Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3898 - Chapter 972 - Zero Wing's Black Flame?

Chapter 3898 - Chapter 972 - Zero Wing's Black Flame?

Chapter 972 – Zero Wing’s Black Flame?


“Is that a Siege Weapon?”

“Whose Siege Weapon is this? How dare they bring a Siege Weapon here? Do they not know this is Evil Sky City?”

“Is the owner of this Siege Weapon looking to wage war against Evil Nature?”

The players in Evil Sky City were confused by the sight of the gigantic mechanical sword hovering above them. They never thought they would see a Siege Weapon not owned by Evil Nature appearing above Evil Sky City.

Evil Nature was one of the Holy Race’s ten royal powers. Under normal circumstances, even other royal powers wouldn’t entertain the thought of sending their Siege Weapons near Evil Sky City. After all, doing so would be a provocation to Evil Nature. Not to mention, the mechanical sword had appeared directly above Evil Sky City. This could no longer be considered a simple provocation but an act of war.

After a brief moment of surprise, the Evil Nature members garrisoning Evil Sky City promptly sprang into action. In the blink of an eye, over 200,000 Evil Nature members flew to the offensive and defensive facilities situated across the city. At the same time, Evil Nature’s executives gathered above the city and stared at the Siege Weapon above them in confusion.

“Which power does this Siege Weapon belong to? I don’t recall seeing it before.”

“Could those Sun Dynasty bastards be trying to intimidate us? I can’t think of anyone else who’d dare to pull such a stunt.”

“I don’t think so. I’ve seen the Sun Dynasty’s Siege Weapons before. None of them resembles this sword. Also, this sword is running on Mana rather than Holy Power. One of the human race’s apex powers has likely come to make trouble.”

As Evil Nature’s executives stared at the sword-shaped Siege Weapon, they speculated and quickly concluded that it belonged to one of the human race’s apex powers. However, confusion still plagued them, as they couldn’t understand why a human apex power would be so deranged as to break the unspoken rule of the three races and deploy a Siege Weapon against a city. Setting such a precedent would not benefit anybody.

“Boss, which human apex power do you think this is? Is it not afraid to start an all-out war among the three races?” Half Night asked, curiously staring at the sword-shaped Siege Weapon.

All three races had tacitly agreed not to deploy Siege Weapons in the war, and there were a few reasons for this.

Firstly, it was so that the various powers could develop their budding geniuses. Should Siege Weapons be deployed, these geniuses would be at high risk of permanent death.

Secondly, it was so that the various powers could prepare for the war’s climax. The mobilization of Siege Weapons required significant amounts of energy and preparation time. As nobody could assure they’d be the winner of the war, it was in the various powers’ best interests to conserve their strength before the inevitable all-out battle. Any power that prematurely deployed its Siege Weapons would likely be taken advantage of by other powers.

Now that one of the human race’s apex powers had deployed its Siege Weapon against Evil Sky City, it went without saying Evil Nature would respond with its own Siege Weapon. This would likely end in a lose-lose situation. After all, even if the upcoming battle did not escalate the war among the three races, it would likely start an all-out war between the two powers. Before a winner was decided, neither power should consider developing peacefully in the Eternal Realm.

“Evil Nature has clashed with the Seven Luminaries Alliance many times recently. If I have to guess, this Siege Weapon most likely belongs to the Seven Luminaries Alliance,” Solitary Mad God analyzed calmly. “But I doubt the Seven Luminaries Alliance will start an actual fight. After all, nobody stands to benefit from such a fight. The Seven Luminaries Alliance is probably here just to flex its muscles.”

The other Holy Race players nearby agreed with Solitary Mad God’s sentiment. Evil Nature had indeed put a lot of pressure on the Seven Luminaries Alliance recently. Hence, the Seven Luminaries Alliance had likely sent a Siege Weapon here to warn Evil Nature to restrain itself unless it wished for mutual destruction.

However, just as everyone was thinking that the sword-shaped Siege Weapon belonged to the Seven Luminaries Alliance, a young Swordsman wearing a six-winged emblem on his chest stepped out of the mechanical sword.

“Black Flame?”

“This Siege Weapon is Zero Wing’s?”

“How is this possible?!”

Evil Nature’s executives were dumbfounded when they saw the Swordsman.

There was no Evil Nature member in the Eternal Realm who did not recognize Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame, and Guild Emblem, especially not after Everlasting City’s competition.

“How dare he show up here?”

Solitary Mad God and the other Ominous Cavalry members were similarly stunned when they saw Shi Feng. They never thought that Zero Wing would be the power that had come to Evil Sky City to provoke Evil Nature. Black Flame was even the one leading the provocation.

However, before anyone from the Ominous Cavalry could recover from their surprise, Shi Feng’s voice echoed across Evil Sky City.

“Everyone who is not a member of the Ominous Cavalry or Evil Nature, you have three minutes to leave Evil Sky City or face the consequences! Your time starts now!”

Shi Feng’s words sparked an uproar among Evil Sky City’s ten million-plus players.

“What?! Zero Wing is going to attack Evil Sky City?!”

“Evil Nature aside, what kind of power is the Ominous Cavalry?”

Everyone in Evil Sky City was shocked by Shi Feng’s declaration of war. They also couldn’t help but wonder about the Ominous Cavalry’s identity. It was widely known that Evil Nature had placed a hefty bounty on Zero Wing, so it wasn’t strange for Zero Wing to retaliate against Evil Nature. However, for most players in the city, this was their first time hearing about the Ominous Cavalry. This made them wonder why Zero Wing was targeting it.

Evil Nature’s executives were especially stunned by this situation. Originally, they thought that Shi Feng had simply come to pick a fight with Evil Nature. They never thought that he had also come to find trouble with a power called the Ominous Cavalry. Moreover, Shi Feng mentioned the Ominous Cavalry before Evil Nature, making it sound as if the Ominous Cavalry was his primary target and that dealing with Evil Nature was only a matter of convenience.

Shortly after Shi Feng’s declaration, some players who knew about the situation quickly became the center of attention as they started to talk about the relationship between Zero Wing and the Ominous Cavalry. In no time, everyone found out why Zero Wing had come to besiege Evil Sky City, and they couldn’t help but pity Evil Nature.

Apparently, the Ominous Cavalry had attacked Zero Wing’s leveling team out in the fields. However, as the Ominous Cavalry feared Shi Feng, it fled to Evil Sky City for shelter. This led to Shi Feng besieging Evil Sky City to get to the Ominous Cavalry. Although Evil Nature’s persecution of Zero Wing had most likely played a role in Shi Feng’s decision to besiege Evil Sky City, it could still be considered an unfortunate bystander in this situation.

“Boss Mad God, what should we do? We stand little chance against a Siege Weapon. There’s still a while before we can teleport again,” Half Night asked anxiously when he heard Shi Feng’s declaration.

Even a Common Siege Weapon was not something individual players could hope to resist. Besides Solitary Mad God, everyone else in the Ominous Cavalry would face certain death should they face a Siege Weapon. Furthermore, it would be a permanent death…

“Don’t panic just yet. This is Evil Sky City. Even if we are Black Flame’s main target, he will have to get through Evil Nature first,” Solitary Mad God replied as he looked toward a three-eyed young man among the Evil Nature executives hovering in the sky. This three-eyed young man was none other than Fist Emperor, Evil Nature’s new number one chosen one.

Although Evil Nature would likely paint a target on the Ominous Cavalry after this incident, Solitary Mad God was confident that the psychotic Fist Emperor would never allow Shi Feng to bypass Evil Nature and target the Ominous Cavalry directly.

“Fist Emperor, what do you think we should do? Should we help that Ominous Cavalry or whatever to fight Black Flame?” Frostclaw, a tall and savage-looking woman who was at Level 231 and equipped with four Divine Artifacts, asked the three-eyed young man beside her.

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