Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1584 - Wrong Opponent

Chapter 1584: Wrong Opponent

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Chapter 1584 – Wrong Opponent

As Ridiculous’s HP hit zero, silence descended on the spectating players.

As they watched the battle, everyone realized that Skyhawk, Ridiculous, and Ink Hunter were definitely peak experts. The trio’s combat standards were even better than theirs, and their weapons and equipment were nothing compared to the trio’s.

Yet, despite three such excellently-geared peak experts working together, Shi Feng killed one of them without receiving a single point of damage. Moreover, the Swordsman had taken out the player with the highest Defense and HP.

This was simply inconceivable!

How is this possible?

Ridiculous stared at Shi Feng in shock as his vision began to fade to black. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t rationalize what had just happened. All eleven clones should have been Shi Feng’s doppelgangers; Shi Feng’s main body should not be among them. When he had used Devotion, none of the clones had been affected in the slightest. The only logical explanation was that all eleven clones were doppelgangers, yet one of these clones had killed him.

Ridiculous wasn’t the only one confused. Skyhawk and Ink Hunter were just as shocked.

There were doppelgangers in God’s Domain that could attack, and those that could not. Doppelgangers that could attack were generally much weaker and easier to kill than the main body. In contrast, the majority of doppelgangers that weren’t capable of attacks were invulnerable. These doppelgangers mainly served as a distraction.

However, not only were Shi Feng’s doppelgangers invulnerable, but they could also launch their own attacks. This was beyond their understanding of Doppelganger Skills.

“So fast! Who is that?! He actually instant-killed Ridiculous!” Brute Spear, who watched from a distance, gulped as the previous scene replayed in his mind.

Ridiculous’ techniques were no weaker than his own, but the Guardian Knight was much tougher than a Berserker like him.

Yet, this Guardian Knight had died without the chance to defend himself…

Brute Spear felt every hair on his body rise.

“No, there’s something wrong with Ridiculous,” Hidden Soul said, shaking her head. “Although that player’s Attack Speed is incredible, it’s so fast that Ridiculous wouldn’t have time to react and activate a Lifesaving Skill. Had Ridiculous activated his Lifesaving Skill, he wouldn’t have died so quickly. At the very least, he could’ve bought himself enough time for Skyhawk and Ink Hunter to save him.

“It’s highly unlikely that Ridiculous would’ve made such a major mistake. That player must’ve done something to prevent Ridiculous from using a Lifesaving Skill in time or at all. By the looks of it, Skyhawk’s group provoked the wrong opponent.”

Brute Spear nodded his agreement. Hidden Soul’s deduction sounded logical.

Or rather, he wanted to believe in Hidden Soul’s reasoning. The thought that someone could overwhelm a peak expert’s reactions with Attack Speed alone was too terrifying.

“Damn it! It’s a Silencing Skill! Ink, we’re retreating!” Skyhawk couldn’t help but grit his teeth as he glared at Shi Feng. Decisively, he turned and fled.

Skyhawk finally understood why Shi Feng had dared to ascend the World Summit before the Bloodline’s restriction period had lifted.

Rather than arrogance and foolishness, Shi Feng had done so because he was absolutely confident in his abilities.

While they could cope with the Basic Attribute suppression, it was an entirely different story if they had been Silenced.

Aside from the fact that they wouldn’t receive any healing, the fact that they couldn’t transform into their Demon states or activate Berserk Skills put them at an overwhelming disadvantage.

He was not afraid of powerful Spells or Skills, but if his opponent used a Berserk Skill, his Basic Attributes would be overwhelmed. Furthermore, his opponent was an incredibly calm, peak expert.

Ink Hunter, who stood some distance away, reacted as well, fleeing.

“What? Skyhawk is actually retreating?” Brute Spear gaped as he watched Skyhawk and Ink Hunter run away.

Skyhawk was one of the Flower of Seven Sins’ commanders. Even when against four or five peak experts, he would likely fight until the bitter end and either wipe out his opponents or take as many lives as he could.

Yet, against Shi Feng, Skyhawk had decided to flee.

In fact, Brute Spear wasn’t the only one shocked. All of the spectating players were dumbfounded. Only, unlike Brute Spear, they weren’t surprised by Skyhawk and Ink Hunter’s retreat. They were shocked by the strength Shi Feng had displayed. Not only had the Swordsman killed a peak expert instantly, but he had also followed up by scaring away two other peak experts.

“He’s too strong!”

Is he an NPC? He actually killed a peak expert from the Flower of Seven Sins!”

“I never knew that there was such a frightening expert among Demon Players. It would be great if I could get to know him.”

Everyone deeply admired Shi Feng. They, too, were experts in God’s Domain, and they realized how powerful Skyhawk and his party members were. Ordinary experts couldn’t compare to the trio, yet Shi Feng had overwhelmed them despite being outnumbered. These players agreed with Skyhawk and Ink Hunter’s decision to retreat. Only a fool would try to fight Shi Feng after seeing the Swordsman’s display of strength.

Although players would not lose any levels when they died in the World Summit, they would dop one of their items. At their levels, every piece of equipment was worth a fortune. This was especially true for peak experts like Skyhawk.

“You want to escape?”

Watching Skyhawk and Ink Hunter flee, Shi Feng thrust the Abyssal Blade into the ground.

Abyssal Curse!

Suddenly, black mist began to rise from the ground in a 30-yard radius around Shi Feng. The mist then transformed into countless, pitch-black chains that attempted to bind Skyhawk and Ink Hunter.

Reacting quickly, Skyhawk swung the Mana Cutter at the incoming chains.

While in Forbidden Domain, players couldn’t use Skills or Spells, but both of Mana Cutter’s Skills were Passive. Even in Forbidden Domain, the weapon could still slice through Spells and Skills.

As the crowd watched, Skyhawk shattered every one of the pitch-black chains that moved towards him.

Unfortunately, although Skyhawk had escaped Abyssal Curse, the Cleric, Ink Hunter, had not. In the end, the chains bound the Cleric, and his Basic Attributes began to decrease once again.

Shi Feng then left an afterimage behind him as he dashed towards Ink Hunter.

“Fight me if you have the guts!” Skyhawk shouted, furious as he watched Shi Feng charge towards his companion.

Ink Hunter was a Cleric. Without the ability to use Spells and Skills, he was powerless against Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s Silencing Skill was clearly a region-based Skill. As long as they moved out of the affected region, they would be free from the Silencing effect. However, if Ink Hunter died before they escaped, he’d be left without a healer to support him. He’d definitely have a difficult time against Shi Feng alone.

As Skyhawk declared his challenge and before the watching players had realized it, Shi Feng had appeared before the Berserker, his Sacred Sword descending on the commander from the Flower of Seven Sins.

Shadow Blade!

A single slash, alongside nine shadows, struck Skyhawk from various directions.

Shi Feng’s sudden appearance had caught Skyhawk off guard, but the Berserker reacted almost immediately, adjusting his footwork and wielding his blade.

Advanced Defensive Combat Technique, Iron Wall.

The broken blade’s trajectory seemed strange is it deflected the incoming attacks. As Mana Cutter countered more of the attacks, its speed seemed to increase.

In the end, Skyhawk managed to deflect nine of the ten incoming attacks, receiving only one. When the attack struck, he had lost a little over 2,000 HP and retreated several steps. Skyhawk had basically lost one-tenth of his suppressed HP.

However, Skyhawk did not pay much mind to the damage. At the very least, he had lured Shi Feng in. With this, Ink Hunter could escape the Silencing AOE. Once they were free of the Silencing effect, recovering his lost HP would be a piece of cake.

However, before Skyhawk could celebrate his success, he realized that something was amiss.

Originally, there had been eleven copies of the enemy Swordsman on the battlefield, but now there were twelve. The clone charging towards Ink Hunter had never deviated from its path. At this point in time, said clone had also arrived before the Cleric and activated Shadow Blade already.

The Cleric, with low HP and Defense, died instantly as the ten attacks bit into his body.

How is this possible?!

Skyhawk shifted a bewildered look between the Shi Feng that had claimed Ink Hunter’s life and the one that stood before him. What he did not know was that Shi Feng had never intended to let any of them get away. Shi Feng had sent the doppelganger he had summoned with Phantom Kill after Ink Hunter, while his main body had used Void Steps to approach Skyhawk.

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