Return of the Female Knight

Chapter 22 - This Is The Beginning (3)

Ch. 22 This Is The Beginning (3)

The day after the tea party.

Helen’s and her accomplices’ deeds at the party soon became widespread gossip in southern society. Rumor was it that Margaret had forced Helen and Sarah into her scheme, but any level-headed person knew the culprit was Helen. Margaret was such a shy creature.

No one mentioned it openly, however. Helen was backed by the power of Marquis Selby. Elena’s name had also passed many people’s mouths, but she refused to become involved in it. There was only one thing she cared about.

It was how the Crown Prince would visit her.

‘He wouldn’t make an official royal visit to Blaise castle, would he?’

Both privately and publicly Carlisle and Elena had no contact with each other, but an official visit didn’t make sense in many ways. Prince Carlisle was a war hero and the heir to the throne, and his movements were closely watched by the whole world. Additionally, all of society was in excitement for his first appearance at the ball. Even in the southern part of the country, droves of carriages were prepared to carry countless nobles to the capital. If he visited Elena, he would surely draw attention.

She simply waited for a message, but soon she became worried that something had happened in the meantime.

“Get me a carriage. I have to leave for a while.”

Perhaps it would be better to go out and give Carlisle a chance to approach her. The maid standing next to her, Mary, answered immediately.

“Yes, My Lady.”

A jealous look crossed Sophie’s face.

“I’ll help you get ready to go out.”

Elena glanced at Sophie. She was the maid who covered for Elena when she went to rescue the crown prince. Despite the reward in gold, Sophie had since begun to act arrogantly. Elena did not approve of Sophie’s behavior.

“No thank you. Mary will take care of the arrangements.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

Sophie shot Elena look of resentment, while Mary became busy with the preparations. Elena ignored Sophie’s gaze and allowed herself to be prepared with Mary’s gentle motions. Elena would have to address Sophie’s attitude one day, but now her mind was occupied with thoughts about Carlisle that she had little time for anything else.

She didn’t know in what manner Carlisle was going to arrive, but surely he would have a least one guard with him? She decided it would be better to make sure he knew where she was and meet him outside. It would be safer than Blaise Castle where there were a many eyes on the watch.

Elena hurried out of the castle and found the senior butler, Northman, waiting in front of a prepared carriage.

“There knights will be here escort you, so please wait–”

“I’m not going far, so I’ll go by myself today.”

“Ah, but My Lady–!”

Elena quickly loaded herself into the carriage and the coachman turned around.

“Where to, My Lady?”

“To the main street.”

She had to go to the most crowded place where it would be easy to find her.




After arriving at the main street, the busiest one in the south, Elena told the coachman to collect her again in the evening and sent the carriage back.

Not long after walking down the street, she noticed she was being followed.

‘…Was my prediction right?’

She hoped that if she wandered around the busy street for a while Carlisle would appear.

The problem was, however, there were more than just one or two followers. Why were there so many?

TN: I’m not 100% sure, but I assume she goes to the castle town around or adjacent to Blaise castle

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