Return of The 8th Class Mage

Chapter 17 The Coming of the Crown Prince (2)

Return of The 8th Class Mage Chapter 17

­ The Coming of the Crown Prince (2)

(By any means necessary, make him your man.)

The luxury carriage embroidered with gold and jewels.

In the carriage, a young handsome man was sitting.

He had impressive platinum-colored hair.

(Use the boy as a foundation to prepare your future status.)

The crown prince of the empire, ‘Hayden Greenriver’.

He recalled the request of his father.

(I’m telling you to establish a loyal team, unique to yourself.)

The request was to persuade the boy to be your side.

Although they had had a long conversation, the conclusion was simple.


Hayden couldn’t understand.

Although Ian was a mage, but what’s special about him?

Weren’t there so many mage kids in the ivory tower?

‘There are so many brats I can’t stand.’

It wasn’t only Ian he had thought.

The five younger brothers in the palace.

In fact, Hayden didn’t regard them as his siblings.

‘Humph, even their mothers aren’t my mother.’

The kids who would threaten his life later.

Whenever Hayden recalled them, he wanted to vomit.

‘On the day I succeed the crown,’

He would execute all other princes.

Especially the fifth prince, the cunning one.


The imagination made him feel better.

After calming his mind, he looked at the scenery over the window.

The river that shone in an emerald color as one of the rivers of Greenriver.

It was the ‘Garmath river,’ which was the border of south and north.

“Your highness.”

A knight on a horse approached the carriage.

It was the second royal knight captain, Oliver Raywood.

“We should send a messenger to them right now.”

“I think we already finished that conversation.”

Captain Oliver hardened his face slightly, so as to not let the crown prince notice .

“They would need a minimum time to prepare your welcome, your highness. Please have mercy on them.”

Oliver pleaded to crown prince gently and respectfully.

“Ah, Your house is one of the northern houses, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.”

The house of Haywood was one of the houses that served the Mogrian house.

Oliver’s older brother was the leader of the Raywood house.


The crown prince started to think.

He liked Oliver at least, while he doesn’t like most of the other people.

The knight who always protected him closely, without excuse.

Furthermore, he was called the greatest swords master of the empire.

As a crown prince, he should take care of a man like Oliver.

‘Not the kids who know some magic trick!’

It was the motto of the crown prince.

“How many days left to arrive there?”

“It would take approximately two days.”

“Fine. I will allow it, only because of your loyalty.”

“As you command.”

Oliver moved away from the carriage.

He commanded his squads.

Soon, two riders left the march,

To visit a communication post to send a message to the house of Mogrian.

‘Two days isn’t that bad.’

His trick was very nasty.

While looking at nobles in a hurry and panicked,

He felt an excitement whenever he watched it.

Maybe it can be expressed as Superiority.

That’s why he hadn’t even relayed his march route properly.

Furthermore, he increased the marching speed to be unexpected.

He wanted to see the northern nobles while they panicked.

‘A guardian of the north? Aegis of the empire? Bullshit.’

He didn’t like them since the moment he heard of them.

Barbarians who always were talking about the tradition of the north.

They didn’t have mages nor knights with a manaheart.

What made such barbarians feel so proud of themselves?

This time, he would break their pride.

‘And mages.’

A massive march which continued behind the carriage.

The crown prince stared at other carriages in the march.

Three carriages which were as luxurious as the crown princes.

Each carriage was carrying mages one by one.

‘One day, I will deal with those arrogant men.’

The northern territory was panicked.

From all nobles to normal people.

They moved in a hurry to prepare for the sudden visit of the crown prince.

“The crown prince will be staying here! Not a single speck of dust will be allowed. Remember it!”

Not only that but the numberless servants and maids in the province castle as well.

“How are we going to satisfy the tongues of palace people?”

“We couldn’t start it unless the chief maid comes….”

“I can help you guys.”

“M..mrs. Page?”

“Come on. I told you not to call me like that.”

Kitchen maids, who had no idea of the taste of the royal palace, were on alert as well.

‘I assumed they would be late as there was no message.’

Of course, the man who in the most trouble,

The great landlord Marcus Mogrian shook his head.

He had enough with the Mogrian mountain event, but now, the crown prince was coming.

“Did everyone arrive?”

“Yes. Except for Macspadden and Raywood house, all other leaders and reclaimers of other houses have arrived at the province castle. Also, those two houses that haven’t arrived sent a message that they will arrive soon.”

The veteran old butler, Hrothgar answered clearly.

It removed some burdens of the great landlord.

What would happen if there are empty chairs of nobles, while the crown prince arrives?

He must rebuke them with it.

However, the biggest problem was unsolved.

“What about Mr. Mage? No message yet?”

“Yes… No message yet.”

“That’s the problem.”

Of course, he wouldn’t want to blame Ian at all.

But he was concerned about the reaction that the crown prince would show.

“Let’s move out, anyway.”

The great landlord moved toward to the main entrance,

To form a welcome line to greet the crown prince.

“I greet you, great landlord.”

Numerous leaders and reclaimers from other houses that serve Mogrian were there.

They couldn’t greet each other properly, yet.

They wouldn’t be able to have some conversation until dinner time.

“Greetings later. First, we better prepare to welcome the crown prince.”

Soon, the nobles started to move quickly.

Including the great landlord, people of the Mogrian house took the first line.

The rest of the leaders and reclaimers of the other houses took a line behind.

“Hew, what a surprise.”

The leader of the Raywood house had just arrived.

Alter Raywood spoke to the great landlord while moving into his position.

His roused hair showed how fast he had ridden the horse.

“That’s what I am saying.”

It was the great landlord who was in the biggest trouble.

There were only a few minutes left.

“The crown prince is coming!”

Finally, the shout of a soldier shook the province castle.

From afar, a massive march was coming.

Knights and soldiers with white clothes, and luxurious carriages.

Finally, the problem was coming.

“Great landlord, where is Mr. Mage ….?”

Now other leaders of houses started to wonder.

The mage was the only reason that the crown prince had come.

However, where is that mage?

“He is..”

While The great landlord about to explain that the mage went out somewhere and he hadn’t turned yet,

*Clip-clop! Clip-clop! Clip-clop!*

The narrow shortcut on the side road of the province castle.

At the side road, which was connected to the deep northern territory, a horse was coming.

With the boy riding on it. Actually, while hanging the boy on the back.


His riding pose was so untrained.

It couldn’t even be called a riding pose.

The rider’s pose showed no basic skills of riding.

However, the horse directed straight to the destination.



With a short word, the horse decreased its speed as if it understood the word.

Would it even possible?

No such clever horse existed.

Nobles spent many hours with their horses.

In their common sense, it was impossible.

“Sorry. I am a bit late.”

“All good. It’s a relief you just arrived in time. Please, come here.”


The great landlord indicated Ian’s position by himself.

He was so desperately hurried to do so.

“Mr. Mage is the man who received a royal order, you must stand at the very front of the line, which is the manner of the empire.”

Every noble who was listening to the conversation was astonished.

Although they had expected it, but they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw him for real.

‘That boy is…. a mage?’

The boy who arrived with weird riding skill.

He was the guest of the north, Mage Ian Page.

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