreover, she was from a powerful family, so she wasn’t afraid of being expelled at all.

“Gee, don’t be mad so easily. I didn’t call your name after all.” Chu Peihan laughed at Qin Zheng.

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