Remarried Empress

Chapter 471

Chapter 471. Unexpected (1)

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After we chose shiny jewels and the most exquisite silks for the nests, Heinley and McKenna returned to their human form and the three of us ate together. Over the course of the meal, the two birdheads squabbled.

This time, it wasn’t about the nest. It all started because Heinley laughed at McKenna about the situation with Dolshi.

“Do you hear the wedding bells, McKenna?”

McKenna huffed angrily, but Heinley wouldn’t let it go.

“Dragons have fluid genders, so what is the issue? Besides, you can fly too, so you make a good couple.”

“How can you say such nonsense!”

“Why else would he be after you with such determination?”

“What?! He’s not after me. He doesn’t even look at me when we cross paths! He just wants a pet!”

After we finished our meal amidst laughter and chatter, we ordered tea and coffee. Then we went out to the garden to enjoy dessert and soak up the sun.

I enjoyed the peacefulness as I listened to Heinley sing a soft lullaby to the baby, while McKenna covered his ears.

But then, Sir April showed up.

“Your Majesty the Emperor.”

“What is it?”

Heinley stopped singing and his relaxed expression shifted to his usual Emperor’s expression. McKenna quickly lowered his hands and stood up.

“We have received a letter from the Wol Continental Alliance.”

“A letter?”

“Yes. Letters were sent to all countries. They probably all have similar contents.”

April held out the letter to Heinley. He took it and began to read, frowning. I wondered what it said. It didn’t seem like good news.

“It’s an invitation.”

Perhaps feeling our eyes on him, Heinley explained the contents of the letter.

“The New Year’s celebrations will be organized by the Alliance and they have sent invitations to the rulers of all the countries. The Alliance has important matters to discuss, so they want us all to be there.”

All the rulers in one place… it was unusual, but not unprecedented. Such gatherings took place every few years. But was it already time to meet? Somehow, I didn’t think so…

Standing next to me, McKenna clicked his tongue.

“The Alliance must be up to something. Their men are all over the place trying to find out our country’s plans. But now, all of a sudden, they want to meet?”

“That’s right. Also, we can’t be sure that other countries received this exact letter.”

Having discussed this for some time, Heinley finally stood up and kissed me on the forehead.

“I wanted to spend the whole day with you, My Queen. But may I leave you for a moment?”


Since when did he ask me for permission?

Heinley kissed my forehead and my cheek a few times, then placed his hand on my belly and murmured,

“Listen to your mom and behave.”

Then he turned and hurried to the main palace followed by April and McKenna.

Even after the three of them left, I sat alone and got some fresh air until sunset. I wanted to stroll around, but lately my belly was so heavy that it was difficult to walk even short distances.

With a baby in my belly, it was to be expected, but it was still much heavier than I could’ve imagined, so it was scary at times.

“Your Majesty, the evening breeze is cold. It would be better if you came in.”

“Yes. I was just about to.”

However, as I walked down the stone path toward the palace, I saw two tall silhouettes facing each other, not far from the path. I immediately recognized one of the silhouettes.


I had no doubt it was her due to the spear on her back. And the taller silhouette, standing in front of Mastas was…

“Lord Koshar. I like you.”

Wasn’t it my brother?


‘It’s too frustrating…’

Mastas was lost in thought. Fallen leaves crunched beneath her feet and the cold wind bit at her cheeks, but she didn’t feel the cold nor heard the noise. Her chest was tight, as if she had been assigned an impossible mission. Her stomach was heavy even though she hadn’t eaten yet.

‘What should I do?’

Lately, Lord Koshar came to her mind as soon as she woke up. She frequently thought of him, but ever since their dinner, he had taken hold of her mind and her heart, and he refused to leave.

Although Koshar was weak, he was more persistent than any opponent she had faced before.

If only she could go days, no, weeks without seeing that face, it would be easier. The problem was that she was one of Navier’s ladies-in-waiting. She had to take care of someone who looked exactly like Koshar from morning to night. Even on days when she didn’t see Koshar, when Mastas looked at Navier, her affection for him grew.

‘Lord Koshar is about to marry Princess Charlotte… I shouldn’t feel this way.’

People’s hearts are difficult to control.

‘Could it be because Lord Koshar is too frail?’

She was worried that he would be hurt if she took her eyes off him even for a moment. He was the kind of person who would catch a cold with just a slight chill and he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. The slightest misstep could twist his ankle. A fall could break his bones.

‘Yes, that’s it. It’s because he is frail.’

Still, he had a kind heart and a strong sense of justice. When she couldn’t contain her anger and wanted to beat up the ruffian who insulted the Empress, he stopped her from doing anything crazy.

‘He’s the perfect man. The reason he hasn’t married yet must be because no one is good enough for him. He is such a pure and handsome man that I’m embarrassed to even dare to love him.’

Just then, of all people, Koshar himself appeared.

He was leaning against a wall alone. Something must have been on his mind, as he was staring crestfallen at the ground.

Every time his golden hair swayed in the breeze, Mastas’ heart pounded. She felt that, at any moment, she would sprout wings and fly away.

‘Is it normal to shed tears at the sight of someone so beautiful?’

Sensing her presence, Koshar raised his head. The moment their gazes met, Mastas was suddenly filled with courage. She had made up her mind.

She would confess the truth.

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