Return of The 8th Class Mage

Chapter 9 Guest to the House of Morgrian (5)

Return of The 8th Class Mage Chapter 9

­ Guest to the House of Morgrian (5)

If Ian didn’t say that it was a wolf, people would definitely have thought that it was a puppy.

A puppy which had sharp eyes.

That’s what it looked like.

‘In my former life, I used to be able to summon a much bigger one.’

For his current mana pool, it was enough.

Otherwise, he would be drained of all his mana.

‘That’s why conjure magics are not famous.’

Nintey percent of all mages normally stayed in 1st class.

So tomost of the mages, conjure magic was only used when you wanted to see cute magical animals to play with them.

“Wow… I haven’t seen any such magic before.”

“How about you? You came from the capital.”

“You don’t say! Of course I’ve seen it before.”


Soldiers started to chat about the magic.

They must have been impressed by the magic.

“Come here.”

Ian called the wolf spirit to where the blood was shed.

It ran to the owner like a puppy.

“These smells, can you find where they lead to?”

The wolf spirit sniffed around the area.

It tried to track the lost people by smell.

“Mr. Mage.”


“I am sorry to keep bothering you, but we have already released hounds. But they couldn’t find the way. Goblins must have left some fake smells to confuse them.

So, it was of no use to find them with the smell.”

The knight said that indirectly.

What he said made sense.


“People say a dog smells a hundred times better than a human, right?”

Instead of an answer, Ian asked a question to the knight.

“That’s what I have heard.”

“A wolf spirit smells a hundred times better than dogs.”

“Is, is it true?”

“I read it from a book.”

“……. Yeah?”

“‘Everything about magic,’ It’s a famous book, you know? Archmage Luke wrote it.”

“I, I know of it, but…”

He said it confidently, but was all that confidence from the book?

The knight looked at the wolf spirit.

It’s cute sniffing made light of this serious scouting mission.

Look at its little steps.

‘Really? That creature?’

Furthermore, he said he read it from a book.

Well, the knight knew that the book was famous.

Even the knight himself had read it.

The book which described many kinds of magic.

It was written by a legendary mage.

But still…. damn.

Can Ian really be trusted?

When the knight’s doubt was growing larger.

*Howl.. howwwwl!*

The wolf spirit stopped sniffing and started to growl.

It sounded like it wanted them to follow it.

It was.

“Let’s move.”

Everyone, including Ian, started to move.

The wolf spirit lead the way.

By moving around busily, it kept finding the trails.

It must have been similar in the world of his former life.

The conducting mage Marco, must have chosen the same way.

*sniff! sniff!*

It ran through the forest relentlessly.

Animals of the forest saw its body and ran away.

Even beasts were no exception.

Although it was a pup, but still it was a spirit of the beast.

It looked like any beast could swallow it with a single bite, though.

*pant pant*

The soldiers’ breath were getting rough.

Going deeper and deeper into the forest.

If people went further, they might lose their way.

When they started to worry about how to get back,


The wolf spirit suddenly stopped.

Not just stopped, but it took an alert position.


By Ian’s order,


The veteran knight stopped the others.

They lowered their bodies.

*rustle, rustle*

Ian carefully stepped forward.

“A valley?”

In front of them, there was a huge valley.

It was so deep that no one could fall off safely.

There was a cave which was located on the valley’s rounded wall.

It was the perfect place for a den.

“Look… look there!”

A soldier who was looking down the valley shouted urgently.

Everyone’s face turned pale.

“Is, is it even possible?”


At the very bottom of the valley.

There was a shocking scenery that awaited them.

“I can’t even count how many there are…”

The goblins were gathered there.

It was simple to describe the situation.

But the problem was their numbers.

By glancing through, there were more than five hundred goblins.

At that moment,

*Doooom – Doooom – Doooom – Doooom – Doooom*

To the heavy sounds of a drum, the goblins started to move.

Quickly, they formed a circle, with a gap in the centre.

Also, they made a way which lead to the centre.

Like trained soldiers, they moved neatly.

“Wh, what is that?”

At the spot where all scouts were looking, an unknown monster was moving through the way the goblins had made.


This time, Ian was also suprised.

Big as a male human, light pink skin.

It must be the hobgoblin that Ian had thought of shortly before.

‘But, how?’

Hobgoblins only live in the southern great grass field.

That’s what Ian had learnt before.

From now on, it seemed he was wrong.

‘So, it was acting as a leader to them.’

What he could be sure of was that it ruled over the goblins as a king.

The king of every goblin on the mountain.

*Dooom – Dooom – Dooom*

Again, the drum started to bang.

More goblins appeared from the cave at the rounded wall of the valley.

They came out of the cave carrying something.


The veteran knight said while standing up quickly.

It was the landlord, who was being carried by the goblins.

“He is still alive!”

“Also, our captain….!”

It was not only the landlord.

His son, Labi Mogrian.

James, the Captain of the Mogrian knights.

Also the other surviving knights and soldiers.

All of them were fettered and dragged out to the centre.

*Kiak! Kiak! Kiak! Kiak!*

The shout of the goblins shook the valley.

They started to throw filth at the lined humans.

The valley was filled with hatred and madness.

The execution of the humans had started.


The veteran knight drew his sword.

Others did the same.

“We need to protect our landlord!”

They started to approach the cliff to climb down the valley.

“All of you guys will die.

Ian told them.

There were too many goblins.

They would never win the battle.

“But we can’t just sit here and do nothing!”

Of course, they wouldn’t listen.

Everyone lost their mind after they saw the landlord.

Ian had expected this.

“Just stay here and watch.”


Those were Ian’s last words.

He moved down to the valley without any hesistation.

“M, Mr. Mage!”

“Feather Fall.”

The veteran knight shouted because of shock.

Because he didn’t climb down through the side wall.

He,literally, just jumped off.

It meant he would crash down.

“…. huh?”

But Ian didn’t crash.

Instead, he was falling slowly, moving diagonally leaving a trail behind him.

It was the effect of the slow falling magic.

‘I will land at the proper place.’

At the very centre of the goblins.

So he will land very close to the landlords and other knights and soldiers.

He might be able to finish the goblins with a single blow.

By squeezing out the maximum power of the ring, there was a possiblity.

Most of all, they were all gathered in a nice shape.

‘I need to draw my full power from the very depth of my mana pool.’

Ian started to draw in his mana.

The mana flowed to his right hand and it started releasing a freezing energy.

As it cooled, it formed icicles in the air.

“Kiak! Kiak! Kiak!”

As he approached, the shouts got louder.

The unique voice of goblins, which sounds like rupturing metal.

It wasn’t pleasant to hear.

‘A little bit more.’

Ian twisted his body, and sharpened his landing angle.

So that he can land at the very centre of the execution area.

‘A little bit more.’

He could see the landlord and people.

Still, there was a distance between him and the people.

‘A little bit more.’

Now he has almost arrived near them.

He quietly flooded his mana to his legs,

So that it could handle the shock of landing.


One by one, goblins started to recognise him.

A human who was descending slowly.

The Hobgoblin gripped his axe.


Ian’s body started to fall rapidly, because he cancelled the feather fall magic on him.

But everything was perfect.

The distance between him and the ground wasn’t long, and his legs were strengthened by mana.

These two were the only things he needed.


The landlord who had lost hope.

His young son and the other soldiers.

In front of them, Ian landed.


After landing, Ian lay his right hand on the ground.


Ian’s Ice spell which smashed the gymnasium before.

The range of it had absolutely exceeded its original level.

Frost Nova.

*Crac, Crack, Crackkk!!!*

The freezing energy released from Ian devoured the goblins.

It had stronger power within it than the spell Ian casted at the gymnasium before.

It was the result of consuming every bit of mana within Ian.




The valley, which used to be filled with goblin shouts, became a freezing hell, filled with only screams of goblins.

“That is….”

The power of a mage that could only be imagined through books.

Scouts who observed its true power upon the valley.

They were speechless and blinked their eyes in astonishment.

The weapon in their hands seemed useless.


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