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Chapter 2065 - Who Does He Think He is?

Chapter 2065: Who Does He Think He is?

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Although Mo Qilin was at the same level as Gu Ning, he was very young, so he was quite outstanding and had great potential among his peers.

Because Mo Qilin hung around often, he didn’t focus on his cultivation, otherwise he would be at a higher level.

Many disciples of Tiandaozong came to take part in the competition, and some walked over trying to team up with Leng Shaoting. Because Leng Shaoting was at a high level, it would be more likely for them to finish the game if they could team up with him. However, Leng Shaoting turned all of them down, so people stopped walking to him and inviting him to join them.

Some disciples who were turned down felt annoyed, so they started to complain about it later.

“It’s annoying! Because he’s at a high level, he thinks he’s superior to other cultivators. There are more cultivators than just him who’s at a high level after all.”

“Right, who does he think he is? If it weren’t for his master, no one would notice him!”


“No matter what, he’s indeed at a very high level. Even if you’re mad, you’re no match for him. It’s his right to choose whom to team up with. Stop bad-mouthing him behind his back. It’s unkind.”

Some cultivators thought Leng Shaoting was innocent, so they defended him.

Luckily, they weren’t unreasonable people, so they stopped criticizing Leng Shaoting. After all, it was Leng Shaoting’s right to choose whom to team up with, and they couldn’t blame him for that.

At this time, Ning Xu brought Shangguan Yang and Jing Jining to the hall. The patriarchs of the four major families just arrived and were having a rest inside.

The patriarch of the Baili family was Baili Qifeng, the patriarch of the Dongfang family was Dongfang He, the patriarch of the Yin family was Yin Wandian, and the patriarch of the Jing family was Jing Yaorong.

All four patriarchs were in the Yuan Ying Stage. Baili Qifeng was at the peak, while the other three were in the middle stage.

Among the four major families, the Baili family had the most senior cultivators, including three in the Yuan Ying Stage, and three in the Golden Core Stage, so it held the highest position. The next was the Dongfang family, followed by the Yin family and the Jing family.

The Jing family had the fewest senior cultivators, so it was losing its importance. If Jing Yaorong learned that they actually had a family member who was already in the Out-of-body Stage and it was his daughter who was “killed” by him, he would certainly have mixed emotions.

His daughter’s son now also grew up to be a genius cultivator. Within several months, he became a senior cultivator in the Golden Core Stage.

Would Jing Yaorong regret not making sure that she was fully dead, causing her to be able to dodge the bullet and become a strong enemy? Or would he regret killing her and losing such a great cultivator? Or would he admit his fault and beg for her forgiveness? Would he hope Jing Yunyao would join the Jing family as Miss Jing again and accept Leng Shaoting as his grandson?

In fact, if it hadn’t been for the terrible accident of that year, Jing Yunyao wouldn’t have become a senior cultivator in the Out-of-body Stage right now.

Even if she became so strong today due to the deep scar left on her by Jing Yaorong, it couldn’t cover the fact that Jing Yaorong had killed Leng Yuanhan and her and made their son an orphan. If she had the choice, she would rather give up her cultivation level and be a mortal living with Leng Yuanhan. Her cultivation level couldn’t make Leng Yuanhan live again. It was lonely for her to live alone forever.

Luckily, she still had a son, or she honestly had no idea how she would have been able to remember her deceased love and how to live the rest of her life.

Therefore, even if Jing Yaorong found out that Jing Yunyao was still alive and became a senior cultivator in the Out-of-body Stage, Jing Yunyao wouldn’t stop hating him.

The cultivation world always respected the strong, so they were all respectful when they met Shangguan Yang, except for two elders who were as old as him.

They didn’t need to be specially respectful of Shangguan Yang, but they were very polite to him. After all, Shangguan Yang was stronger than them.

When Jing Yaorong saw Jing Jining at Shangguan Yang’s back, he showed some pride, but Baili Qifeng, Dongfang He, and Yin Wandian changed their expressions.

Baili Qifeng only frowned a little without many emotions, but Dongfang He and Yin Wandian showed obvious jealousy. They were jealous of Jing Jining for his good relationship with Shangguan Yang. Given Shangguan Yang’s status, no one dared to mess with the Jing family in the future!

They believed that Shangguan Yang became the support of the Jing family after Jing Jining met him. If the Jing family encountered any trouble, Shangguan Yang would certainly help it.

However, what they didn’t know was that Jing Jining didn’t have a good relationship with the Jing family. If Jing Jining himself ran into trouble, Shangguan Yang would help him, but Shangguan Yang wouldn’t give the Jing family a helping hand unless Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting asked him to do so.

Jing Jining and Leng Shaoting wouldn’t be willing to help the Jing family. On the contrary, they were going to pay the Jing family back, or Jing Yaorong’s family to be specific.

They already made the decision to let Jing Jining inherit the Jing family after they punished Jing Yaorong’s family, then they would support Jing Jining.

The other members in the Jing family, who weren’t close to Jing Yaorong’s family, weren’t Jing Yunyao’s target.

Jing Yaorong now had no idea about that, so he still believed that the Jing family could be at an advantage by relying on Jing Jining’s relationship with Shangguan Yang even if Jing Jining hated him because of Jing Yunyao’s “death”. Therefore, he was still very happy.

Baili Qifeng didn’t show obvious jealousy like Dongfang He and Yin Wandian, not because he hid it well, but because he wasn’t as jealous of the Jing family as them. He was slightly jealous of them, but didn’t lose his balance and begin to hate them. He thought it was their ability that allowed them to have a good relationship with Shangguan Yang.

The Baili family had the best reputation among the four major families. It was like the Tang family in the mortal world without much interest in playing dirty tricks. Its family members also lived in harmony.

They had an upright attitude and normally wouldn’t offend other people. They were also very reasonable, but they weren’t weak if anyone dared to mess with them. That was the reason why they had never done anything to hurt Gu Ning even though they wanted something from her.

Gu Ning also became friends with Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue because of that.

The Dongfang family had a better reputation than the Yin family and the Jing family. They would play some tricks in order to achieve their goals, but they had principles and were unwilling to hurt innocent people. Therefore, the Baili family was happy to see Baili Zongyang be together with Dongfang Ziyu.

The Yin family and the Jing family, however, would do anything to achieve their goals, unless they were restricted.

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