Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3067 - 3067 You Totally Impressed Me!

Chapter 3067 - 3067 You Totally Impressed Me!

3067 You Totally Impressed Me!

If Leng Xiaoyao continued to block his way, it would be impossible for Qin Wentao to overtake them. Filled with anger, Qin Wentao swore at her.

At the same time, he was amazed by Leng Xiaoyao’s driving skills. Unexpectedly, the girl he disdained was so excellent.

Before long, Qin Wentao’s friend caught up.

They had reached an agreement privately. If they were blocked, one of them would knock the car away. Anyway, the driver would be injured after being knocked, so he or she couldn’t continue. Even if they broke the rules, they got rid of a competitor. It was even.


Therefore, when Qin Wentao’s friend saw that he couldn’t overtake them, he immediately sped up to knock into Leng Xiaoyao’s car.

Ling Tianqi’s speed was limited and Leng Xiaoyao couldn’t overtake him, otherwise Ling Tianqi would be in danger.

She joined him this time in order to protect him, so she wouldn’t allow him to take the risk.

In other words, even if the man hit her, she didn’t think she would be injured. The man would only injure himself.

Accordingly, Leng Xiaoyao saw the man knock into her.

The audience watched the race from the screen. When they saw Qin Wentao’s friend knock into Leng Xiaoyao’s car, they were all angered, because it was obviously a scheme.

“F*ck! He broke the rules! He deliberately knocked into Xiaoyao.” Pei Heran swore in fury and worry.

The others felt the same. They knew Leng Xiaoyao was very good, but accidents happened. Besides, she was protecting Ling Tianqi along the way, so her movements were restricted.

“Damn it! How dare he knock into my boss!” Xiong Manxin was also angry. She couldn’t wait to go up and beat the man.

“Will Leng Xiaoyao be in trouble?” Si Yiqi was also anxious.

“She won’t,” Li Mochen replied. He believed more than anyone that Leng Xiaoyao would be fine, but he was still slightly worried.

However, what happened next surprised them.

Leng Xiaoyao’s car only shook a little after it was hit. It didn’t lose control and run out of the track, nor did it knock into any obstacles. It still drove ahead steadily.

Unfortunately, the car which hit Leng Xiaoyao’s car bounced out of the track.

It dashed out of the track, which meant it lost the game.

Even if the racing car didn’t dash out, the racer’s behavior was unacceptable. His time would be useless.

“F*ck, that’s unbelievable!” Feng Rui swore in excitement.

“Wow, my boss is so amazing. Does she have magical power or something? Why does she seem fine after being hit? Instead, the man who hit her bounced out of the track!” Xiong Manxin admired Leng Xiaoyao more than ever.

Magical power?

Hearing that, the others had the same idea, because it was unbelievable.

The man used a lot of force, but Leng Xiaoyao’s car only shook a little. If the man’s car was also fine, it wouldn’t be that shocking. However, the man’s car was directly bounced out of the track. It seemed quite unusual.

However, only Li Mochen had strong doubts that Leng Xiaoyao might have superpowers. The others didn’t think much about it. They regarded it as a miracle in the end.

Anyway, it was a good thing that Leng Xiaoyao was fine.

After the knock, they didn’t think Qin Wentao and his friends would dare to hit Leng Xiaoyao again.

The man who was knocked out of the track was struck dumb. He couldn’t believe what just happened because it was too strange.

Qin Wentao was also amazed and was quite scared of Leng Xiaoyao. He completely gave up the idea of directly knocking into Leng Xiaoyao. Even if it was an accident, he didn’t dare to take the risk.

Mu Yiyang couldn’t reach the fastest speed because of the speed of the car in front of him, but he successfully got rid of Qin Wentao’s other friend, and now he was trying to overtake Qin Wentao.

Qin Wentao was worse than Mu Yiyang at driving, so he was left behind by Mu Yiyang afterwards.

Seeing Mu Yiyang catching up, Leng Xiaoyao moved aside and let him pass. She decided to stay at the back.

As they reached the ending point, Qin Wentao and his friend still couldn’t overtake Leng Xiaoyao. At that moment, Qin Wentao regretted having the race. He shouldn’t have asked to play the race in teams. If only he had competed with Ling Tianqi, it would have been much more likely for him to win.

Unfortunately, the game was about to be over. It was too late.

Finally, Ling Tianqi reached the ending point first, followed by Mu Yiyang, then Leng Xiaoyao.

Qin Wentao was next and his friend was last.

Qin Wentao had totally failed this time, because he had no idea that Pei Heran and Feng Rui wouldn’t join the game. Instead, two very skilled people replaced them. It was the biggest mistake he had made!

Leng Xiaoyao and her team won easily, which wasn’t a surprise, so they didn’t show much excitement.

Pei Heran and the others, however, were full of happiness.

“We won. We won!” Xiong Manxin jumped up and shouted excitedly like a kid, but she was indeed still very young.

“It’s not surprising. No need to be so excited. I mean, it wasn’t even challenging,” Mu Yiyang said before walking away with a disdainful expression.

He wasn’t bragging, but it was really not challenging in his eyes.

He thought that they were good at driving, but it turned out that they were much worse than he thought.

Anyway, when he saw Qin Wentao’s friend knock into Leng Xiaoyao’s car, he was frightened. Back then, he was very worried about Leng Xiaoyao’s safety.

Unexpectedly, the result shocked him completely.

Leng Xiaoyao was really impressive! After the heavy hit, she wasn’t injured at all. On the contrary, the man was out.

“Leng Xiaoyao, you really impressed me!” Mu Yiyang said to Leng Xiaoyao, showing his obvious appreciation.

“Be prepared to be impressed more by me, because I have many more skills that you don’t know about.” Leng Xiaoyao joked, half serious. It was the truth.

“Great, I’ll see!” Mu Yiyang said, becoming more curious about Leng Xiaoyao. She was a girl full of surprises.

Given his knowledge about Leng Xiaoyao right now, he believed that Leng Xiaoyao would only become more impressive.

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