Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3 - Revealed Expectational Function

Chapter 3: Revealed Expectational Function

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But when Tang Aining, or Gu Ning opened her mouth, Gu Man and Gu Qing was surprised. They couldn’t believe their eyes, seeing Gu Ning sitting against the head of the bed.

The doctor had said there was congestion in Gu Ning’s brain, and it must be removed by surgery, but now she woke up herself.

“Ning, Ningning, you, you’re awake…” although being surprised, Gu Man reacted soon. She burst into tears immediately, striding ahead, wanting to hug Gu Ning, but was afraid to hurt her. Thus Gu Man stood there instead, not knowing where to put her hands.

“Ningning, you’re awake. You’re finally awake…”

Gu Qing rushed ahead as well. It was still unbearable for her, but she felt happy and excited.

“Mom, aunt, I’m awake,” Gu Ning said, holding Gu Man’s hands in hers to comfort her.

“Right, right. What a relief that you’re finally awake!” Gu Man cried out of happiness. She clutched Gu Ning’s hands in case her daughter would disappear.

Gu Qing was in tears of joy as well. Such a drama was a difficult test for normal human beings.

“Oh, I’ll go find the doctor,” Gu Qing realized first, and ran out directly.

Before long, the doctor walked in. He was also super surprised by the fact that Gu Ning was awake. What a magic!

But it still needed a comprehensive check to make sure it was real.

Therefore, the doctor arranged the exam for Gu Ning at once.

After the exam, Gu Qing went to buy food for Gu Ning, while Gu Man stayed by Gu Ning’s side to look after her.

Gu Ning felt the strong mother’s love from Gu Man.

It was the first time that she had been taken good care of ever since her mother had been in vegetative state.

Although when she had been with Qi Ziyue, she had heard of many sweet nothings, they were lies.

After the meal, Gu Qing was gone for afternoon work. And Gu Man was free for today and tomorrow. She had applied to have the rest separate three days’ break of this month together, when Gu Ning had been caught by an accident yesterday.

Gu Man had talked with Gu Ning for a while before she told her to have a good rest.

Gu Ning knew Gu Man hadn’t had any sleep since last afternoon, so she let her catch up on some sleep on a nearby empty bed.

Though Gu Ning was awake now, and Gu Man felt greatly relieved, she was still worried before the final result came out. So Gu Man was reluctant to take a break.

But Gu Ning said if Gu Man didn’t rest, she won’t neither. Thus Gu Man agreed at the end.

Gu Man was literally tired. She planned to lie down to comfort Gu Ning, but fell into a deep sleep in a few minutes.

As for Gu Ning, she couldn’t sleep at all. She’s staring at the ceiling, thinking about what had happened during her last lifetime.

All of a sudden, she saw a pair of feet walking by above her head. Gu Ning was astonished and had her mind back instantly, but there was nothing on the white ceiling.

Why she had seen a pair of feet walking by above her head? Was it a hallucination?

Gu Ning brought her eyes back from the ceiling. She rolled her body, focusing on the nearby bed where Gu Man was asleep. The woman had withered yellow skin with wrinkles all around her eyes and brow.

Gu Man, who had been living a hard life, never bought herself any skincare products, fine food or expensive clothes.

But she would try her best to give Gu Ning the best.

Fortunately, Gu Ning was always a good child. Although she was self-abased and introverted, she won’t compare with others because she knew her family couldn’t afford.

However, since Tang Aining was Gu Ning now, she wouldn’t allow herself and Gu Man to stay poor and weak. Additionally, she was going to take revenge, and she must be powerful.

She had ambition. Given that her enemy was the Tang family, she must be stronger than it.

Although the Tang family was the third richest family in the capital, it was still a super rich family with billions of assets. And in a third-tier city, it must be the top one family.

But the Tang family’s glorious achievements relied largely on Tang Aining’s effort.

Tang Aining had done countless illegal things for the Tang Family, stealing opponents’ confidential documents, killing people, for instances.

But Tang Aining had destroyed all the evidence for her own safety the last lifetime. It was impossible for her now to find and use those evidence to accuse the Tang family.

Once again, Gu Ning was distracted. She saw a person walking by a short distance away. Gu Ning was astonished again, and had her mind back at once.

But there was nobody walking by, but a white wall before her. Was she really having hallucination?

No, in addition to a person who was walking by, she had also seen a familiar door with a number plate said “106”.

the room 106 was exactly the patient room that diagonally across hers.

But, how was she able to see the door?

Without a reason, she believed it wasn’t a hallucination, but the truth.

Unconsciously, Gu Ning looked back at the wall. She focused on it.

After a while, the wall before her eyes became transparent. She could see the door of patient room 106, the patients who were walking about, the nurses and the doctors.

Suddenly, a bold idea appeared in Gu Ning’s mind.

Was this clairvoyance?

Gu Ning was struck dumb by this thought. She had a deep breath.

To make sure whether it was clairvoyance or not, Gu Ning immediately moved her sight to another wall. The wall gradually turned transparent, then she saw what were in the room, the patient beds, the patients and the equipment.

Now she was sure that it was clairvoyance.

But Gu Ning still felt unreal. She wanted more proofs. So she looked around afterwards.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning felt a sharp pain from her eyes, then she fell into unconsciousness.

In the dream, Gu Ning dreamed herself was sinking after she had jumped into the sea, and the red light from the red jade on her chest.

Then, she heard a distant light voice. The aged voice said, “There’s an ancient jade named the ‘Blood of the Phoenix’. It’s made of the blood of a phoenix and the soul of the earth. It has magical power, which enables you to live forever or be reborn.”

Suddenly, she woke up from her dream in surprise.

What, what had happened?

While Gu Ning was confused, a piece of information dawned on her.

After a while, Gu Ning finally figured it out.

The “Blood of the Phoenix” was made of the blood of a phoenix. Because it was an ancient object, it had a magical power. She could be reborn exactly because of this jade.

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