Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 1678 - Do You Still Want to Stop Me

Chapter 1678: Do You Still Want to Stop Me

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After having the call with Shangguan Yang, Gu Ning said to Jing Yunyao, “Mother, I’ll drive you to Peng Shiyin’s grave tomorrow morning, and I’ll try to ask Shaoting about the manor tonight. I need to visit Grandpa Shangguan tomorrow afternoon. If you don’t mind, we can go to see him together.”

“Um, I don’t think I should see him right now,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Sure.” Gu Ning nodded.

When they were home, Gu Ning told Jing Yunyao to have a rest, and went to cook alone.

Jing Yunyao, however, didn’t have much appetite, so she stopped after eating a little. Gu Ning didn’t force her to eat further, so she went back to her room later.

Once she was home, Jing Yunyao took out the alum to look at the pictures once more.

All of a sudden, her phone rang and the caller was her older cousin. She hesitated for a while, then picked it up. She knew that her older cousin cared about her a lot.

“Yunyao, where are you now?” asked Jing Jining and sounded nervous.

Jing Yunyao left City Ge without telling him at all. He was a businessman, so he only could visit Jing Yunyao once a month.

“Um, the house was acquired by the government, so I left,” said Jing Yunyao.

“So where are you right now? I need to see you,” said Jing Jining. He was worried that she might run into other cultivators.

Jing Yunyao remained silent, and didn’t know whether she should be honest with Jing Jining.

Jing Jining had a bad feeling and said, “Are you in the capital now?”

Jing Yunyao was struck dumb for a second. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m in the capital now.”

Jing Jining was shocked and criticized her. “What are you doing there? Didn’t I tell you not to go to the capital? What if…”

He stopped all of a sudden. He almost blurted the Jing family out.

Jing Yunyao sighed and felt mentally tired. “Jining, I know what happened to me, and you shouldn’t stop me from finding out the truth.”

“What?” Jing Jining was surprised. “Have you gotten your memories back?”

Jing Jining didn’t know that Jing Yunyao was able to remember something because of Gu Ning, so he thought that she already had her memories back.

“Do you still want to stop me?” asked Jing Yunyao.

Her enemy had almost killed her and her husband, and she could never get over it.

Jing Jining fell into silence at once. He knew Jing Yunyao’s personality very well, and realized that he couldn’t stop her anymore. She would never really give up the idea of taking revenge once she was prepared. However, Jing Jining was worried about her safety.

Jing Yunyao also understood that her older cousin cared about her, so she didn’t blame him for keeping secrets from her. If it hadn’t been for Jing Jining, she would have been killed.

“Yunyao, I know I can’t stop you anymore, but you should know that you still have a son. Do you want to leave him behind?” asked Jing Jining. He still tried to use Leng Shaoting to stop Jing Yunyao from risking her life.

Jing Jining was aware of the existence of Leng Shaoting, and he also knew a lot about him, but he had never met Leng Shaoting face to face.

In fact, Jing Jining had secretly helped Leng Shaoting many times when Leng Shaoting was carrying out dangerous tasks.

Leng Shaoting had sensed it, but didn’t have any evidence.

Anyway, Jing Jining didn’t want Jing Yunyao to lose her son and suffer the pain again. However, Leng Shaoting couldn’t stop Jing Yunyao from taking revenge forever. Once Jing Yunyao was prepared, she wouldn’t hesitate to pay the Jing family back.

In fact, as long as Jing Yunyao had the ability to punish the Jing family, Jing Jining wouldn’t stop her. Even though Jing Yunyao was going to kill her own father who was his uncle, he still chose to support her. No one knew what Jing Yunyao had suffered before except for him.

Although it sounded unacceptable, Jing Yunyao didn’t have a qualified father. Besides, Jing Yaorong gave the order to kill his own daughter and his own daughter’s husband, which proved that he was cold-blooded.

Jing Jining actually never liked Jing Yaorong’s behavior and the unfair treatment Jing Yunyao had been forced to accept.

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