Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 1565 - I Can Kill You with a Bullet

Chapter 1565: I Can Kill You with a Bullet

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“You…” The woman was mad. “I just complimented him and said that he’s handsome. I simply wanted to know whether he’s a star or not. Why didn’t he reply to my question out of politeness?”

It sounded as if it was Leng Shaoting’s fault.

“Because he didn’t want to talk with you, and you can’t force other people to talk with you,” Gu Ning said. “It’s rude.”

Although Leng Shaoting was indeed a little impolite when he directly ignored the woman, he simply didn’t want to talk with her.

Many passengers agreed with Gu Ning, and thought that the woman was a troublemaker.

“You…” The woman was struck dumb for a second, but didn’t know what to say now.

“Miss, if you continue to bother us, I’m afraid that we can only complain to the flight attendant,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, the woman was furious and stood up at once. She pointed at Gu Ning, shouting, “Do you want to complain about me? Do you know who I am? My father is the major shareholder of this airline. I can chase you out of this plane!”

At this moment, two stewardesses ran over and asked in a hurry, “What happened?”

“This woman tried to strike up a conversation with my fiancé, but my fiancé didn’t want to talk with her. She felt humiliated and got mad all of a sudden. I told her not to bother us, but she wanted to chase me out,” Gu Ning said. She wasn’t afraid of this woman at all.

The stewardess put on a serious expression, and didn’t doubt Gu Ning’s words, because they were in a public place and it was hard to hide the truth. Besides, the woman’s behavior was shameless.

“Miss…” The stewardess turned to face the woman and wanted to stop her from causing more trouble in the plane, but the woman interrupted her. “The shareholder of this airline, Fang Shouping, is my father, so you two should get them out of this plane right now!”

The two stewardesses were surprised when they heard that, but they didn’t give in.

“Miss Fang, even if you’re the daughter of a shareholder of our airline, you don’t have the power to chase our passengers out of the plane. They did nothing wrong,” said a stewardess.

“You…” Miss Fang was furious.

At this time, Leng Shaoting took out his officer certificate and showed it to Miss Fang. “This is my officer certificate, and I need to fulfill a mission right now. If you dare to make it difficult for me, I can directly shoot you. I don’t care who your father is.”

Miss Fang was struck dumb when she saw Leng Shaoting’s officer certificate. She couldn’t believe that Leng Shaoting was a major general at such a young age. She knew that a major general was a very important position in the army.

In her eyes, Leng Shaoting was too young to be a major general, but anyway, he indeed had the power to kill her. Besides, if she dared to attack an officer, especially a senior officer, she could be put in jail according to the law.

Even if she didn’t dare to attack Leng Shaoting, it was still illegal for her to chase him out of the plane when he needed to fulfill a mission.

Actually, if she had known that Leng Shaoting was a senior officer in the army, she wouldn’t have dared to strike up a conversation with him.

It was not only Miss Fang; the two stewardesses were also shocked by Leng Shaoting’s title.

The other passengers didn’t see his officer certificate, but they heard what he just said, so they knew that he couldn’t be an ordinary soldier.

Many people held great respect towards soldiers in this country, because soldiers protected them and served the country. In addition, their work was always dangerous, and not many people were willing to risk their lives in their jobs.

Anyway, it was Miss Fang’s fault this time.

Even if Leng Shaoting wanted the flight attendants to chase Miss Fang out of this plane right now, it was understandable, because what she had done and said was unacceptable. Miss Fang’s father was a shareholder of this airline, but it didn’t mean she could do whatever she wanted.

Moreover, because Leng Shaoting was a senior officer, Miss Fang had broken the law by causing trouble for him when he was on his way to fulfill a task.

Actually, it wasn’t a big deal at the beginning, but Miss Fang made it serious later.

Luckily, Leng Shaoting was unwilling to waste more time on her and he simply warned. “If you don’t want to get in trouble, stay quiet.” After that, he took away his officer certificate and ignored Miss Fang again.

Miss Fang didn’t dare to argue with him, but she was too terrified to sit on her seat now.

Without hesitation, she picked up her handbag and walked to the economy class. There were many vacant seats in the plane, so she easily found another seat to sit on.

Since Leng Shaoting let her go, the stewardess said nothing about it. The plane was about to take off, and no one wanted it to be delayed.

In a few minutes, the plane finally took off.

During the flight, Gu Ning seldom talked with Leng Shaoting, because both of them were reading a book.

Gu Ning had a very good memory, and she could remember whatever she read.

Leng Shaoting was reading one of the two books Yunyao left in her room, but he didn’t have as good a memory as Gu Ning, so he read slowly.

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