Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3426 - Chapter 500 - Unfathomable

Chapter 3426 - Chapter 500 - Unfathomable

Chapter 500 – Unfathomable

“Elder Undying?”

The Scarlet Merchant Alliance Elder, who was originally clamoring arrogantly and expecting to enjoy an entertaining show, couldn’t help but widen his eyes in disbelief when he saw Undying Shadow kneeling.

Undying Shadow was a legendary figure in the Scarlet Merchant Alliance. At the same time, he was the leader of the Demon Cave Trio. Whenever the trio was forced into a direct confrontation during an assassination attempt, Undying Shadow would always be the one to handle it.

Whether it was in terms of direct combat capabilities or Basic Attributes, Undying Shadow was the strongest out of the Demon Cave Trio.


In fact, out of their current 20-man team, Undying Shadow’s Strength was second to only Abyss Water, who wielded a Legendary Weapon. Even then, the gap wasn’t significant enough that Abyss Water could overwhelm him to the extent that Shi Feng was currently doing.

“Brat! You’re courting death!”

When the Demon Cave Trio’s second eldest Myriad Shadows and youngest Thousand Shadows saw Undying Shadow being forced to kneel, flames of anger ignited in their eyes as they charged at Shi Feng simultaneously.

There was only a distance of twenty yards separating the two Demon Cave brothers from Shi Feng. For experts of their caliber, they could cross such a distance in the blink of an eye.

Subsequently, Myriad Shadows and Thousand Shadows could be seen arriving by Shi Feng’s sides and grabbing onto his shoulders. Then, Thousand Shadows took out a Tier 4 Area Teleportation Scroll and chanted an incantation while setting the teleportation coordinates. This was also one of the mainstream methods used by the various powers to target players in NPC Towns and Cities.

The Area Teleportation Scroll worked differently from other group-based teleportation scrolls. Players did not have to be in the same party to get teleported. So long as players stood within the Area Teleportation Scroll’s radius, they would be forcibly teleported when the scroll activated. For this reason, Area Teleportation Scrolls were incredibly rare and valuable, and even pseudo-apex powers wouldn’t casually use them.

But now that Undying Shadow was forced to kneel in front of a crowd of thousands, they absolutely needed to make Shi Feng pay. Otherwise, the reputation of both their Demon Cave Trio and the Scarlet Merchant Alliance would receive a severe blow.

The only problem was that Area Teleportation Scrolls needed several seconds to activate. So long as players ran out of the scroll’s radius during this time, they could avoid getting teleported. Hence, whenever they were using an Area Teleportation Scroll to target specific players, they would need several players working together to immobilize the target player.

Since they were currently using a Tier 4 Area Teleportation Scroll, so long as they could keep Shi Feng within the scroll’s 20-yard radius for several seconds, they could teleport Shi Feng out of the Crystal City of Secrets. And once outside the city, they could work together to kill Shi Feng easily.

“You’re the ones courting death!” Without looking at Myriad Shadows and Thousand Shadows, Shi Feng pressed down on the empty space before him with his other hand and said, “Kneel, all of you!”

In addition to being a Tier 5 Sword Law Saint, Shi Feng also had Shadow Incinerator and the Winter of Eternal Night equipped. At the same time, he was also a Special Lifeform and shared 10% of the Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon’s Basic Attributes.

So, even though he was only at Level 145, if comparing solely in terms of the Strength Attribute, he could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a Level 155 player equipped with a Legendary Weapon.

Meanwhile, with his Level 6 Mana Affinity, he could manipulate all mana within a 50-yard radius as if it were part of his own body. Unless others were willing to break the city’s rules and attack him for real, otherwise, it wouldn’t matter how many players tried to suppress him, all of them would be forced to their knees if they tried to compete with him purely in terms of Strength.

Following Shi Feng’s words, the Area Teleportation Magic instantly crumbled, while Myriad Shadows and Thousand Shadows were forced to kneel, the two feeling as if an invisible hand was pressing down on them.

Void Suppression? Ink Qilin’s eyes went wide when she saw Myriad Shadows and Thousand Shadows getting forced onto their knees as well. She felt as if she had just seen a fantasy turn real, and she couldn’t help but doubt what she saw.

According to Gentle Snow, Zero Wing was merely a Guild that had risen up from a Miniature Ancient World. Even though Zero Wing’s Guild Leader ranked among the Luminous Glory List, he was still nothing more than a developing genius in the eyes of the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers. He couldn’t even be considered a powerhouse, let alone stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Scarecrow Fox adventurer team.

Yet, now, simply by manipulating the mana surrounding him to perform a simple Void Suppression, Shi Feng had managed to suppress two of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s infamous Elders. Such a feat could already rival the recorded legends in the Greater God’s Domain.

Are the Luminous Glory List’s bottom-rankers nowadays this strong now?

River Light was similarly flabbergasted by this situation. He felt that the Seven Luminaries Alliance must be toying with him. It should be known that not even the Sacred Glory List’s top-ten powerhouses could suppress the Demon Cave Trio, let alone a player ranked at the bottom of the Luminous Glory List.

While the spectators were immersed in shock, Shi Feng started walking toward the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s team.

Every step he took was slow and casual. Yet, everyone present felt as if their hearts were getting stepped on.

“I’m in a hurry, so all of you come at me together,” Shi Feng calmly said to the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s gloomy-looking members, showing no reservations whatsoever toward the pseudo-apex power.

“I hate to admit it, but you are indeed impressive, young man.” After scrutinizing Shi Feng, the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s clamoring Elder sneered and said, “But do you truly think you can contend with a pseudo-apex power by yourself? So long as we are willing to show our hand, neither you nor the people behind you should think of leaving this place alive!”

Every upper-ranking hegemonic power in the Greater God’s Domain possessed an extraordinary foundation composed of various trump cards. These trump cards could include legions of experts, war weapons, mighty battle arrays, etc. While these trump cards were limited in number, they could be used to slay even Tier 6 Gods.

Meanwhile, as a pseudo-apex power, the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s foundation was magnitudes stronger than upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

Currently, although the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers were limited in the means they could use in the Eternal Realm, the Scarlet Merchant Alliance still had plenty of ways to deal with individual Tier 5 players.

When Ink Qilin heard this, her expression grew a little more serious.

No matter how strong an individual was, it would still be difficult for them to go up against an entire power, much less a pseudo-apex power. If the Scarlet Merchant Alliance was willing to pay the corresponding price, it was entirely possible for it to keep Scarecrow Fox out of the Crystal City of Secrets.

“Feel free to try, then!” Shi Feng sneered. He had never flinched, even when he was going up against apex powers in his previous life. Now that he possessed a Tier 5 Advanced Legendary Mana Body and the Godly Relic Shadow Incinerator, he had even less reason to be afraid of powers like the Scarlet Merchant Alliance.

“Good! I’ll grant you your wish!” When the clamoring Elder heard Shi Feng’s response, he took out an ink-black crystal ball from his bag, the crystal ball holding so much power that even the Tier 5 players standing over a hundred yards away couldn’t help but shudder.

Tier 6!

The ink-black crystal housed a large-scale Destruction Spell at the Tier 6 standard!

Meanwhile, Shi Feng unsheathed the Shadow Incinerator when he saw the clamoring Elder take out the ink-black crystal ball. He no longer intended to hold back, deciding to eliminate the clamoring Elder along with the rest of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s members right here and now. This would save him from having to deal with the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s harassment in the Underground Crystal Palace.

However, just when the clamoring Elder was about to unleash the Spell stored in the crystal ball…

“Cease your hand, Elder Cliff!” Abyss Water shouted at the clamoring Elder. Then, he turned to Shi Feng and smiled, saying, “We were in the wrong today, Guild Leader Black Flame. On behalf of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance, I apologize to you and your friends. As a token of apology, please accept this map of the Underground Crystal Palace that we found.”

“Vice Guild Leader?” The clamoring Elder named Burning Cliff couldn’t help but be puzzled as he turned toward Abyss Water.

Apart from Burning Cliff, Ink Qilin and River Light also couldn’t help but gape in shock.

What was going on here?

The Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Elder Burning Cliff was clearly determined to fight to the death. Yet, before the fight could break out, the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Vice Guild Leader had taken the initiative to apologize. He even offered a precious map of the Underground Crystal Palace as compensation…

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