Return of The 8th Class Mage

Chapter 25 The Finest Investment

Return of The 8th Class Mage Chapter 25

­ The Finest Investment

“Where have you been at this early morning?”

It was quite early in the morning and everyone was still sleeping.

Except, Ledio, who was standing at the door of the hut and greeted Ian.

He was a man who didn’t sleep much.

“Oh you woke up quite early.”

“My previous life trained me to do so, haha.”

Ledio made a smile to break this awkward situation.

Then, he looked at the Ian’s beg interestingly.

“What is about that bag….?”

“Ah, I have something for you.”

After Ledio’s question, Ian started to sift through his bag.

Soon, he pulled out violet-colored stuffs and put them on the table.

Two pieces which looked alike amethysts.

“What is that?”

“Eyes of gargoyle.”


Ledio inhaled short breath with surprise.

Eye of gargoyle. He never saw it in real, but he knew the value of it very well. His reaction was natural as an alchemist. To alchemists, it was valued as much as an artifact to a mage.

“T, truly is it…..”

“I pulled it out with my very hand, it can’t be fake.”

“D, did you, pulled it yourself?”

Did that mean Ian had hunted a Gargoyle? Where?

It was very rare ingredient since it wasn’t a commonly found monster normally.

‘Where the heck did he find it?’

This boy, Ian, had sneaked out and when he returned , he chucked out eyes of gargoyle all of sudden.

How mysterious a boy he was.

Ledio started to feel more suspicious of Ian, more than before.

“Is this can be used to brew elixirs? I don’t know that much detail of its usage.”

“H, hold on a second.”

Ledio rapidly pulled out and searched through his illustrated book.

He always treated and held it like it was a treasure box.

“…… It says even simply swallowing it as raw will works as an elixir. In addition If a taker has a mana heart, it will make his mana more dense.”

That was a good news to Ian.

The quantity of a mana pool was important, but also the density of mana was quite important to a mage. Even with the same magical spell, a mage who had denser mana could yield a stronger spell result.

‘But I don’t like to swallow it raw though.’

Firstly, it was too big to swallow by single bite,

Secondly, It was hard as a jewel.

Thirdly, it was once the eyes of a monster.

Ian wanted different way to consume it.

“And there are quite many ways to brew a potion with eye of gargoyle. Let’s see, the best elixir that can be brewed with it is…..”

That was a relief. There was a way to brew it to some potion.

Ian drank a water in the cup, on the table.

He felt a small sense of excitement.

‘The best elixir, huh?’

In former life, he didn’t have many chance to use elixirs.

He had drunken them a few times, but only after he already grew up and reached a high level of magic. When he was young enough to receive benefits of elixirs fully, he only allowed to drink basic elixirs which were supported by the academy.

“Ah, I found it.”

Soon, Ledio found the best recipe for brewing epic quality elixir with the eye of gargoyle.

While showing Ian the section, Ledio said.

“Five breaths of red dragon?”

“What an immense name, isn’t it?”

‘Five breaths of red dragon’ was a name of the elixir.

Well it was dramatic name, indeed.

“As its name, it requires a lot of crazy ingredients. Look at these ingredients. I wonder is it even possible to brew.”

Ledio pointed ingredients section of it.

Indeed, it was an assemble of such precious ingredients.

Even Ian, who wasn’t good about alchemist, heard many of their names.

Eye of Gargoyle, root of Mandragora, leaf of Ambrosia, blood of Ogre.

And there were plenty more ingredients on the lists which Ian never heard of it.

“I showed it to you since it was one of the best elixir. But, I don’t think it’s possible. As you can see, there are no exact required amount of ingredients, right? It means even my ancestors failed to brew it, to say nothing of me….”

Ledio knew his limit very well.

Even if he acquired those ingredients, he couldn’t guarantee that he can brew this great elixir successfully.

He would waste these precious ingredients for nothing.

‘Where I think I can collect these ingredients.’

Ian thought, on the other way.

It seemed he can obtain it eventually.

Of course it would take long, but he needed a talented alchemist like Douglas anyway, to brew such artifact level elixir.

There would be enough time for Douglas to grow enough to support Ian with his powerful talent.

“I will get those ingredients for you.”

“What? B, but as I told you….”

“I’m not saying that I will bringing those immediately. It will take some time. Until then, how about do research about it. Researching was a deal between you and me, do you remember?”

Yes. Ledio made a deal with Ian.

Ian promised to let him survive from mana addiction and ultimate treatment for it, while Ledio research custom elixirs for Ian.

“With my skill it may takes longer than you think. Honestly, it may impossible. please consider that….”

“I don’t mind how many years will it take. I won’t pressure you about it.”


Nevertheless, Ledio seemed unconfident.

Ian needed some new topics to encourage him.

“And Douglas,”

Ian slowly mentioned the name.

Ledio’s most precious person, Douglas.

“He seems quite interesting with alchemy.”

“….. Recently, yes he does.”

“There must be special reason.”

Without further explanation, Ledio already knew the reason.

He must be desperate to help his father and let him survive.

To brew a treatment by his own hand, on the day when the Randeor flower became useable.

“I heard that alchemy is your family business for ages.”


“Douglas must inherit some talent through your blood.”

“But he’s still young….”

“He made a cure potion, I saw it.”


With Ian’s confession, Ledio was surprised.

A few days ago, Ledio was amazed by his son’s talent. Recently, his son looked up the illustrated book a few times, then suddenly he made a basic cure potion by himself.

‘I never expected him to brew a potion without any help of measuring tools….’

Even basic potion needed exact measuring.

If not, the potion will be effectless.

But, Douglas measured the amounts required of it simply with his own sense.

It was impossible to happen in Ledio’s ken.

“As I know, alchemist’s are treated very well. Furthermore, there is a special academy for alchemy in the royal palace, isn’t there?”

Indeed, a talented alchemist was treated very well.

As Ian said there was a special academy to educate talented alchemist.

It was worth it to educate them.

And wouldn’t it mean their future were quite bright?

Ledio must’ve had a fine life until he suffered from mana addiction.

“With this amount,”

Ian sifted through the bag again.

These time, he pulled out a few of the finest diamonds.

“You won’t need to worry about financial issue. It would be enough to educate Douglas.”

“W, where did you get all these….”

A sudden rain of jewels.

And every single of them had the best qualities.

Ledio couldn’t help himself to be stunned.

“I’m considering an investment.”

“What sort of investment…..”

“For all researches for Ledio, and,”

Ian looked at the inside of the hut.

He could see Douglas’ face, who were still sleeping innocently.

“The talent of Douglas.”

With Ian’s suggestion, Ledio closed his eyes.

For a while he spoke nothing as he thought deeply.

It was about a future for his son. He needed a time to think.

“……. The cure he made. Honestly, I was surprised as well.”

Ledio broke the long silence.

“I could see some talent on him. But sir, it was an basic of basic potion. It didn’t require any complex measuring skills. Did you know that?”

“Yes I do.”

“Then you must know it as well. It NEVER guarantees that Douglas will become great alchemist. Did you know that?”

“Yes I do.”

“And you saying you want to invest on his talent which is yet uncertain?”

“Well, that’s the basic rule of investment.”


Ledio sighed due to his worries.

Of course, it was such a sweet suggestion.

Not just lengthening his life, Ian also suggested supporting Douglas. He may bowed to Ian with full of thanks.


‘It will decide the future life of Douglas. I must consider it carefully.’

He might risk his own son’s life.

He already suffered enough by mages.

Mages were untrustworthy.

What if Ian couldn’t get the elixir he wanted?

Not just Ledio himself, but even Douglas failed to brew it?

Then Ledio couldn’t know the result.

Even Ian shouldn’t be trusted fully.


Nevertheless, he couldn’t decide easily.

The suggestion of Ian, those jewels were precious enough to provide Douglas to receive every benefits and educations which were allowed to non-noble people. Furthermore, his general life quality must be increased.

‘Wouldn’t it be better for Douglas?’

He never considered things like this carefully.

Douglas was his everything.


Like most of parents in the world.

“The more I experience you, the more I don’t think you are just young boy.”

He mumbled while shaking his head.

He made a decision after the sun arose completely.

“I have no idea what kind of secret you have…. But!”

Ledio continued his word while taking the jewels quickly.

“Keep your promise! Even if I failed you, and even if Douglas won’t be a great alchemist! Well, of course, he will be a great alchemist. I am sure my boy will. Anyway….”

As Ian analyzed before, he spoke a lot when he felt comfortable and relieved.

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