Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3213 - 3213 Do You Have to Be So Cold-blooded?

Chapter 3213 - 3213 Do You Have to Be So Cold-blooded?

3213 Do You Have to Be So Cold-blooded?

Anyway, Leng Yecheng was so rich, it didn’t matter when and whether they returned the money.

Hearing Leng Yecheng’s reply, Leng Changming’s family was displeased. They didn’t think he was being reasonable and felt that it was an excuse made up by Leng Yecheng.

“Why do you want such a girl to be your daughter-in-law? She doesn’t care about you at all. She is young. She can make money by herself. You can help them with the down payment and they can pay the loan on their own.” Leng Xiaoyao supported Leng Yecheng and showed disdain.

“It’s easy for you to say. It’s hard to make money!” Leng Xinyue sneered. She thought that Leng Xiaoyao was full of imagination.

“It’s hard to make money. Is it easy to borrow money? If you know it’s difficult to make money, when can you return the money to me if I lend two million yuan to you,” Leng Yecheng said unhappily.


Leng Changming’s family was angry. Leng Yecheng said all of this to them simply because he didn’t want to lend them money!

“Leng Yecheng, do you think you’re superior to us?” Leng Xinyue asked. She hated that she was being disdained.

“Xinyue, shut up!” Leng Changming snapped at her at once. Even if he disliked Leng Yecheng’s attitude, they were begging him for help, so they couldn’t be aggressive.

“If you think you’re good, why did you come to borrow money from me?” Leng Yecheng argued without hesitation.

Leng Xinyue hated it, but said nothing else.

Although she couldn’t afford a house, she cared about her face.

“Yecheng, you know Xinyue has a quick temper. Please don’t take her words seriously.” Leng Changming immediately mediated the dispute. He also gave Leng Xinyue a warning glance. She wasn’t being helpful and even ruined their plan!

“Please don’t be mad.” Leng Changming’s wife chimed in. She continued. “Yecheng, you have a large company. You don’t lack two million yuan. It won’t affect you even if we return the money to you later. We didn’t say that we won’t return it to you.”

In fact, they indeed had the intention of not returning the money, but they couldn’t say that, otherwise no one would be willing to lend them money.

“It won’t affect me, but I’m not an idiot. If everyone borrows money from me like you and doesn’t return it, I’ll lose a lot of money! After all, it’s not easy for me to make two million yuan,” Leng Yecheng said.

“Yecheng, we’ve said enough about it. Are you still refusing to lend us the money? It’s not right. We’re relatives. Ce and you are cousins. We’re a family. How could you do nothing when we need help?” Leng Changming’s wife was unhappy and directly criticized Leng Yecheng.

Leng Yecheng sneered and said nothing. Leng Changming turned to look at Leng Changyuan instead. Obviously, he was in a bad mood too. “Brother Changyuan, say something! Don’t you take me as your brother? If you don’t have money, it’s fine. I won’t make it difficult for you, but two million yuan is nothing for you.”

“It’s Yecheng’s money. I won’t interfere. I rely on Yecheng to support me right now. My retirement pay is barely enough,” Leng Changyuan said. He didn’t want to lend them money either.

After all, they didn’t need money urgently and weren’t poor. If they really encountered trouble, he would help them. However, they simply took him for an idiot.

“Yecheng is your son. His money is also your money,” Leng Changming’s wife argued. She felt that Leng Changyuan was just saying that on purpose.

“The company isn’t owned by the Leng family, it is my sister-in-law’s. It has nothing to do with my father,” Leng Yecheng said.

“Your sister-in-law has passed away for so many years. Now the company is under your name. It’s yours. If it hadn’t been for you, the company wouldn’t have become so successful. Xiayao is a girl. You can’t give the company to her. After she marries, the company will belong to other people,” Leng Changming’s wife said. She thought that Leng Yecheng was dumb. Since the company was under his name and he brought the company to success, it had nothing to do with Tang Yue!

“Shut up!” Leng Changyuan seriously snapped at her. “You clearly don’t have any manners.”

Leng Changming’s wife was stirring things up between Leng Yecheng and Leng Xiaoyao. He wouldn’t allow it to happen.

“As long as Yaoyao wants it, it’ll be hers. No matter how successful the company is under my leadership, Yaoyao is the sole heir,” Leng Yecheng said. Although Leng Xiaoyao didn’t want the company, he was willing to give it back to her if she wanted it.

Song Meiyu was unhappy as well to hear this.

She didn’t want Leng Yecheng to lend money to Leng Changming, but she was even more unwilling to see Leng Yecheng giving the company to Leng Xiaoyao.

Even if he didn’t give it to Leng Xiaoyao, it wasn’t theirs. However, her family benefited a lot from it as long as they didn’t move out of the Leng family’s mansion.

Leng Yecheng bought the house and cars, but they could use them as they wanted. Even the living expenses were paid by Leng Yecheng. Song Meiyu’s family did nothing.

However, they were still dissatisfied and wanted to share the company.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t have come to ask for money. During these years, you’ve borrowed a lot of money from me. I’m sure the number should be at least five hundred thousand yuan. You’ve never returned it. Don’t tell me that you have no money. You just said that you have savings of a million yuan. If you returned the money every time you borrowed it, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to borrow money again. However, you never want to return it. I don’t dare to lend you money again. It’s none of your business how much money I have. You have no position to tell me what I should do. I lent you money because we are relatives. If not, that’s not my fault. I don’t want you to return the five hundred thousand yuan, but I won’t lend you a cent this time,” Leng Yecheng said with determination.

Leng Yecheng embarrassed Leng Changming’s family publicly. They indeed owed Leng Yecheng five hundred thousand yuan and had no plan to return it.

However, they were unwilling to give up. Leng Changming’s wife said, “We simply want to buy a house, so that Ce can get married. We didn’t return the money to you because you don’t lack money. It should be fine if we return it to you later.”

“It doesn’t matter to you, but I care about it. You think I don’t lack money, so you don’t return the money to me, but I think you are liars without credit. Businessmen care about credit the most. If we meet people without credit, we won’t cooperate with them. So, you should stop arguing, I already told you that I won’t lend you any money,” Leng Yecheng said.

“Yecheng, do you have to be so cold-blooded?” Leng Changming asked, seeming hurt.

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