Return of the Female Knight

Chapter 4 - I Hope I’m Not Too Late (1)

Ch. 4 I Hope I’m Not Too Late (1)

Elena had planned to only bring a few people with her from Blaise Castle. At least, that was what she believed until the carriage stopped for a rest. When she got out, she saw as many as six additional family knights following her some ways away. Including the two men who had been guarding the carriage, there a total of eight additional knights escorting her. When Elena expressed her surprise the lead knight explained,

“They were sent by Lord Derek. He believes there weren’t enough guards.”

“Derek, my brother…I see,”

she murmured, but her mind was turning. She could not rescue Crown Prince Carlisle with all of these people with her. If she had known exactly when and where he was assassinated she might have been able to make use of the family knights, but all she knew was where the crown prince died. She may have to stake out at the location for a few days, and she couldn’t take a large entourage there. She came up with an excuse that she was helping with Glenn’s wedding, but with what excuse could she come up with for staying in one place for so long?

That wasn’t all. Even if Elena managed to persuade some of the knights to help her, she couldn’t reveal her abilities in front of them. In fact, that was the biggest setback. She had lived her whole life as an ordinary daughter of a count, and for her to suddenly reveal she was an expert swordswoman? It would be, by all accounts, an inconceivable thing. Elena didn’t want to explain this to her family or other people.

Although she wasn’t ashamed to say expert swordswoman, she was willing to cut down tens or hundreds of people down in the future just to prevent the rise of Emperor Paveluc. The fewer people who knew about it the better. She wanted her family to be as safe and ignorant as happy as possible. That way, she would be able to laugh next to them as if she don’t know anything…

With that decision, she had to escape and complete her mission her own. However, it was much more difficult to get away when the number of escorts had dramatically increased.

‘…How do I do this?’

There were eight guards, a maid and a coachman. Ten people in all. Even if a daughter of a count couldn’t go without an entourage, this number was ridiculous. A rat could disappear without being caught by anyone, but if a member of the family were to disappear it would cause utter chaos. Was there a way she could deceive all of them and disappear like smoke?

At the end of the day the group stopped at a luxurious inn they were to stay for the night. Elena entered her room, concern furrowed on her face. Sophie followed behind and closed the door behind them.

“Get some rest, My Lady,”

she said in a soft voice.

It would take three days to reach the place where the crown prince would be assassinated. She had to figure out how to get there somehow.




The inn had the most luxurious amenities and services, making it a fine place to stay overnight for any noblewoman. In fact, it was comparable to Elena’s room room back in Blaise Castle. However, her mood was low. It didn’t matter how comfortably she had spent the night.

‘Why didn’t I think of this…’

She was the esteemed daughter of a count and she was expected to act accordingly. However as time went by, she began to regret her decision and concluded that spending the night at the inn was a meaningless waste of time. She hadn’t thought of a way to find the crown prince yet, but she had to plan as she goes. She hoped there was a little time left to look around.

If she had known she would’ve wasted time like this she would have spent her precious moments with Mirabelle instead. She felt angry at herself, but it was already beyond her control. What already happened, happened, so Elena had to use the rest of her time as efficiently as possible.

As soon as she got out of bed she did her morning exercise regimen from her previous life, then prepared the armor and sword inside the sack so that she could leave at any moment. Elena took a bath alone, then was soon prepared to go out.

Sophie the maid, who was just waiting outside for her master to wake, knocked at the door softly. She heard Elena’s voice in reply, as if Elena had been expecting her.

“Come in.”

Sophie walked into the room and her mouth opened in surprised when she saw Elena completely dressed. Even though Elena was diligent woman in everyday life, it was never to this degree.

“Ah–My Lady, you should have called for me when you woke up. How long have you been awake?”

“You don’t need to take care of everything on your own while we’re traveling. I brought you with me because I don’t like all of the mess, but I can handle most things myself. You don’t have to worry too much about it.”

Sophie looked at Elena with a confused expression. When Sophie first left on this trip she thought she would have an increased burden serving Elena by herself. While Elena was a delicate woman, she was strangely more considerate today. Sophie spoke in a friendlier manner without realizing it.

“Hold on, My Lady. I’ll hurry up and get you breakfast. The food at this inn is famous and is said to be second only to an expensive restaurant.”

“I’ve already eaten. Let’s leave right away.”

“What? Now?”

Sophie’s eyes widened in shock. It was still too early. Everyone would have woken up by now, but she wasn’t sure if they were ready to leave yet. Then Elena said something more shocking to Sophie.

“Tell the coachman not to make any stops from now on, and to keep driving the carriage.”

“Huh? How are you going to sleep?”

“I can sleep in the carriage.”

Sophie forced her mouth shut and didn’t ask how Elena could sleep in such an uncomfortable place. There was no reason for Elena to explain why they had to rush to someone’s wedding preparations. Sophie was just a maid who followed orders.

‘Well…if she gets uncomfortable she’ll say it,’

Sophie thought to herself reassuringly. She didn’t think that a lady who had never been through hardship could endure such a journey.

“Yes, My Lady. I’ll go downstairs and tell them.”

Sophie hurried to the room where the knights were staying.

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