Return of The 8th Class Mage

Chapter 27 Enter Greenriverdium (2)

Return of The 8th Class Mage Chapter 27

Enter Greenriverdium (2)

‘I’ve already experienced everything. I once was the tower lord in my former life.’

As an experienced person, Ian could summarize the ivory tower in one phrase:

‘The tower of pride.’

Although they were a little bit lower than the royals, they wanted to be higher than others, and men who actually rule over others, a group which was assembled by those men with pride. That was the identity of the ivory tower.

‘They took her in urgently since they don’t want to lose any more pride.’

Their action was totally based on political conflict.

They never care about Cecilia’s safety.


‘They didn’t want the Knight order to dare to investigate a mage,’

The word ‘dare,’ Ian used the word on purpose.

It was the ivory tower’s general view of the knights.

‘Only the ivory tower must be allowed to deal with a mage’s problems.’

No one should talk about it.

That was a guideline of the ivory tower, and their pride.

So, they couldn’t allow knights to deal with Cecilia.

‘But once Cecilia gets into the tower, their attitude will change.’

Outside of the tower they would never let their pride be lost.

Since every single mage represented the face of the ivory tower.

However, inside of tower, it would be different.

Whether rumors on her were true or false, many people had already seen, and rumors had already spread. Regardless of the truth, Cecilia would be treated as a criminal by the ivory tower, since she had shamed the ivory tower’s name. They would place her in the deepest jail of the ivory tower.

‘It will be much safer and secured.’

The ivory tower was an assembly of the strongest mages.

And the underground prison was made by such a group.

It could be safer than the emperor’s bedroom.

Honestly, Ian could guarantee it.

The jail of the ivory tower must be much safer than the headquarters of the knights.

Cecilia wouldn’t ever be able to contact the outsiders.

‘It is nearly impossible for even coldwalkers.’

Hence, Ian agreed to the ivory tower’s action.

For Ian, there was no need to worry about her anymore.

‘Now I need to deal with the emperor, the Ivory tower, and the royals.’

After he calmed his thoughts, Ian looked around.

His mother was still enjoying the view of the capital.

Next to her, Douglas was sleeping.

And next to him….


Ledio’s face was strange.

His face turned pale as if he was sick.

It was too early for the mana addiction though.

“Are you okay?”

“……. Pardon?”

“You don’t seem to be alright.”

“Ah…… it’s nothing. Haha….”

Actually, he had seemed uncomfortable before they entered the capital.

But after he saw members of the ivory tower, his face had paled dramatically.

‘One of them must’ve been related to his mana addiction.’

‘It seems he doesn’t want to talk about it yet.’

Ian wouldn’t ask further, since Ledio wanted to hide something.

Only time will solve this.

The more urgent he felt, the more he would seek Ian’s help, anyway.

“Woah! Woah!”

Suddenly, the coachman stopped the carriage.

There must be a longer way to go to arrive at the royal palace.

What is going on?

“Sir Ian, the crown prince is looking for you.”

It was a familiar voice of an imperial soldier.

With his guide, Ian hopped off the carriage.

Soon, he recognize the place he was standing.

“This place….”

It was one of mansions that royals used to stay when they left the royal palace. In addition, it was a house which was gifted to Ian when he reached to 5th class of mage.

“Do you like it?”

The crown prince asked to Ian.

“It’s the house my father has gifted to you.”

Ian was caught by sentiment. He had been 26 years old when he had received this mansion. Furthermore, he received it from not the current emperor nor the crown prince, but Ragnar, who succeeded to take over the throne. However, this time, he received it 14 years earlier.

‘It is quite a nice mansion, actually.’

Its distance to the royal palace and the ivory tower was proper.

Furthermore it was closer to the merchandise zone, which was the centre of the capital’s finance.

It was the best place to enjoy the city life.

‘How fortunate. I was thinking about getting a new house.’

This mansion couldn’t be bought with thousands of gold.

Ian couldn’t find any place better than this.

“I appreciate your grace, your highness.”

“Grace? Hahaha!”

With Ian’s response, The crown prince, Hayden, laughed out loud.

Now he started to like this boy.

Not as much as the captain, but near him. Even if he contained monstrous talent within him, unlike other geniuses, he never let Hayden have a sense of inferiority.

‘What if I’d be able to control him…’

And if Ian would become the greatest mage, Hayden might be able to wipe out all those arrogant mages and the tower lord.

Even simply imagining this made him smile.

“Hmm hmm! At first, let your family stay here, and then let’s go to the palace. We need to meet my father first, don’t you agree?”

Ian came to Greenriverdium by the order of emperor.

It was good manners and an order to visit him as soon as possible, and Ian also was looking forward to meeting the emperor.

But before that.

“…….. If you’d allow me to do so, may I briefly introduce the mansion to my mother?”

It was an earnest request of Ian.

“Your mother? Oh, Sure. Do as you want.”

And the crown prince allowed him to do so without any hesitation.

He also had a mother who had passed away.

“Mom, Come out and see this.”

Ian lead Vanessa from the carriage.

While pointing at the mansion Ian asked.

“What do you think about it?”


“This mansion.”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just tell me what do you think about it.”

Why did he ask?

Vanessa had no idea of it.

Well it was a great mansion.

A mansion that couldn’t be seen in the Mogrian province.

It seemed hundreds of times bigger than the hut she used to live in with Ian.

Maybe bigger than that.

“I don’t know what to say. It does seems huge…”

“This is our home.”

“And beauti…… Huh?”

Suddenly, Vanessa fell silent.

“A house where we are going to live.”

“Y, you mean this?”


“T, this mansion?”

“Yes yes.”

How long had Ian been waiting for this?

A wish that he had never succeeded in fulfilling in his former life.

Although he became great mage, transcended the limit of a human, he wasn’t able to change the fate of his mother. Things he wanted to give to her, things he wanted to do with his mom. He couldn’t accomplish any of it. But now, he finally accomplished it by rewinding time. Step by step, slowly.

“Would you like to go inside?”

While holding Vanessa’s hand, he walked into the mansion.

Its interior appearance was much more beautiful than its exterior view.

A pond where fish were swimming, a magical fountain and numerous beautiful flowers and trees were decorating the garden.

“…… Is it even a house where people live?”

“It used to be a royal’s house.”

“Royal blood….?”

“Now, let’s go inside the room.”

After crossing the garden they finally arrived at the mansion proper.

Comparing its size and general shape, this mansion was superior to the landlord’s house.

A luxury which might be similar to ‘The palace of the king.’

It was in essence a masterpiece of luxury.

“I wanted to ask you again. What do you think of it?”


Ian wanted to hear.

It’s nice, great, what a wonderful house.

I doubt whether it’s a dream or real.

“It’s so big…..”

He wanted to see a moment where his mother was caught in happiness with his own eyes.

A view that he couldn’t see in his former life.

It was about to be shown.


“It’s so huge, how can I even possibly clean up this area….?”


Ian couldn’t say anything.

Even a mage who once was an 8th class arch mage, who was living his second life, couldn’t expect her answer.


“W, what? Is there anything wrong?”

A moment he wished for in his dreams.

It seemed he needed to wait a little longer.

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