Day 401-410

Day 401

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A huge structure of mountain-like size, discovered in the hot red red [Gaudabre Huge Heat Desert].

Although there was no information in the survey up to the point that there was such a thing, there was a structure of size as large as this place, and we could not obtain any information at all It can not be thought of.

If someone made it manually, some sort of information will be left somewhere, and it is even more if it is in such a harsh place.

Even if there are no problems due to some troubles such as lost books on which information was written, there are still some clues left behind in ancient stories and songs, but that too absent.

It probably would have been counted as a legacy of prehistoric civilization or a wonder of the planet if it is a previous life, but in this world this is probably a highly probable 【Dance of the Gods】 I believe that I decided to enter it yesterday It is.

The appearance of the found structure has a strange feature as it is a complex of various style temples based on Pyramids.

There are also some structures around the giant pyramid in the center, apparently connected by a passageway or something, so it's probably one structure entirely.

As we can not just look at it from the outside, trying to penetrate inside from the luxurious entrance that was protected by the huge stone statues on the left and right in the red pyramid body for the time being, there was a huge entrance hall there.

It's a quite spacious space about 40 meters high and about 150 meters in length and width.

If you look up at the high ceiling, there is a spherical body like a sun, and the gentle and powerful light that it emanates illuminated the wide entrance hall.

A beautiful floor like a dustless mirror is made of a seamless and crisp stone, and receives an impression like a huge monolith .

On the wall made of the same material as the floor, various kinds of pictures were drawn with a unique style, as suggesting something .

A king-like bird-headed person wearing a crown of a unique shape with a vertex of a triangle, soldiers of armed guards like Konoe who protects it, shadows of dressed clothes like slavery who can be stepped on base.

Birds who flies with the shining sun, bastard purple snake swallowing the river, male dog wearing a priest's clothes, a cat-headed woman with a balance and a dagger in hand, human Eating crocodile Monster with a lion's body at the head.

The sandstorm that blows away the house, the grace of rain that falls from heaven, the great wave of the sand swallowing monsters, the desert of dark and freezing ice, the land of dead left of the decayed bone of the monster.

Among them, the most noteworthy thing was the blue blue huge fish with wings drifting in the star waters drawn largest in the depth, the giant red birds lying on the lava, the golden giant who worshiped the palm, the book A huge white giant beast who writes something on, a black and huge eyes that sits at the center of a violent large swirl.

Once I saw it, I could not take my eyes off so that I could be inhaled .

As I came to museums and art museums to watch the walls that can feel their own civilization carefully and thoroughly, there was no sign of anything and small Pyramel with a height of about 3 meters protruding from the center of the entrance hall.

The golden pyramid is decorated with eyes and shines dazzlingly with the ceiling sphere light.

I was wary of suddenly being attacked, but there was not any change in particular.

The time to look down on the silence of the moment is over.

Since it is disagreeable even if it is surprised, as viewing of the wall is stopped at one time, when approaching while carefully being able to fight back even if it is attacked, a monster dungeon monster appeared from the little golden pyramid.

The dungeon monsters that came out of the inside of pyramid so that the ghost can pass through the material by 【Permeation】 wraps the gold bandage on the whole body like clothing and the hand with the devil with golden bird of prey had.

Skin peeping from glare of the gilded bandage is as if it is like a dry Kirino Mimira, so you can see that it is an undead of the "Mummy" system that appears in the desert and so on.

From the atmosphere, it must be located in the upper class even among the Mammy system.

Ordinary Mummy is more frugal, or there is no mistake in appearance so far, so there is no doubt.

Anyway, Kim Mommy who appeared is slim body shape, but its height is likely to be about 2 meters.

My body is not wasted, and there will be enough strength in close combat.

I feel a sign that it is not extraordinary from the sorcerer that I have in hand. It is a type that fights mainly on something [Magic].

You can cope with the perspective, and the performance must be high overall as a whole . Since I have a feeling of hiding something yet, it would be better to assume the skill higher .

I was convinced that here is the [God] rank, as the dungeon monster that had the strength of Kore came out from the beginning.

As the first enemy here is not dissatisfied, almost at the same time as you take out the Chen Zi while thinking about it, Kim Mi Mi said, "Humma, there is no one who will come here. No, it seems there is a reason for that...".

It is a majestic voice that might have followed other people's deep bass.

I wonder if she was a noble man in life .

I was surprised a little by surprise, Kim Mommy did not seem to care, "Anyway, I will welcome you from my heart, you are a supernatural capturer. "You said that because you are the first came aboard since Coco - [Red Desert Quadrilateral Tombstone Iburum · Lattem · Puramel] was created.

I'm worried about the mechanism of vocalization in dry and rich vocal cords, but it is well placed .

Kim Mommy 's gesture was as if he were the champion.

Each of the gestures is refined and dignified.

I guess there is no lie in the word that welcomes you.

When you swipe the battle of a bird of prey bird of prey beside it, a luxurious desk and chair appeared between me and Kim Mommy .S

Surely this gold Mommy must also have the ability similar to it like the birch dragon emperor [Labyrinth Dungeon Chief of Security · Neit].

If you look gold Mommy somewhat with a gentle eyes, I sit in a chair without any precautionary gesture and urge you to sit here .

Because I do not think that there is a trap, I sat down as prompted and took out the sweets that my sisters had made before and the tea that I purchased with « Olji Manu · Diunas ».

It is uncomfortable just to have it. It will be exactly right instead of hand-made.

After that, I did not even feel like fighting at all, while I was enjoying sweets and tea, I was asked to explain in various ways as if I had a visitor from Kim Mi Mi.

First of all, it seems that this gold mummy also has a role as a guide to Coco.

Here is the 【Goddess Dungeon】 created by 【God of the Royal Tomb】 and its name is as gold mummy said 【Red desert quadrangular pyramid tombs Ibram, Latem · Pyramid】.

If it is normal it is the existence that [Kamiyo Dungeon] is known to some extent in order to gather [faith], but Coco is a bit different in circumstances.

In the surrounding area it seems that there is sufficient revenue just because there is [Faith] and customs and customs that you care about [Pyramid Sleeping Under the Sun].

That's why you do not have to bother gathering capturers.

The royal tomb is the place where the dead silently spends time.

Since it is also a place of pride that will serve the greats of the past, it seems that the [God of the Royal Tomb] judged that there is no need to dare collect attendants and make it noisy.

There are customs areas where customs send out messengers with fun and noise, but as an exception.

That's why I have not made [Brutality] or the [King] so far, it seems not to have done anything particularly so far.

It kept quietly since long ago.

If you dare say something, it seems to be about producing red sand around.

There seems to be a role of eliminating powerless cheapers in red sand, but since it serves as a raw material for craftworks, collecting [faith] while not knowing this well Maybe there is.

Without risk, but profits of sufficient amount can be secured, either.

Well, I guess I'll choose if there are such options.

Anyway, Kim Mommy says, in order to capture Coco, I will capture the key « nine royal palaces » connected from the entrance hall , collect the keys, and overwhelm Coco - sleeping in the main hall [labyrinth] It seems necessary.

Just in each royal grave there are those who sleep there as area bosses, so it seems quite difficult to capture one king's tomb.

People from all over the world have certainly been selected from among the classes such as "Yugeru" and [Emperor] that certainly existed in the long history, so those who participated in the previous [Holy War] It may be strong as well.

No, it probably will be strong. In the past, there should have been someone who can fully demonstrate the ability of the [Sacred Treasure], which can become a nuisance thing in the middle.

But it is attractive to that extent, but that is bothersome.

Besides that, I talked about the story in various ways, but Kim Mummy's abundant knowledge was quite difficult to obtain .

There are things I've been particularly concerned about.

The [Gods] of Seven Pillars of a force - [God of Forgetting] [God of the Continent] [God of Illusion] [God of the Environment] [God of Harmony] [God of History] [God of Heritage] - is It is a story about the legendary [mystery abundant dark continent Mitrohia · Ducklebus · Fogan] which is said to be unable to come back by stepping into the ocean, which is the only [only] existing in the jointly created world 【Multi Dynasty Dungeon】 It was.

It seems that it is told that all continents are all 【Kamiyo Dungeon】 and there is more space than [Ojja Grade].

In fact, it seems that there have been challenges of the past [the sun], but even the difficulty of shallow places is equal to or greater than the depth of the [God] class deep part.

It is also a danger zone inhabited by monsters of the past era which were much stronger than modern times, plants and so on are many dangerous species and extinct species, their difficulty is It seems to be the best in the world.

It seems that the [Sun King] who did not come back is also among gold mummy's friends, so the talk was pretty real.

Maybe, gold Mommy also I wonder if challenged.

Anyway, as I am going to do the details about that later, I gathered various other useful information, but after a while I broke up with Kim Mommy, I got back to Kanami, but the next day and Will be gathered for information gathering at « Olji Manu Dei Nas » » today .

Of course, I made the following goal as the [Dark continent Shrouded in Mystery].

The gold mummy who has got along well because of something the [Quarry Pyramid Tombs of the Red Desert] also intends to capture again later, but the importance is not so high from the conditions such as the location.

« Olji · Manu · Dyunas » is evaluated at a point, but since [the god of the color crown] was created in the closer [selection of the red and white crown Palace Urgeleto · Boraris] You do not have to hurry to capture obviously tough coco.

If you start a capture in secret to such amino Sei and Burasato's, there was also reason that a little scared after.

Regardless of the common 【Kamiyo Dungeon】 Anyway, you will be complaining that you are solemnible to monopolize such a good quality 【Kamiyo Dungeon】.

So when I will come next time I will organize a party with applicants .

Anyway, it is the [Dark continent Shrouded in Mystery].

According to the gold mummy, there seems to more overflowing food that will not query in modern times.

such a food and to eat because of I'm around the world, this in what do my time by not exhausted our best.

While gathering information I think I'm off.

An extinct ancient ingredient, I want to eat quickly.


Day 402

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I collect information, but the situation is not good.

In the first place, it is caused by too little information on [Dark Continent that is Shrouded in Mystery].

Sometimes the [Sun King] had expedition, the presence itself was known in its own way.

But there are few people who challenge from their difficulty and have come back alive.

Although it will be there if you find it, it is the same as if you can not find it.

Still I extend my hand from the table from the back, and at last I sightseeing and eat Jen Curry with dragon meat at the inn.

Ummah over, and a voice came out.

Because it is a corner, so I cooked cooking exchanges with my sister and Iiyuki and chefs who are making Jean Carrie and their men with rare seafood as cocaine.

Was there also a dragon meat effect? ​​Because it was a good reply, it was done immediately, but the light was on in the kitchen until late at night.

We share opinions with each other and the atmosphere is not bad.

While looking at the situation, I secretly thought that I would conclude with contracts that would sell marine products on a regular basis.


Day 403

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We gather information today as well today.

In table society, I decided that I do not get the information I want, so I decided to explore a deeper back society.

Let the body transform [shape transformation] as a temporary disguise, and become a "Earth Dragon-newt - Earth Dragon nut" with a brown rock-like scale that exists in the desert.

Whatever you look from me I will not know In this way, everyone else goes on a solitary society alone while enjoying sightseeing.

I will go through some information shops that are highly evaluated, and some of the aggression violence organizations.

If the payment is good, there was not any trouble to be there, but it seems that everything is not all good to hear.

I complained about what I thought, after finishing the exchange of information and going outside.

Apparently the organization there is a past that has been scattered kick severely by a gang of earth dragon people. It was due to draw in to the hide depending on the deal, but he told me something I do not care.

In the meanwhile, each member got in the hands of the members who came in from outside, and there were murderous intentions and hostility that were glaring in the eyes.

The number is 18. Although it is only male suffering adult male, ability is reasonable, there is no problem at all.

I got the information I want here, but since it became unknown truth and falsehood it will be held on hold.

There is no use, and no misunderstanding was to be tolerated, we must deal with it.

Since it is troublesome even if the riot is known around the rampage, while blackouts are still being arranged, black silver feathers are generated in the silver arm which mimics using [feather generation] I shook my arm with the arrow feathers, shaking my arm all the time while breathing.

Since the pointed end of a harder, sharper [arrow feather] than steel was settled down, I skipped the skull bone and stopped at the place where the brain was destroyed.

It does not penetrate with momentum, it keeps pierced so little extra blood flows.

Just a snap and a breathless man fell down.

Since the number is a number, it sounds like it, but it does not sound like resonating. Even if you listen to your ears for a while, there is no sign that someone will rush around .

[Early search operation warning network phased Array radar] also has no response, so that nobody notices and destroyed one of the back organization.

There may be other members, but I do not know about that. For the time being, if head and executive classes disappear, it will be an organization as an end.

Anyway, afterwards we destroy the evidence by eating corpse which became just meat.

To be honest, because I had only eaten good things recently, I did not go into a bath and I did not feel like eating sweaty adult men.

Although it ate still, although it is not tasty, it is not tasty, no, saltiness, acidity and bitterness are strong.

I feel like a bit of a damaged ingredient after the expiration date.

Anyway, after dead body treatment, we decided to collect everything we could sell because it is a point. There is only one office in the back organization and you get the results of the dark things behind.

money of the mountain, such as took anywhere from, the number of forbidden magic drugs to a person in the Crock people, high-selling likely armor.

On that occasion, I also found books, etc. that describe the back deal with someone you care about, so it may be good to gather information using it this time.

So let's try to attack the civil servant that you are clothed a part of the tax immediately .

If you are an official of an administrative agency, you may know something.


Day 404

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Continuing from yesterday that we gathered information we wanted to trade through those who trade and collapse the underlying organization, holding weaknesses and doing wrongdoing, we will move around today as well.

Efficiency is not enough with a single demon, so make use of the pieces made by sharpening both feet.

Because we are also disguised, we will repeat the age and sex of the same appearance at the same time appearing here at the same time, disappearing.

Somewhat we can expect confusion of information due to deception.

Safety is not bad, since the reign of the [Sun King] is not bad, yet the various organizations gather, the back organization is born and disappears.

There are things that the temperament of the people is somewhat rough, and the sign of the fight seems to be rolling anywhere.

As a result of pushing forward with the cycle a bit earlier, we were able to gather information to the extent that it seems to be about this.

Nonetheless, it is a rough position and only a few uncertain information which was brought back in the past, but it probably is better than nothing at all.

Because I got the information I want, deliver it using "Demon Whisper" refined by [Great Devil Purification] such as back books and back trade that we gathered to this generation's [Sun King] freely.

Although it is low in fighting ability, it is quietly surrounding the powerful person without being noticed, since it is a devil that guides that thought, I think how to use it as a messenger, but I often use a " secret demon " It is more difficult to understand the connection with.

What kind of reactions are there in the first place, that temperament can be known.


Day 405

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Invaded the palace sitting by the [Sun King], near the bed, [Demon Whisper] brought closer, but now [Sun King]'s supplementary person "Wolf Shriganus" was captured.

Shriganus which added a head, body hair and tail similar to a strict jackal to the body of a strong male adult male rich with more than three meters did not have gifts and did not hold murderous intentions, so "whispering do not kill the devil" captive.

But, I grasp my neck so that I can pierce Tadome at any time.

to break a twig if Komere the force, [Demon Whisper] would neck also is also folded.

Well, it's a messenger that is supposedly killed.

Because the main demon was also refined for that purpose, the reason for existence will be lost unless you can complete the mission.

So, after talking about the documents that I brought into my mouth, I drank poisoned medicine in the mouth and made my own self.

According to it, 【Human Bomb】 is activated.

By this time the minimum to shred up to a paranoid flesh explosion occurs between hundreds of millions or more cells and cell, " whisper of the devil " is the all around It disappears without causing damage.

Only the bunch of specially processed documents is left behind.

Incidentally, the shriganus who had grabbed the neck did not seem to have a slight damage.

Yes, there was such a thing yesterday, but now there is no noticeable movement.

But as the movements of the suspects began to become active, something could happen in the future .

While thinking such a thing, we are one of the nearby 【The Kamiyo Dungeons】 【Selection of the red and white crown I came to Urgeleto Boraris].

This is a general scale composed of five palaces - the Shinta dungeon - which is a structure in which the grand sculpture goddess is sandwiched between the left and right by the Red Crown Palace in front of and behind the selection center in the center.

Here is the history that the [King of the Sun] has captivated generations, because there is a history, information is plentiful, you can listen to most kinds of dungeon monsters, types of traps and hidden gimmicks that appear if you drink even one of the liquors at the bar.

Well, even if there is advance information, it is the existence that it is [goddess dungeon] that little capture is done.

If you know what to do, the scale is also common in size, and it is not difficult to capture Coco without a special gimmick.

A pair of me and Kanami-chan appears Dungeon monsters -

"desert spider Although it is about ten centimeters in size, it forms hundreds of flocks and fills up the aisles. Sabakutogata

Black comedy devil " Black · Satan Cloth " on the back carrying a bag filled with sand giving various 【Abnormal Condition】 【Coma】 and [Paralysis]

Attach the limbs to the person about the size of Cobra, appearance, such as armed " Viper grave keeper soldiers coburathion

Rolling the passage in the body of the sphere, spread that the sharp debris explode after that has been hit body "Explosion debris ball machine Breakfast mousse tiger Gollem".

A scorpion moving at high speed that protects himself with a strong red outer shell, cuts or restrains prey with a sharp scissor and detains with four poison tails " four tail red poison scorpion Ogsula Burjugue".

The number of individuals is small, but boasting a strength comparable to that of a hierarchical boss and having the upper half of a human being and the lower body of a winged lion " lion only beast of selection Miya Volaris Sphinx".

- while quickly slaughtering in a short time.

Coco's strategy procedure begins at the point where he defeats the 4 field bosses, sitting at the two Crown Princesses and the White Canyon.

BeniKanmuriMiya is distinguished by the before and after, before the other in the head snake is in Beni KanmuriMiya has a body of strong men armed [Lizardman] system " before KurenaiMamorusha of Mushunamufu " is present, lower body in women upper body of the nude in the rear red KanmuriMiya is that the snake [Lamia] of the system " Kobeni Mamorusha of Fumunayushimu " exists.

The man's Mushunamu is excellent in proximity warfare, and the woman' s hmnusushim is good at handling [magic], so if you stay together, the balance is good

Well, as it is separate, there is nothing troubling to deal with so far.

And the white citadel is distinguished on the left and right, in the right white canal, there is a " right guardian Semenathus " where the right arm and the head are eagles and the other is the male body , and the left ark There is a " left guardian 's Sutnamese " whose head is an eagle and the other has a female body .

As well as the two of the Red Crescent Palace, the man Zemenathus is a avant-garde and the woman's suutnamese seem to have a role as a guard, but this may be a bit difficult to do because it fly in the sky.

By the 4 bodies waiting at the deepest part of each temple, most of the planners seem to be repelled even if they reach here, but we broke through without problems.

Kanami prepares large-scale magic for the backwards, but as I am mostly avant-garde I just end up with a black spear.

Demon overloading The effect of the two black spears obtained as is tremendous, piercing it will only end with disappearance of the body or liquefaction.

Of course the debris was delicious.

I felt like I felt chicken meat something, I liquefied it and enjoyed it as a juice.

By combining the 4 parts you got with defeating the four bodies, a crown made of two colors of red and white is created, as if a white crown was fitted inside the red crown.

Toward the center selection house of with this, in mid-evening it was closed to the door « between the selection » was able to enter the boss room called.

Of here [ Labyrinth main Dungeon boss ] is called "Pruno Nekjet".

Head of a ferocious yellow cobra that suffers a red and white crown.

The long neck stretches out from the human body wearing a light-duty priest who has a devil like a balance, all the exposed bodies are covered with hard scales, a long tail from the buttocks Is growing.

There are red and white wings like the wings of the eagle on the back, white wings on the right and red leaves on the left .

I have an appearance that mixed floor bosses in Kohaku-shi, but the signs of wearing are several times as dense as that .

Using powerful magic, physical attack using a nerve poisoning fog from a cobra's fang or a sturdy body, raining of attack from the sky sometimes by flight using red and white wings.

In an ominous attack, even a single scales can not be hurt, and there is a serpent of the snake that makes the subject "atrophic".

Since you may [generate] a huge cobra, you can align the strength by a number, and if you receive more damage than a certain amount you recover by molting.

I was proud of the embarrassed strength as [Labyrinth], which has no gaps, but unfortunately the partner was bad after all.

Offset magic by magic, if the mist of neurotoxin is squirted, it also plays a deadly poisonous poison, and if it approaches, it will be lost or liquefied with black lance.

Kanami's ice storm will blow up if you fly in the sky, and the movement of "Climate - neccet" which has characteristics of climate animals also becomes dull .

Although it took a while to recover by the extent of physical fitness and toughness, ecdysis more than anything else, it was still able to recover the body safely .

[Dungeon boss " Purunto-Nekujeto " was successfully subdued]

[Treasure box [Red and white crown coffin] was awarded as the 1st subjugation bonus to the accomplishment party ]

[Use of Teleport Gates will be given as a privilege after capture]

[Please note that the warp gate is only applicable to the capturers ]]

[Psalter awakening person / part of the divine power of [the god of the color crown]] was collected for the shrine of the divine poetry by the main character ]

[God power of inferior quality was refreshed because the collector was Ogami because the collector was Ogami ]

[Some of the shaken power is materialized by regulation]

[Night Tenzouko one line is【 the color crown god soul treasure crown Plunellitou Ratchyard]! It is! ]

[It became possible to get the dominated labyrinth by the effect of the special abilities [plunder labyrinth / cynomanism ]]

[by the conditions fit , [You can plunder the selection house of red and white crown]. Do you loot it ?

« YES » « NO » ]

Select « YES » that was displayed immediately and put it under control .

Name [" red and white crown selection house of Urujereto-Volaris " [from] of red and white crown selection Onimiya Urgeleto Boraris onus].

Because I was troublesome, I did not tame much about the internal structure, and strengthen the strength of the dungeon monster.

It will not be a problem because the difficulty level will increase.

When you're finished configuring, immediately "Purunto-Nekujeto" decided to eat the flesh of.

This time we cook a long tail first, as it is OK to just eat all.

It's just a simple way to cut the tail to the proper size and bake it.

Still because the material is good or delicious, the tightened meat quality seems to have accumulated the meat juice by lightly burning the surface.

As you chew it, you can shake the hot broth and grease, and the painted salt further complements it.

Odor is also good, somewhere close to the dragon meat taste.

Ability learned: 【Crown Giver】 learned

What is this kind of abilities, but it seems to be a thing to find talented people who are strong enough to win a treasure crown.

It may be difficult to understand, assess the potential, and I wonder if I should say even.

Anyway, I could learn for a while and the rest would be cooked by my sister and Iiya.

Basically it is a snake, so if you eat it like an eel, it might be fun.


Day 406

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It was a prospect that contact with Kanami's new [Empress] he had hoped for a while.

Tell it "because come immediately back over" Inokoshi and, [was moved through the [Teleport Gate], which was installed in the selection Onimiya of red and white crown].

A few days will not come back.

The things I wanted to do with Koko were over, but I think I will do something until I return.

Tentatively, disguised as a major chairman - becomes a human with a general brown skin, and plays an ordinary appearance such as a turban. Armed minimum of things in such shamshir - buy and opposite to where unused house.

House in the back alley, there is plenty of space.

Then tentatively, [Oisho Onigiri] a few body [Refining] and arranged.

Let's round it as it will do something without permission. I have instructed something so far, but I understand that it is unnecessary from the experience so far.

For the time being, if you set a goal, you decide without permission and choose the best.

Even if you fail, at that time you should take responsibility like your boss.

Just being honest, the environment that can be relieved even if you decide it by someone is a good thing.

You only have to be careful not to be corrupted, but it's useless because it's convenient.


Day 407

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There is an area called sand sea.

Very fine sand always moves, it seems to have been told so as it keeps changing like a sea.

Since it sinks like a bottomless swamp, I can not walk over and there is a special ship called a sandboat, where I am a representative of an organism that fits that kind of environment.

It is a variety of monsters classified as sand fish, this time was the prey.

To prepare is a very strong fishing line, a hook and a fishing rod, and a fresh meat.

The inside of the moving sandy sea is always sand-polished, so ordinary fishing line will cut short in a matter of time.

And because sand fish protects themselves from sand of sandy seas with hard scales and thick outer shells, it is very hard to stick in soft mouth with ordinary fish hooks.

And because the sand fish is basically heavy, it is also difficult to catch it unless it is a strong fishing rod that does not break well and does not break well.

Also, if it is not fresh meat, attraction as bait is thin, so there is not much to come near.

Dedicated tools are necessary, it is hard to fish, there is a danger that it will be attacked in reverse from the ferocious sand fish and be fed.

But that is why it is fishing to fish.

What I say hotly is the chef of Jun Curry, an exquisite chef who spoke with Sukari with Iiyugu and sisters who became the start of this time.

It seems that it is a holiday today, brings only those who wish from subordinates, and guides you through the wells.

I am ready to cook as soon as I catch it, so I am really looking forward to it personally.

Anyway, Jean Carrie's chef seems to possess a sandboat that can sail off the sand sea personally, but this time I'm on a sharkhead which I prepared.

Although it is not as high as water, it can proceed without particular problems.

Occasionally the sandy sea is also rough, but the splash of sand is prevented by the wind film so there is no problem.

After a really comfortable sea sand, we were hanging fishing line.

It seems that where sand and ocean currents of the surrounding sand sea meet, it gathers from the big to the rare kinds of sand fish.

I tried using black fomor peach meat, but it fell into the sandy sea, and once I thought that it was sunbubb and sinking, I was bitten by it.

And because I was still shallow, I could catch up to sand.

The first sand fish is called "Sekemen Naha", which is lightly huge fish exceeding ten meters.

It has a long mouth like a crocodile, a thick body like a log, and a scaly like a thick armor.

Since there are countless growing sharp tusks, it will be easy to bite off if it is bitten .

Well, such a thing is not a big deal.

Since it can be rampant even after catching up, stretch your fingertips thin like a needle, pierce the vital point and tie up .

So Sekensuna, the chef of Jean Carrie, said in a sand fish it is a big battle for one or two .

It is very close to the apex of this neighboring ecosystem and it is very rare to catch up. There are few things to encounter, and even if you can catch it, it seems that sometimes it is destroyed by ordinary sandboat and destroyed by Sekemensnach.

Known for being arranged in the table of [King of the Sun] at the time of a special festival, it is not only auspicious but also its taste is exquisite .

Known as a favorite of the past [Sun King], at that time I was exchanged for gold of the same weight and something .

Expressed simply, it becomes a super delicious giant luxury fish .

It is a translation that such big things caught with Assasseric, but it surely has been attracted by the smell that seems delicious. If it is meat of black foal, what will happen if you use dragon meat?

Since the to use the real thing is a waste, or let's use in later purification dragon of meat .

While thinking so, take a fish farm with a smiling face and leave it to Ichigo. On the deck there was a figure of Iiyu and sisters who disassemble with a delightful look .

there, but there is also a figure of Auro and Argento, the two demons because I like to cook or meaning of course it also.

Anyway, although I began fishing to everyone else also their own way, whether the bait is the one place that the good good, or whether a tool that good.

I think that's a complex, but if you hang a fishing line you will catch it, and if you catch it will hang it.

Waiting slowly is also the real pleasure of fishing, but the person who bombs is still personally enjoyable thing.

Although it is caught one after another like a picnic, it is disappointing that we can not get to the structure earlier than so structurally.

Well, special hands like a picnic can not be helped if there is no such technique as it is difficult.

After that I caught and eat, eat and repeat fishing.

The variety of sand fish is abundant, ranging from sand fish like flounder to sand fish like slug, or sand fish like coelacanth.

Many of them were baked or boiled and they ate, but Sekemensnach is just super high class fish and it is delicious normally.

It is a different kind of dragon meat, the purport of fish.

Fishing continued until evening, and it began to turn dark and it was rounded up .

The sandy sea at night seems to show a different side from daytime, but it is at a later date.

Because I caught more than I thought, keep fun.

As soon as I got back safely, I handed the chefs of Jean Carrey as chefs who taught me the place, two of the five animals caught with purified dragon meat after Sekemensnach which I caught first.

I was told that "I am too much for running away", but this is also an investment needed to develop new taste.

Jankari with or different sand fish and the fish of the sea over. I also used Sekemensnach, that is, I can not help expecting.

I want you to keep up for the appetite, so telling me that he bit it with a bitter smile.

I am looking forward to it.

...You can likely get a good amount of gold if you purchase the sandfish here and sell on the original continent to people like the Tomboy Princess.


Day 408

Needs a TON of editing ~Miraclegrass

Today leisurely « Oruji-Manu Diunasu » to explore.

Although I have looked at some, there are still many sightseeing spots in Coco as there is only a long history.

It's not like going around in a few days. Looking at the ruins that the past [Sun King] made, looking at the houses of the architectural style which have developed their own unique, I will not get tired of just watching a little.

Because sightseeing alone is a waste, I will sometimes go out and enjoy shopping while learning how to act in harsh environments such as deserts and gravel areas.

Because it is surprisingly important to imagine what sort of things can happen from the aligned items.

If you are walking by examined in various ways, « Oruji-Manu Diunasu » I heard the bustling cheers from one of the private arena to be dotted with a dozen in.

In the stadium there is a day-and-night battle that combines people's entertainment and battle desire, but after a month from now on, the battle festival between urban nations that will be held once in several years Because it is approaching, it seems that it is getting more excited than usual.

They were in place for today in the previous kingdom «British Valor» seemed something like, Well also this excitement can be convinced.

As I was going to go to the biggest amphitheater in the near field so it was just about to begin.

Two men confront them.

On the other hand, it is a localsman, I am receiving great cheers.

In kangaroo system slender beast men of, I wonder tall is close to 3 meters.

Both hands are equipped with a red scarf, but they may be using special magic metals, their surroundings seem distorted with bongyari.

If it is around here it will be a magic item whose flame-heat system's ability was hidden. It seems like it seems like burning the object when it hits.

Dress is wearing a brown dirty turban on his head, the upper body exposed naked short hair, the lower body wearing pants easy to move comfortably.

There is no armor-like armor, and it is easy to see that importance is attached to lightness.

It seems to be a style fighting with only fist, but it moved as if it danced, showing agile movement.

To that, it was a small armor armor of the size of the Chunki.

The wearing clothing is a real war armor with a lot of rounding and few useless decorations, the surface of which has an unusual color like grain .

Perhaps the main material is a rare magical metal "Steel brush Dumbrux". It is a magical metal that is also used for the auroral [Witch], but it is rugged and well tortured and has the property that it is lighter than anything.

So it must be lighter than imagined for a thick armor.

I also do not know the gender because I wear an armor that wears a total face like a long nose long tangle and I do not know the line of the body, but since it is a small but solid body, I feel like.

Although it is wearing a calm atmosphere like a water surface, a large sword and a small scallop are worn in proportion to the body at the waist, and a hand was attached to the sword.

Clothes and arms of a line similar to a woman warrior. Perhaps it came from the east.

It seems that there are actually few people who wander around the world as martial arts training, so it must be that kind.

Whether armor warrior is a [Gentileman] or not is known only if a woman warrior is present, but woman warrior is a manager in the kingdom's kingdom so he is not in here.

Well, it probably will be different depending on the atmosphere, so I do not think I should care about that.

Anyway, what happens.

I thought while looking at it, a beast male rushed at high speed from directly in front of the armor warrior.

Because it is a kangaroo-based beastman, it is never said that the beast man kicked the ground powerfully and delivered a continuous attack of an unstoppable fist to the eyes . High speed jab where fist disappears with fogging, powerful straight to crush enemy, sharp hook to reap life, flowing combination.

With a unique step using a strong tail, you can watch faster attacks while piling a lot of fingers and it's interesting and the audience gets much boost.

However, the beast man 's attack did not apply to armored warriors.

Avoid attacks with minimum body care and if you can not avoid avoiding it, deliver it in a thick part of armor such as shoulder.

A violent spark and a blue flame dance, but the majority of the power is swept away by the armor samurai, or it is absorbed by the armor.

Nevertheless, with a slight shock impact, I could not shake a tough trunk or a trained muscle, and as a result the attack by a beast male did not make sense.

Perhaps you understand it, the frustrating beast man was attacking more violently, but it was a moment that he decided on winning or losing.

The stamina is consumed due to the continuous attack on the drift, and the hand of attack stops a little. I might have thought about going backwards and leaving a gap.

But at that moment, the armored warrior's squatting that I aimed.

A long sword was drawn swiftly in his eyes, leaving a pale trajectory, breaking the chin of a beast man and cutting off his consciousness.

It seemed that he did not want to kill because it was a battlefield, but it would still normally die if a mass of metal hits at high speed.

This time it ended only with faintness because it was an attack aimed at the slightest shaking concussion by delicate technology, but if you quickly cut it without doing that, it ended earlier There is no doubt.

I am wondering what is the purpose.

A beast man who had been attacking a long time ago, when the armor warrior delivered a sword, screams and cheers of the audience who finally realized that the armor warrior won victory exploded in the amphitheater did.

It was a very spectacular match.

Beast man also was not weak. It is usually sunk by that fast attack. Besides being lightweight, it is also powerful for a single blow.

Once you get in tune, it is likely that you are often pushed as it is.

However, this time only armor warrior was strong.

Armor Warrior saw this when clapping hands, so try a smile lightly.

Then the face was not clearly visible due to the total face like a tengu, but there seemed to have been some signs of retraction.

But, the warfare is directed at once. There is no murder, but the fighting spirit strokes the neck.

Motivated black squirrel surely is not a mistake to see.

It might be a battle race rather than I thought.

Rival the asking wonder Louis to wandering the world.

Besides, it was a system that had only had to go out and try out outside locally.

It seems that it is going to be somewhat damned, so I'm going to take a stroll in the evening with a little demon.


Day 409

Needs a TON of editing ~Miraclegrass

After sightseeing yesterday, I tried to go out in the evening, but there was no kind of darkness that I expected.

Members of the back organization that is stuck in the back alley have been making connections, so try to eat, eat those who are dubiously dressed in black who tried to go to humans, try drunkards, and many other things I tried, but I have nothing to say especially.

While I think that's a shame, today from morning « Oruji-Manu Diunasu » goes out of.

A thing to be shaken by a spoiled skeleton spider for about an hour.

The surroundings reached the desert area where fine sand spreads.

Winds are created and the harsh land that extends to the far side of the horizon.

Fierce heat is dominated by the sunlight falling from the sky during the day, even when the cold that dominates the body by turning around at night goes over, the breath of life is felt firmly.

Today, I will devote such knowledge to the children such as Auro and Argento how they survive in these places, how to do it best.

On the other hand, because I'm listening seriously to red hair shorts etc, I feel more motivated, but it is still put and it will pass for hours or so.

Although I have taught a lot about it, it is important to repeat it over and over as it is another matter as long as I can practice it.

Somehow I got to a place where I could break up, so today I decided to stay in the desert.

It's better to go home and take a rest at a safe lodge, but you should still experience it variously while you can afford it.

This time cooking from ensuring food only to children, such as such as the bed of securing and night vigilance.

In the past have all the knowledge required in such study Yara training, but now how would.


Day 410

Still needs a TON of editing ~Miraclegrass

As a result, there was no problem with how children spend the desert.

Hunt small monsters and cook them.

I also secured beds with each ability, and I was able to deal with monsters creeping up at night without problems.

With this you can do something if there is a trouble in the desert.

When I came back to « Olji · Manu · Dyunas » shaken by a skeleton spider who again disguised as a warm-hearted person, it became noisy.

It seems like a little strange, some people are looking forward to the festival, others who put their luggage together and carry them to their own ship while worrying about it, what to do while talking with acquaintances There is not much sense of unity, such as those who are consulting.

Temporarily I caught an urban soldier who was near me and heard the circumstances, it seems that the danger is approaching.

In the rainy season, in this area it is common to say "Sand Waves Warlam" occurs.

Although monsters of the Sand Worm family, the ruling species of the desert, are trying to spread habitat to the surroundings as a flock, this time seems to be quite different from the scale.

Come to this time not from the nearby as usual desert, «Oruji-Manu Diunasu» is in the fairly distant location from «Fujamuto contraindications Large Desert» that the danger zone of the continent's best.

Of carnivorous that govern it Sand Worm is one of the monsters most significant species "Giant Insects" herd of monster that is here. It is said that it is approaching. According to an urban soldier who was scouting extensively to respond promptly as it is the time of "sand mushroom" , it is said that an old body with a body length exceeding 300 meters is the leading one, and one hundred and several meters are adults and numbers It is said that it is a rather large flock consisting of hundreds of meters to several tens of meters.

"Arkhtaral Zarvatworm" is a dangerous and powerful tribe as it is regarded as "disaster-designated individual" due to various circumstances as it is an adult, but this time it is a flock so it is a more dangerous [Disaster Designated Group] It seems to be.

Even if you look at it alone, a huge old body seems to become a 【Disaster-designated Group】 above a 【Disaster-Designated Individual】, so this case one thing is that several city states will be destroyed It has become a scale to think about.

By the way, when I look at the classification of [Disaster Specified Individuals] or something like that, it seems that it will become the [Designated Individual of the Disaster] which is also subtly different from [Disaster Specified Individuals] and [Disaster Specified Individuals] etc.

It is a classification that is similar to [Fallen God] that has fallen to the earth .

Well, we do not have to worry about the classification around here.

Academic stories tend to be long, so it is troublesome. 【Demonic】 So it is enough to think that it becomes 【Designated Disaster Individuals by God】 .

In any case, although we have to deal with urgently, it is much stronger than [Wisdom Dragon / Supreme Dragon] which is poor in terms of the size and strength of the body, it can also be said to be the "King of the Worms" series "Arcatal Zarvatowarm". It will be enough to count those who can compete from the front.

So "Sand Insect Wave" although accustomed to, the scale like this for rare even tease history, might be what is destroyed this time, there are those who are trying to evacuate think so.

If you look at the port, there are many numbers to sail more than usual.

Well, usually it would be so.

Those who do not have the power to fight should get away.

However, some people are optimistic about the situation because the current generation [Sun King] seems to be said to be the strongest in history.

Some expect that the economy will be promoted by the material of the "Arcatal / Zarvatworm" that he managed, and there will be a business opportunity there.

There are temperature differences in correspondence by individuals, which is the cause of making the current atmosphere.

Normally it should be more confusing as information gets wider, but it has been declared as soon as it is professed that he will visit himself the [King] and his aides.

Since we had to deal with it at the earliest, we had done with a minimal impact, but if we were not able to do well, it would have been a great disarray to stop the economy .

Although there was no meaning, a riot would have happened, and in some cases the order would collapse due to looting and the like.

Because it prevents it by one declaration and it puts it in, it is understood that it is believed, respected, and respected only by that [Sun King].

Scrutinizing the information I sent, purging what is superior from the superiors, then downwards while giving a little warmth, but also tightening consciousness, just because there is the strength to observe secretly, I can not take care of it.

In any case, we returned to the inn, asked employees who made friends about what to do here, they got an answer that they will operate normally.

Although I have anxiety , it seems that I trust [Sun King].

While relieving to the things you do not have to change the accommodation, we gathered information and we decided to spend it slowly.

At night, Kanami came back.

It's faster than planned, but the goal has been achieved.

It seems that as well as Minokichi, he has beaten the new 【Majo】 to an extent that he does not die.

The reason was also similar to Minokichi, but this is the first time I will refrain from contact with both the [Emperor] for a while.

Although it is good, Kanami only has 2 wine bottles.

there to wonder what the red liquid that has been put to the Taputapu.

No, I can somehow imagine it.

For now, as it is certain that it is not dead.

Receive a wine glass with red liquid poured from Kanami who can shine twinkle twitchily and drink it with a little gut.

It is still a young but rich fragrance and a gem that has a smooth throat and powerful magical power, and it was a fun thing from now on when matured over time.

This time I want to drink directly.

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