Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 20 - Hit Chen Ziyao

Chapter 20: Hit Chen Ziyao

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Before Chen Ziyao was able to finish, she was slapped heavily on the face. This time was much heavier than last time on Shao Feifei’s face.

What Chen Ziyao had said completely irritated Gu Ning.

Not only had Chen Ziyao humiliated Gu Ning, but also had humiliated her mother, which was absolutely unbearable.

Chen Ziyao was hit dumb, and didn’t know what to do next all of a sudden.

It was beyond her imagination that Gu Ning had the nerve to hit her.

Everyone was also shocked by what had happened, but no one disagreed.

Though some of them disliked Gu Ning when they found out her background, they all believed it was rude to humiliate Gu Ning in that way.

Not everyone would make fun of other people’s pain.

“Gu Ning, how dare you hit me!” Chen Ziyao finally realized what she had got. She raised her hand, trying to beat Gu Ning.

However, the second she raised her hand, she was caught tightly by Gu Ning. Chen Ziyao was in pain immediately, but unable to run away.

“Gu Ning, let me go!” Chen Ziyao’s face changed because of the pain.

Gu Ning didn’t let her go. She looked coldly at Chen Ziyao. Her sight was like an icy sword on Chen Ziyao’s neck. Chen Ziyao felt threatened at once with horror on her face.

Chen Ziyao was even trembling under the pressure of Gu Ning.

Everyone was also astonished by Gu Ning’s power. The private cafeteria was quiet like death all of a sudden.

Gu Ning opened her mouth, “Chen Ziyao, I don’t think I have ever hurt you. Why couldn’t you stop doing this to me? Do you really think I’ll let you get away with it when you’ve humiliated my mother before my face?”

Then, Gu Ning threw Chen Ziyao away by her hand. Chen Ziyao stumbled, and almost fell.

The girl, who was with Chen Ziyao, didn’t dare to say a word.

Chen Ziyao herself was still in a shock.

At the same time, Gu Xiaoxiao and her friends had just showed up on the second floor. They saw there was a crowd nearby, and were curious.

They walked near, then found out Gu Ning and Chen Ziyao were in the center of the crowd.

Gu Xiaoxiao immediately shoved through to the center. There was a swollen red palm mark on Chen Ziyao’s cheek. Gu Xiaoxiao was mad at once, “Ziyao, what has happened?”

Chen Ziyao heard Gu Xiaoxiao’s voice, then got her mind back. Though she was scared of Gu Ning now, she was full of anger.

But Chen Ziyao didn’t know what to say now, she only glared at Gu Ning with anger, which was a response to Gu Xiaoxiao’s question.

Now, Gu Xiaoxiao knew Gu Ning had hit Chen Ziyao. She found it hard to believe that Gu Ning had done that, but she shouted at Gu Ning at once, “Gu Ning, how dare you hit Ziyao? Are you insane?”

“What? Gu Ning hit Chen Ziyao? That’s ridiculous.”

A boy named Zhang Yiming, who was with Qin Zheng, suddenly said out loud. He couldn’t believe it was the fact.

Exactly, they all knew what kind of a girl Gu Ning was. Gu Ning was always weak, quiet, self-abased and never ever dared to argue with another person. It was impossible that Gu Ning had hit Chen Ziyao.

“Indeed, I don’t believe it neither,” another boy called Fu Mingliang agreed.

While Qin Zheng believed it.

“Yes, I did hit Chen Ziyao, so what?” Gu Ning admitted in front of everyone, then she turned to Gu Xiaoxiao, “It’s none of your business.”

Hearing this, Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang were both astonished.

What? She really hit Chen Ziyao? How was it possible?

“You…” Gu Xiaoxiao was annoyed. She was angry that Gu Ning dared to argue with her in public, “Ziyao is my friend, It is my business.”

“Wow!” Gu Ning sneered, “So what are you gonna do?”

“You have to pay for what you’ve done. You either knock your head on the ground for 10 times, or let Ziyao hit you back on the face for 10 times,” Gu Xiaoxiao said with pure unkindness.

Everyone held their breath after that.

10 times? Gu Xiaoxiao was so cold-blooded. It was Chen Ziyao who had humiliated Gu Ning first.

Suddenly, everyone had a different opinion of Gu Xiaoxiao.

Qin Zheng and his friends frowned with dissatisfaction too. They also thought it was too over. However, Qin Zheng still remembered what Gu Ning had done to him this morning, so he didn’t stop Gu Xiaoxiao.

As for Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang, both of them lacked of sympathy. They all came to have fun.

Moreover, they were also curious about what Gu Ning would do next after she had hit Chen Ziyao.

“Oh, Gu Ning, it’s you again. How come everyone wants to cause you trouble? You’re pathetic.”

Before Gu Ning could say a word, a female voice sounded first in an ironic way, but without any unkindness.

Gu Ning knew who this girl was when she heard her voice. It must be Chu Peihan!

Indeed, it was Chu Peihan.

Chu Peihan walked over with her hands in pockets, like a hoodlum.

Everyone immediately stepped away and let her go through. They seemed scared of her.

Chu Peihan was a widely-known bad girl in their school. She was skillful at fighting, so no one dared to annoy her.

Even Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao were willing to stay away from Chu Peihan.

Thus, when Chu Peihan showed up, Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao lowered their voices at once.

Qin Zheng, Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang weren’t afraid of Chu Peihan though, they knew Chu Peihan was from a powerful family, and wouldn’t stand up against her normally.

Though Qin Zheng had been humiliated by Chu Peihan this morning and hated her, he didn’t want to fight with her.

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