Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3117 - Chapter 191 - Slumber City Shaken

Chapter 191 – Slumber City Shaken

A Tier 4 Mana Domain?! Night Revenant stared at Shi Feng in disbelief when he saw Solitary Soul’s Mana Domain getting pushed back. How is this possible?!

The biggest difference separating Tier 3 and Tier 4 players was the strength of their Mana.

With the Mana Body they had just created, Tier 3 players could just barely extend their Mana out of their body, using it to strengthen their Skills and Spells to a certain extent. However, after reaching Tier 4, players would gain the ability to manipulate the Mana around them, using it to strengthen their Skills and Spells by a significant margin. They could even suppress their enemies with their Mana.

It was obvious that Shi Feng’s Mana Domain had reached the Tier 4 standard. In fact, based on the situation, Shi Feng’s Mana Domain was stronger than even Solitary Soul’s. Otherwise, Solitary Soul’s Mana Domain wouldn’t have lost its effect.

“What a powerful Mana Domain!” Astonishment flashed across Wolf Emperor’s eyes when he felt the suppressive effects of Solitary Soul’s Mana Domain disappearing.

When a Tier 3 player’s Mana reached the Tier 4 standard, they’d have an overwhelming advantage over other Tier 3 players. Setting aside the significant amplification effect such Mana could bring, just the ability to prevent one’s opponents from utilizing the Mana around them would put one’s opponent in a very disadvantageous situation. In a direct clash between Tier 3 Skills and Spells, the side that couldn’t make use of their surrounding Mana would most likely be killed instantly.

Although Wolf Emperor didn’t know how strong Shi Feng’s combat standard was, it was obvious that Shi Feng stood at the pinnacle of Slumber City when it came to Mana. Shi Feng definitely had the qualifications to fight against Solitary Soul.

At this time, even Laura Crader, who had remained silent and wore a disinterested look this entire time, couldn’t help but take a closer look at Shi Feng.

Standing next to Laura, Sleeping Quicksand also couldn’t help but look toward the unassuming Shi Feng when she noticed the change in Laura’s gaze. Is he really that strong?

Laura might not have said anything, but Sleeping Quicksand understood that Shi Feng had already gained Laura’s recognition. It should be known that Laura was publicly recognized as the strongest expert in Slumber City, and never had anybody in the city manage to gain her recognition. Even when Solitary Soul revealed his possession of a piece of Legendary Equipment, Laura had only grown a little wary of him.

How powerful! So, this is Guild Leader Black Flame’s strength? Lin Yaoyue’s eyes burned with a passionate flame as she looked at Shi Feng.

Lin Yaoyue used to be a Tier 4 expert on the main continent, so she understood just how big of a gap there was between Tier 3 and Tier 4 Mana. Typically, even if a Tier 3 player managed to form a Mana Domain at Tier 3, the most they could do with it was improve their control over Mana. They couldn’t increase the inherent strength of their Mana.

Normally, if a Tier 3 player wished to improve the standard of their Mana without increasing their tier, they’d have to rely on the help of Legendary Weapons and Equipment. However, Shi Feng obviously didn’t possess any Legendary Weapons and Equipment since he had come from the Miniature Ancient World like herself. In the current Miniature Ancient World, obtaining even Fragmented Legendary items was no different than a dream, let alone Legendary items.

Without Legendary items, the only other way players could raise the standard of their Mana from Tier 3 to Tier 4 was to rely on themselves. However, this was a mythical feat that only a handful of players could accomplish even on the main continent.

It should be known that every one of those players was a peerless monster. They were invincible existences even among Tier 6 God-ranked experts, and every one of them could instill fear into even the Five Great Super Guilds. As for other Super Guilds, they didn’t even dare to offend these peerless monsters.

Unfortunately, none of those peerless experts were willing to accept followers for some reason. It didn’t matter even if the person asking to be a follower was a Tier 6 God-ranked expert. This situation had caused countless experts and powers on the main continent to sigh in disappointment.

Currently, though, there was no doubt that Shi Feng had already reached the level of those peerless monsters!

Amazing! As expected of someone from the Dark Sanctuary! With this kind of strength, he should have no trouble ranking among the top 10 of Shadow City! Echoing Judgment inwardly exclaimed as he looked at Shi Feng. At the same time, he became even more determined to partner with Shi Feng.

There might be incredibly few players from the Dark Sanctuary operating in the Stratified Abyssal Realm’s Level 100-plus maps, but it wasn’t exactly difficult to meet with them. This was because almost those from the Dark Sanctuary would eventually move their base of operations to Shadow City.

Hence, so long as one traveled to Shadow City, one could easily come across powers from the Dark Sanctuary.

However, according to his understanding, there were many powers based in the Dark Sanctuary, and not all of these powers were equally strong. Although any power capable of exiting the Dark Sanctuary would almost certainly be a peak power or greater, there were still differences between them.

Based on the frightening strength Shi Feng had just displayed, Echoing Judgment was certain that Shi Feng was stronger than most of the Dark Sanctuary experts in Shadow City. After all, experts whose Mana had reached the Tier 4 standard were extremely rare, even in the Dark Sanctuary. There was no way an ordinary peak power would be willing to send such a powerful combatant out of the Dark Sanctuary.

In fact, the Dark Sanctuary’s powers would usually take the initiative to recruit experts with Tier 4 Mana in Shadow City, and their promises to these experts were enough to cause countless experts in the Stratified Abyssal Realm to drool in envy. Based on this situation, it could be seen just how high of a position experts with Tier 4 Mana held in the Dark Sanctuary.

While everyone was marveling at Shi Feng’s Mana Domain, the sound of a bell ringing suddenly came from the Abyssal Tower’s topmost floor, the sound echoing throughout the entire Slumber City.

Many players were confused by this ringing sound. However, before they could get to the bottom of this situation, everyone in the city received an announcement from the system.

Slumber City Region System Announcement: Legatee Black Flame has initiated an Abyss Battle against Vice City Lord Solitary Soul. Following the ancient agreement, this duel will be conducted under the witness of the God of the Abyss. All players in the city will also have the chance to witness this battle. Players will only have ten seconds to make a decision.

Slumber City Region System Announcement: Those who do not decide within the time limit will forfeit their right to witness the Abyss Battle.

“What’s going on?”

“Who’s this Black Flame? He actually has the authority to challenge a Vice City Lord?”

“Solitary Soul is one of Slumber City’s top five experts. He has even completed the Temple Trial recently. Is the person who challenged Solitary Soul insane?”

“Regardless, this is a rare opportunity to see Solitary Soul in action. The last time he fought against someone publicly was when he challenged a few of the top 10 experts previously. He’s been immersed in training ever since, and nobody knows how strong he is exactly now.”

Following the system announcement, curiosity filled Slumber City’s various powers and independent players. Everyone was curious to learn about the person known as Black Flame and how strong Solitary Soul had become after completing the Temple Trial. Hence, everyone chose to spectate the Abyss Battle without hesitation.

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