Return of The 8th Class Mage

Chapter 6 Guest to the House of Mogrian (2)

Return of The 8th Class Mage Chapter 6

Guest to the House of Mogrian (2)

‘Order of the Emperor?’

Ian expected they would take action quickly, but this was beyond his expectations.

Not even a day has past.

‘Are they trying to put dibs on me?’

Ian walked out the inn with a smile.

Tens of soldiers were standing out the door.

The province knights stood in line neatly.

Of course, the conducting mage and royal knights who were escorting the mage stood at the front of the line.

“Seems like you have already awoken.”

The conducting mage who saw Ian said.

“Our emeperor has sent this order to you. Follow me, kneel down your left leg and for the right leg…. hmm?”

The mage didn’t expect Ian to know the royal manners.

However, Ian’s knowlege of royal manners were perfect.

‘What..He’s just a 12 year old kid…’

Actually, royal manners weren’t that difficult to follow.

But, Ian walked out and kenlt down so fluently. As if he had done this a lot.

“Sir, what do you waiting for?”


The mage awoke from his daydreaming as Ian asked.

He took out the crystal orb from his sleeve.

Then he put his mana in it.


With a weak vibration, it started to glow blue.

Then, the light started to squirm, then it formed a letter in the air.

‘A magical order,’ that was transfered by a communication post.

“Ian Page, the Imperial Mage, receive this order.”

When the light was almost finished forming the letters, the conducting mage started to read the message.

At that moment, everyone near by him knelt down.

In the confusion of moment, the innkeeper follwed to kneel down.

“I order you in the name of the first stream of Greenriver, from now on Ian Page is constituted to the Imperial Mage, and approve of his name being recorded on the sacred list of the Ivory Tower.”

Record of the name of a kid who hadn’t even entered the academy.

It was a very shocking and unprecedent declaration.

“Secondly, I invite Ian, whose talent shines more than anyone, to the royal palace. I send my crown prince as a journey mate, I wish him to have a good time with the prince.”

The second message was shocking.

It was shocking enough to stir people in that area.

Ian barely managed to stop himself laughing at it.

‘Come on, the purpose of it is so obvious.’

Sending the crown prince as a journey mate?

He must be bringing an enormous amount of people together.

Bringing the other prince’s in other regions wouldn’t have this huge of a welcome.


The conducting mage continued to read the message.

The message wasn’t finished.

“Before the journey mate I sent arrives here, I order the House of Mogrian to protect and provide good quality service and supplies to Ian. Do their best on this order.”

The last part of the message satisfied Ian.

It means, Ian is going to stay in the province castle.

He needed a good place to focus on his mana breath.

‘It is hundred times better than a cottage or small inn to mana breath.’

If Ian was just a kid who only knew about magic, not politics, he would havemoved and bowed to the direction of the palace.

“This is the last of the messages.”

The conducting mage ended his reading,

While looking at Ian carefully.

‘He is not an ordinary kid, indeed.’

Ian’s life dramatically turned into not just good, but unimaginably favored in just one single day.

However, he is far from being happy, but he just stays calm, during the whole message.

A normal person would jump with joy and crying in this situation.

‘Is it because he is an extraordinary genius?’

The conducting mage can’t imagine anything other than that.

Even he was a 2nd class mage, who is quite rare in the whole world, he felt a different level between him and the boy.

“Mr. Mage,”

The voice stopped his thinking.

It was the voice of the knight of Mogrian.

“May I bring him to the province castle?”

“Yes you may.”

As the mage allowed, the knight now headed to Ian.

Maybe due to the knight’s tanned face, he looks more like a mercenary rather than a knight.

“Arnold, the captain of the new Mogrian knights, came here to bring you by the order of the great Mogrian landlord.”

His attitude was quite gentle, compared to his appearance.

“According to the order of the Emperor, I will protect Mr. Page, to provide the best service and supplies possible for you. Needless to say, your mother will be treated same.

There was nothing to postpone.

My mother was a kitchen maid of the province castle.

But now she enters the castle as a noble lady.

She must feel very dramatic.

There were many people that lived in the house of Mogrian.

The landlord and his wife, children with the surname Mogrian, and numerous servants. Everyone of these people were now waiting for Ian outside of the castle, more precisely, waiting for the message of the Emperor.

“Why are they so late?”

“Of course! Using magic doesn’t mean his blood has been changed.”

“What’s the relation between being late and blood?”

“Because all the degraded people are born lazy.”

The children of Mogrian chatted.

Boys and girls who seemed to be aged between 12 to 14

It seemed the boy was the oldest.


The middle aged man who rebuked them.

He was the great landlord, ‘Marcus Mogrian’.

“He is a mage and a guest of our house.”


“Huh! Are you going to against royal order?”

To him, there was nothing more important than the order of the Emeperor for now.

Not because of being loyal or catching a chance for a promotion,

But because he felt something serious was going on.

‘This treatment is too dramatic.’

He knew mages were rare. They were the most dangerous weapons and the key to who leads the current human history. Neverthless, he couldn’t understand this order.

‘What sort of talent makes him so special?’

He ended it with just a simple conclusion.

The talent that far exceeded humankind’s knowledge.

The talent that the Royal and Ivory Tower desired so much.

The talent even many other countries will try to make their own.

The boy who contains that talent lived in the Mogrian province.

‘There is nothing to lose from being friendly with him.’

The landlord ended his logic with that simple conclusion.

Making a good impression on the son of the kitchen maid.

If the boy grows bigger and becomes greater, the boy would have great benefits to him.

In other cases, there will be no risk to him.

The landlord remembered the face of kitchen maid.

She was famous as a beauty.

‘I bet my daughter didn’t leave her alone.’

The landlord sighed while watching his childish daughter.

She must have tried to make fun of her.

A daughter born with great jealous.

It worried him that she might have done some kind of real mean trick to the kitchen maid.

‘She said she never did such tricks, though’

He had no choice.

It was like the water spilled on the ground.

The only choice left for him was to act carefully from now on.

“There he is.”

The parade which included Ian came near by.

“Labi, Margaret! I warn you again, becareful with your actions. If you think you can’t control yourself, then just shut your mouth and do nothing.”

He couldn’t see the face of his kids.

Because his eye contacted with Ian.


As he had heard, a boy that was around 10 years old with a scruffy appearance.

‘I will provide good clothes, good food, good bed. If he wants, I will teach him language and horse riding, and manners. At his age, kids tend to apsire for those noble things.’

He was a mage, but still a kid.

It wouldn’t be that hard to please a little kid.


He made a warm and soft smile.

He greeted him nicely.

“The mage of the Empire.”

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