Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3304 - Chapter 378 - Legendary Mount?

Chapter 3304 - Chapter 378 - Legendary Mount?

Chapter 378 – Legendary Mount?

As Dira’s group of five flew increasingly closer to the island above the void sea, the various hegemonic powers also started advancing toward the island at all costs.

“Faster! Move faster!”

“Even if we can’t reach the island before Dira, we should still reach it before the other powers!”


Although the various hegemonic powers didn’t have detailed information on Void Gods, they knew plenty about the Void Saint class. Or, more specifically, anyone who had reached their standards would know about the hidden class whether they wanted to or not.

This was because every hegemonic power would at least have one or two Tier 6 experts becoming an official participant in the Seven Luminaries League, and anyone who became an official participant in the League would also become a core member of the Seven Luminaries Alliance. This, in turn, would let them learn about the person known as Divine Eye, the current youngest Grand Elder of the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

Meanwhile, Divine Eye’s class was none other than the Void Saint!

It should be known that the Seven Luminaries Alliance was one of the strongest powers in the Greater God’s Domain. Even mighty conglomerates would have to bow their heads in front of the Alliance.

The Seven Luminaries Alliance was controlled by the Senate, which consisted of only twelve people.

These twelve individuals stood at the very apex of the Greater God’s Domain. At the same time, they also represented the Greater God’s Domain’s apex combat power.

Divine Eye was someone who managed to become one of these twelve individuals before even reaching the age of 50. Meanwhile, the main reason Divine Eye managed to accomplish this feat was due to his Void Saint class. Otherwise, he would still have to strive for several more decades before he could become a member of the Senate.


This was the power of the Void Saint class!

However, what made the Void Saint class truly fearsome wasn’t the fact that it could exhibit tremendous combat power in the void. Instead, it was the fact that the class wasn’t unique.

Because the Void Saint class wasn’t unique, the number of people who could acquire it wasn’t limited to just one.

Of course, obtaining the Void Saint class was an incredible challenge. This was because the settlement of Void Gods did not stay in one place. Instead, their settlements would randomly drift about in the void, and even a titanic existence like the Seven Luminaries Alliance could only rely on luck to find the Void Gods’ settlement.

However, so long as players managed to come across the settlement of Void Gods, their chances of becoming a Void Saint would instantly increase to a minimum of 50%.

I truly didn’t think the farce of getting me to earn contribution points would actually lead me to encounter the settlement of Void Gods! Saint Nine thought as he and Calgaron’s Tier 4 team were frantically making their way to the distant floating island on their Flying Mounts.

Void Saint!

So long as he could become a Void Saint, he would instantly be strong enough to defeat all of the Ancient River Kingdom’s paragons. Even becoming the Starlight Realm’s strongest paragon wouldn’t be out of the question.

It seems my chances are going to be bleak… Thousand Scars thought as she enviously looked at the several 100-man teams of Tier 4 players flying toward the Void Gods’ settlement.

There were far too many Void Sea Serpents and Void Sea Dragons in the way of the floating island. Without Tier 5 combatants, it was nigh impossible to safely reach the island in a short amount of time.

Although the Flower of Seven Sins had over a hundred Tier 4 experts in its fleet, none possessed strength at the Tier 5 standard. This remained true even after they factored in the use of magic arrays. So, the Flower of Seven Sins’ members could only rely on their Advanced Warship to advance bit by bit.

However, while Thousand Scars was busy envying paragons like Saint Nine and Trecht, a dragon’s roar suddenly sounded from a distance, the roar instantly petrifying the Void Sea Serpents and Void Sea Dragons.

“A dragon?”

Before Thousand Scars could determine where the dragon’s roar came from, a gigantic figure suddenly flew across the Advanced Warship she was on, the speed of the figure rivaling Tier 6 players.

Although it was only an instant, Thousand Scars, as a Tier 4 expert, still managed to catch a glimpse of this gigantic figure’s appearance.

—It was a dark dragon with a body measuring over a hundred meters in length.

While Thousand Scars was wondering why a dragon would appear in this place, she got a better look at the dragon, and she couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by what she saw.

It turned out that the dragon wasn’t by itself. Instead, a group of people was riding on the dragon’s back, and Thousand Scars was incredibly familiar with this group.

“I must be dreaming! Yes! I must be dreaming!” Thousand Scars muttered in denial as she rubbed her eyes before taking another look at the dragon flying into the distance.

Dragons were apex existences in God’s Domain, and the appearance of one could cause a huge commotion in any location. So, how could Zero Wing’s members possibly be riding atop a dragon’s back?

If what she just saw wasn’t a hallucination, then there could only be one explanation for it—she was still fast asleep!

“No, you didn’t see wrongly, Scars. Those are indeed Zero Wing’s members,” Death Omen said, similarly shocked by what she just saw.

While the various hegemonic powers were feeling proud of themselves for owning a Bronze Warship in the Miniature Ancient World, Zero Wing had already found itself a dragon to ride on.

“That can’t possibly be a real dragon, right, Big Sis Omen?” Thousand Scars asked Death Omen in a whisper.

Dragons were extremely rare in God’s Domain, and very few players had actually seen one in person. However, Death Omen was one of the Flower of Seven Sins’ commanders. Not only had she seen real dragons, but she had even slain them before.

So, if Thousand Scars had to name someone knowledgeable about dragons, it would definitely have to be Death Omen.

Meanwhile, after pondering for a moment, Death Omen firmly said, “That isn’t a real dragon. A real dragon is much more terrifying than that. Merely standing in the presence of a Tier 4 Dragon is enough to suffocate and petrify ordinary Tier 4 experts.”

Thousand Scars immediately felt relieved when she heard Death Omen’s answer.

Dragons were akin to natural disasters in God’s Domain. They were also known to be invincible among opponents of the same tier. If Zero Wing truly did manage to tame a Tier 4 Dragon, the situation in the Miniature Ancient World would become very different in the future.

It should be known that contracted monsters could be promoted to higher tiers. If Zero Wing truly did own a Tier 4 Dragon and managed to promote it to Tier 5, not even the Paimon Conglomerate could do anything against Zero Wing in the Miniature Ancient World. After all, Tier 6 players entering the Miniature Ancient World would be subjected to the Miniature Ancient World’s suppression. They could, at most, exhibit power at the standard of Tier 5 players. In that case, how were they supposed to fight against a Tier 5 Dragon?”While I can confirm that thing isn’t a dragon…” Before Thousand Scars could feel relieved for too long, Death Omen suddenly revealed a wry smile as she said, “If my guess is correct, that thing is likely to be a Legendary Mount…”

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