Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3602 - Chapter 676 - World Ark's Battle Situation

Chapter 3602 - Chapter 676 - World Ark's Battle Situation

Chapter 676 – World Ark’s Battle Situation

World Ark, Inner Area, Silent Mountains, Resurrection Camp:

Following the complete activation of the core circle, the Seven Luminaries Alliance officially occupied the Silent Mountains’ resurrection camp. Seeing this, the Sun Dynasty’s army, which had been frenziedly attacking the camp, had no choice but to retreat in frustration.

“Hooray! We won!”

“We won! We won!”

“How close. I thought we would have failed for sure after all the magic barriers got destroyed.”

When the Seven Luminaries Alliance and the various powers’ members saw the Holy Race army retreating in their flying vehicles, some cheered, some rejoiced, and some collapsed on the ground, trying to catch their breath. But without exception, everyone was happy over the victory they had just achieved.

“We have severely underestimated the Holy Race this time…” Nineteenth Sword, who only had a few pieces of intact equipment equipped, muttered as he looked at the Sun Dynasty’s retreating forces, a hint of fear appearing in his eyes.

The battle at the Silent Mountains’ resurrection camp might not have lasted as long as the Guild Wars fought outside the Eternal Realm, which would typically span across multiple days and nights, but its intensity was multiple times greater.

After only 24 hours, the resurrection camp that started with nearly 200,000 players had less than 30,000 players remaining. In the Skylight Association’s case, its losses were even more tragic.

The Templar Legion had 1,000 members at the start of the battle. Now, less than 100 members remained alive. In addition, of the legion’s two vice commanders, Heavy Shield Titan had fallen in combat, while Mjolnir Milia had sustained heavy damage to her soul and would be out of commission for a long time. To make matters worse, of the fallen Templar Legion members, one-third had suffered permanent deaths. In fact, even Nineteenth Sword had nearly suffered a permanent death at the hands of a God-ranked Holy Race expert.

“Are you alright, Elder Sword?” Milia asked, her complexion pale as she limped over to Nineteenth Sword.

“I’m fine. I only had all of my Fragmented Legendary Equipment destroyed,” Nineteenth Sword said as he looked at Milia. “We’ve suffered a truly huge loss this time.”

After scanning the gathering Templar Legion members, Milia gloomily said, “I originally thought we were only here to play a minor supporting role. With so few of our members remaining, even if the others regroup with us after getting resurrected, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for us to occupy a resurrection camp.”

The Skylight Association’s losses this time were beyond tragic. With their remaining forces, there was no way they could safely occupy a resurrection camp in the World Ark’s inner area.

“That might be the case, but I doubt the other powers are in a better situation than us,” Nineteenth Sword said nonchalantly. “Moreover, we can already consider ourselves fortunate that we managed to defend this resurrection camp. For all we know, the Holy Race might have annihilated the other camps.”

Milia did not disagree with Nineteenth Sword.

The Holy Race army that had attacked the Silent Mountains’ resurrection camp might have retreated, but it did not retreat in the direction of the Holy Race’s resurrection camps. Instead, the army went to another one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s resurrection camps.

Evidently, whichever camp the army was headed had been taken over by the Holy Race. After all, the occupation process of all six camps had started simultaneously. If a camp had already been successfully occupied, it wouldn’t make sense for the Holy Race to try to contest it as the difficulty of securing it would increase substantially.

While Nineteenth Sword and Milia were talking, the man in charge of the Silent Mountains’ resurrection camp gathered everyone.

“I would like to thank everyone for assisting the Seven Luminaries Alliance this time. Without you all, we would have never managed to defend this camp. We have already started to tally everyone’s contribution. We will notify you of your contribution once the calculations are complete. We will also send you a list of exchangeable items based on your contribution, and you may head to any of our branches to exchange your contribution,” Azure Ship, the commander of the resurrection camp and a Core Elder of the Seven Luminaries Alliance, said.

“What is the state of the other camps, Azure Ship?” Nineteenth Sword asked as he looked at the commander.

Upon hearing Nineteenth Sword’s question, the various powers’ members promptly perked up their ears, all of them curious to learn of the other resurrection camps’ performance.

The battle at the Silent Mountains’ resurrection camp had been extraordinarily intense, and they had very nearly failed to defend it. If the powers stationed in the other camps had faced a situation similar to theirs or worse, it would definitely be good news to them. After all, at the end of the day, they were all competing for the inner area’s resurrection camps.

“The situation at the other camps isn’t optimistic, either,” Azure Ship said, sighing. “Based on the reports I’ve received thus far, two camps failed, and three of the remaining camps suffered a casualty rate exceeding 50%.”

When everyone heard Azure Ship’s words, they weren’t particularly surprised by the news. After all, they had personally experienced the Holy Race players’ combat power. Those who failed to defend their camps couldn’t be faulted, and those who succeeded were merely lucky. Of course, this was undoubtedly good news for the various pseudo-apex powers present.

“Three?” His curiosity piqued, Nineteenth Sword asked, “If only two camps failed, shouldn’t four camps remain?”

“Yes, there is indeed another camp that succeeded.” Azure Ship nodded. Then, with an envious look, he said, “That camp achieved a major victory. They eliminated over 70% of the Holy Race army they faced, and they even managed to kill the Holy Child leading the army.”

“Is one of the Alliance’s Vice Guild Leaders stationed there?” Nineteenth Sword couldn’t help but be shocked when he heard all these achievements.

Nineteenth Sword did not doubt the Holy Race army’s strength. He had also heard about the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Children from the Seven Luminaries Alliance. The status of Holy Children was only slightly below that of the Sun Dynasty’s Vice Guild Leaders, so it went without saying an army led by a Holy Child would be much stronger than the rest. Yet, despite this, the camp that faced the Holy Child’s army still achieved a major victory.

The only explanation Nineteenth Sword could come up with for this situation was that one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Vice Guild Leaders had taken action. Otherwise, there was no way the camp could have killed the Holy Child on top of defeating the Holy Race army.

The various powers’ experts came to a similar conclusion as Nineteenth Sword, and they couldn’t help but envy the powers stationed at the aforementioned camp. After all, not only did those powers manage to avoid significant losses, but they also got to earn a lot more contribution.

“You misunderstand, Elder Sword,” Azure Ship said, shaking his head. “The camp didn’t achieve a major victory because of the Alliance. Instead, the camp managed to stay standing because of a great expert’s intervention. The great expert in question is also single-handedly responsible for killing the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Child.”

“It’s not one of the Alliance’s experts?” Nineteenth Sword grew even more surprised. Then, he hurriedly asked, “May I know if I am acquainted with that person?”

Nineteenth Sword did not think Azure Ship would go out of his way to boast about another power’s expert. The fact that Azure Ship would speak so highly about an outsider must mean that the great expert in question did play a vital role in the resurrection camp’s defense.

However, out of all the experts Nineteenth Sword had seen answering the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s call for assistance, he simply couldn’t think of anyone capable of accomplishing such a feat.

“You should have heard of that person before, Elder Sword,” Azure Ship said. “He is Black Flame, the Lord of War Goddesses!”

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