Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3604 - Chapter 678 - Seven Luminaries Alliance's Exchange List

Chapter 3604 - Chapter 678 - Seven Luminaries Alliance's Exchange List

Chapter 678 – Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Exchange List

Soul Lake, Resurrection Camp:

A moment after the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s message arrived, everyone in the camp revealed ecstatic expressions. They didn’t think the Seven Luminaries Alliance would finish tallying everyone’s contributions so quickly. In the blink of an eye, the atmosphere in the originally quiet camp immediately turned lively.

As expected of the most ancient apex power. The Seven Luminaries Alliance’s foundations truly are terrifying. Shi Feng couldn’t help but sigh ruefully after briefly looking through the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s message.

According to the regulations the Seven Luminaries Alliance had set this time, the top five contributors of each resurrection camp could exchange for one Legendary Weapon or Equipment.

In the case of the Deadzone Forest’s resurrection camp, Shi Feng was the undisputed number one contributor, while coming after him were Gentle Snow, Crimson Heart, Hidden Soul, and Fire Dance. Zero Wing had monopolized the top five rewards for the Deadzone Forest’s resurrection camp, leaving none for the other powers.

Fortunately, because of the camp’s major victory, the Seven Luminaries Alliance had provided everyone with a much more abundant exchange list.

In Shi Feng’s case, he even got to exchange one extra item from his list because of his achievement of killing the Holy Child Chalk Splendor. As for the exchange list he received, it was so abundant that executives of upper-ranking hegemonic powers would faint from excitement if they saw it.

Of the items he could exchange, there were 1,654 Legendary Weapons, 7,171 pieces of Legendary Equipment, 8,513 Legendary items, and 121,065 Inferior Divine Artifact-rank materials!

Even the Eternal Realm’s incredibly rare Eternal Stones were made available on the list. When seeing all these items, even Shi Feng, with his wealth of knowledge and experience, couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration.

In his previous life, although Zero Wing had grown strong enough to clash with even the apex power Demon’s Gate, the Zero Wing of that time only had about 6,000 Legendary items, which included Legendary Weapons and Equipment.

Even for newly-promoted pseudo-apex powers, it was a huge accomplishment to own 6,000 Legendary items. However, it should be known that Zero Wing had only been developing in the Greater God’s Domain for several years at the time. While Zero Wing’s arsenal of Legendary items remained insignificant compared to pseudo-apex powers that had existed for centuries, it had already reached a level that most upper-ranking hegemonic powers and conglomerates could never hope to achieve.

Yet, even though the Seven Luminaries Alliance had only revealed a small portion of its stockpile, it was already more than enough to stomp the past Zero Wing into the ground. In fact, even pseudo-apex powers would probably choke from seeing this small portion.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng wasn’t the only person awed by the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s wealth. Even though most of the players in the camp would only receive lists containing Fragmented Legendary items or lower, they still couldn’t help but be shocked by the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s wealth. It was especially so for top contributors like Garut and Frey.

I have truly underestimated the Seven Luminaries Alliance. No wonder none of the other apex powers dare to provoke it. There’s no way anyone can compete against such wealth, Frey thought in astonishment as she looked at her exchange list.

Depending on one’s contribution, the exchange list one would receive would also differ. The lower one’s contribution, the lower the quality of the items one could exchange, and the fewer options one would receive.

Although her exchange list didn’t have any Legendary items, she was still among the top contributors in the Deadzone Forest’s resurrection camp. Because of this, she received a list of Fragmented Legendary items, and the quantity listed could cause any pseudo-apex power to go crazy.

Over ten million Fragmented Legendary items…

She would need months just to look through every single item. The wealth the Seven Luminaries Alliance had amassed was truly awe-inspiring and disheartening.

Of course, while the Seven Luminaries Alliance might have made an astonishing number of Fragmented Legendary items available for exchange, only a small portion of the players present were actually qualified to exchange for one. This was because players would need to kill at least five Tier 5 Holy Race experts to qualify. Even so, it was still very astonishing.

At the very least, the Red Dragon Nation could not afford to make such a generous move.

There were hundreds of thousands of experts stationed across the six resurrection camps. Those who had successfully slain five Tier 5 Holy Race experts might be in the minority, but they should still number twenty to thirty thousand. In other words, the Seven Luminaries Alliance would need to give away at least twenty thousand Fragmented Legendary items.

It should be known that the average upper-ranking hegemonic power operating in the Greater God’s Domain only had a stockpile of about one hundred thousand Fragmented Legendary items, with the stronger ones having two or three hundred thousand. After all, Fragmented Legendary items were not easy to come by. It was also why Epic items remained the standard for most players, and many Tier 5 experts didn’t even have one Fragmented Legendary item in their possession.

What the Seven Luminaries Alliance was giving away today was already enough to fully equip two 1,000-man Tier 6 legions in Fragmented Legendary items. Even pseudo-apex powers would find such a loss incredibly painful.

Should I get the Eternal Stones? Shi Feng hesitated as he looked at his list.

Currently, he was only short of 17 Eternal Stones from completing the Eternity Crown. Although he could only exchange for two Eternal Stones this time, it would still reduce the time he needed to complete the Eternity Crown significantly.

Meanwhile, the boost in strength the Eternity Crown could provide him would be far greater than any Legendary Weapon.

Wait… This is… Shi Feng’s eyes suddenly brightened when he spotted a particular name on the list. A World Source!

Refined Void Blood!

[Refined Void Blood] (Inferior Divine Artifact Rank Material)

A stone condensed from the World Law in the Source of Void.

The Source of Void was a type of World Source. Although the Refined Void Blood was not as precious as a Source of Void, it could still be considered a World Source.

Meanwhile, the value of World Sources went without saying. They were even more precious than Legendary Weapons. This was because many Fragmented Divine Artifacts required World Sources to repair. Typically, powers would never trade their World Sources away.

After all, while Divine Artifacts were as rare as a phoenix’s feather, the rarity of Fragmented Divine Artifacts was much lower in comparison. Most upper-ranking hegemonic powers would have at least one or two Fragmented Divine Artifacts in their possession. Because of this, these powers would never give away the World Sources they had acquired.

So, when Shi Feng saw the Refined Void Blood available for exchange, he couldn’t help but wonder why the Seven Luminaries Alliance would put it on the list. After all, in terms of value, a complete Divine Artifact was easily worth more than a hundred Legendary Weapons.

Is it because the Refined Void Blood can’t be used to repair Divine Artifacts? Shi Feng was very confused when he saw that there were as many as three units of Refined Void Blood available for exchange.

However, Shi Feng did not hesitate for long before he chose to exchange for two units of Refined Void Blood.

Even if the Refined Void Blood couldn’t be used to repair Fragmented Divine Artifacts, it remained a priceless treasure to him. This was because the Winter of Eternal Night in his possession could evolve simply by devouring World Source-type items. Meanwhile, the Winter of Eternal Night was no ordinary weapon as it was the Primordial God of Thunder’s final creation.

Two units of Refined Void Blood should be more than enough to improve the Winter of Eternal Night significantly.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng made his decision, he quickly received a response from the Seven Luminaries Alliance, stating that he would receive his items in twelve hours.

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