Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 2: Transformation of the nature

Only when you lose it, will you know how to treasure it.

Only when you lose it, then will you know what is precious to you.

In the ten thousand years in the immortal world the one that Tang Xiu yearned the most was his mother, and she became the inner demon in his heart that threaten to stop him in the path of cultivation. Now that he had his mother again, Tang Xiu was ecstatic, but in his heart he vowed that he must protect his mother no matter what happens.

Tang Xiu was already blaming himself for losing control which startled his mother, but after hearing Zhang MeiYun and Su XiangFei ridicule and hurling abuses at them he naturally flew into a rage and chided out loud.

When the strand of his soul return back to his body from the immortal world, even though there seem to be no changes happening on the outside, a revolting change was actually happening in Tang Xiu’s body. The change was not as simple as gaining back his intellect from one year ago due to his soul returning back. His whole self, from head to toe, from inside to outside, had a change in constitution.

Firstly, Tang Xiu’s senses had improved over 10 times, while his brain processing speed had increased almost 100 times. Every action that happened in the house were all caught by Tang Xiu’s eyes and ears, and his mind was done processing all that information in an instance.

Following that, Tang Xiu’s control over his own body had reached a frightening level. It was as if a rope that was always constricting him had suddenly snapped apart, freeing himself from the constraint, presenting a whole new world in front of him.

Lastly, in the ten thousand years that Tang Xiu was in the Immortal World, whether was it being the grandson of the Holy Sect Head or a supreme expert, he was always in a high position and was used to ordering people around. The long years of accumulation of imposing manner was not imaginable by normal people, and when the strand of soul returned back to Tang Xiu’s body on Earth, he naturally possess such imposing manner.

As Tang Xiu chided, the temperature in the room suddenly seem as if it dropped to a freezing point, and everyone started to break out in a cold shiver uncontrollably. Zhang MeiYun and Su XiangFei even seem as if they were strangled by the neck as they were unable to utter a word.

“Tang Xiu, who allowed you to make a ruckus in front of us, do you still have any respect for your seniors? And you still dare to be rude after stealing money?” Su ShangWen stood out after a brief moment of silence and retorted back, giving off a strong front even though he was actually afraid. He could faintly sense that there were some changes on his nephew and this change made him feel extremely uncomfortable, even giving him a sense of danger, however he was unable to pin-point exactly what that change was. When he saw that his wife and son was being suppressed by his nephew, he was forced to speak up.

“Su ShangWen, what rights do you have to speak to me about respecting our seniors?”

“Owning an asset of over several million, yet you abandon grandpa and grandma and did not care for them, leaving them to live a hard life with uncle in the rural village. What’s more, all their medical bills and living expenses were equally divided and split among the few uncles and aunts, is this what you call respecting your seniors?”

“Whenever we have a family gathering, Su YaNing and Su XiangFei these two siblings will always be beating and scolding the seniors, you and your wife will also put on an arrogant air, bossing people around and showing off your wealth, you call this respecting your seniors?”

“Whenever your family holds a party, grandpa, grandma, uncle, mother and I will always contribute our share of the cost, but your family always comes up with excuses saying that there are too many people. We don’t even have the qualification to sit at the dining table, is this what you call respecting your seniors?”

Tang Xiu cast a sidelong glance and ignored Su ShangWen’s fierce gaze as he pointed at him while criticising.

Su ShangWen had gone through the ups and downs in the commerce industry for over 20 years, and he had accumulated some power and influence. Su ShangWen was used to bossing people around in front of the family, so he thought that his stern scolding would cause Tang Xiu to stammer and not know what to say. But never in his wildest dream would Su ShangWen have known that even after facing his stern scolding, Tang Xiu would dare to oppose him instead of cowering back timidly. Moreover Tang Xiu’s imposing manner was not any weaker than his, even faintly suppressing his own imposing manner.

Su ShangWen was caught off guard by Tang Xiu’s criticism, his face was as red as a monkeys’ bottom, and an indescribable furry rose from within.

“This bastard, you were given life but you have no morals, since your mother was unable to discipline you then I will!” With no way to defend his argument, Su ShangWen flew into a rage out of humiliation. He raised his hand and gave a slap towards Tang Xiu’s face.

Seeing that Su ShangWen actually dare to take action on him, Tang Xiu subconsciously gave a cold smirk. In the ten thousand years that he was in the Immortal World, whoever that tried to fight him were all grind into fine dust.

With a flicker of a mind, Tang Xiu subconsciously tried to unleash skills from the Immortal World to punish this mortal ant that dares to be so arrogant. However in that moment, his face became deathly white.

Tang Xiu was used to his Immortal World self, but he forgot that the him on Earth right now was just an ordinary human being. It was not only that his body lack any trace of power, but even more so, the body he had right now was so weak that it could not even be compared with an ordinary human being.

Su ShangWen revealed an arrogant sinister smile when he saw Tang Xiu’s startled actions and his slap was less than 10cm away from Tang Xiu’s face.

Seeing that Su ShangWen’s slap was about to fall onto his face, Tang Xiu subconsciously revealed an indignant expression. He had never taken a loss in the ten thousand years when he was in the Immortal World, yet he was actually going to get slapped by an ordinary human being?

“Su ShangWen, you dare?!” Tang Xiu shouted hysterically, eyes releasing a terrifying radiance.

“What…… What do I not dare to do, as your uncle, don’t I have the qualifications to discipline you?” Su ShangWen was shocked by Tang Xiu’s stern glare as his hand movement hesitated briefly. After saying his line, Su ShangWen was enraged with Tang Xiu opposing him. He did not retract back his hands but increased more strength as he continue to slap in the direction of Tang Xiu’s face.

However the moment of hesitation from Su ShangWen gave Tang Xiu an opportunity to dodge. As Su ShangWen was retorting back to increase his courage, Tang Xiu had already dodge to one side in a flash.

Just when Tang Xiu had thought that he had managed to escape this situation, a loud “PAAA” sound resounded beside his ear, causing his heart to skip a beat. He turned back his head in shock and realised that the slap that Su ShangWen gave actually landed on his mother’s face.

That is when Tang Xiu suddenly recalled that he was in his mother’s embrace not too long ago, and naturally she would be standing behind him closely. When he dodged, Su ShangWen’s slap would naturally have landed on his mother’s face.

Remorse, pain, rage, self-blame. In that instance, Tang Xiu’s heart was swallowed up by all kinds of negative emotions.

“No that’s not right, judging from where Su ShangWen was standing and the length of his arms, the slap just now could not have reached his mother’s face. He must have flew into a rage out humiliation because of me dodging, and purposely took the chance to hit my mother.” The scene from just now replayed itself in Tang Xiu’s mind at lightning speed, following which he stared at Su ShangWen coldly.

As Tang Xiu saw the corner of Su ShangWen’s mouth display a mocking smirk as he was still faintly leaning forward from the slap, Tang Xiu’s furry reached an extreme point.

He subconsciously almost wanted to rush forward and stake his life to fight him. But looking at Su ShangWen’s strong bear-like stature, and thinking back on how extremely weak his body was, Tang Xiu forcefully suppressed his impulses. However, that did not mean that Tang Xiu was going to let it go and suffer in silence. If it was to say that the ridicule from Su ShangWen’s family angered Tang Xiu, then the intentional slapping of his mother by Su ShangWen had touched on Tang Xiu’s taboo, causing him to feel a sense of hatred and disgust towards Su ShangWen’s family.

“Having no godly items and no cultivation, coupled with such a frail body, how am I going to tide over this impeding situation?” Tang Xiu’s mind was processing at the speed of light even though he was staring at Su ShangWen coldly.

“That’s it!” Tang Xiu’s eyes shone with radiance in that instant. In the ten thousand years that Tang Xiu was in the Immortal World, the martial skills that he had practiced before were uncountable, and the martial skills that he had accumulated was even as boundless as the vast sea. He vaguely remembered having a manual called [Origin Ignition Art] that was able to resolve the situation at hand.

[Origin Ignition Art] was a common energy circulation technique in the Immortal World, similar to a breathing technique. It does not require any cultivation foundation and even ordinary humans will be able to fully utilise it. Although it will consume a little amount of life force from one’s body, it will not cause harm to the user. Of course, the [Origin Ignition Art] have its limitation. Even though it can boost the user’s strength, it would only last for a short duration.

Even though Tang Xiu was unable to fully contend against Su ShangWen due to his weak physique, but if he were to store up and concentrate his strength while waiting for a chance to strike explosively at a critical moment, he was confident that he would be able to crush Su ShangWen with his close combat prowess.

“Su ShangWen, what rights do you have to hit my mother, I will fight you!” Tang Xiu’s strength had accumulated to a certain level after a few breath, but he realised that Su ShangWen did not have the intention to apologise to his mother, furthermore, his mother was also silently tolerating the slap from Su ShangWen. He bellowed once and dashed straight into Su ShangWen’s direction.

Tang Xiu’s loud bellow and rashness was seen as him losing his rationale due to anger, but this reaction was what the 16 year old Tang Xiu would possess.

After a short period of adjustment, Tang Xiu was already fully accustomed to his own body on Earth, and made the most accurate reaction thus far.

“Such an idiotic guy, do you think I’m afraid of you?” seeing Tang Xiu that was as skinny as a bamboo rushing towards him, a contempt smile rose from the corner of Su ShangWen’s mouth. Using a stern voice, he berated “I was just going to discipline you but you actually when to dodge, causing your mother to get slapped by me. If you want to blame somebody, blame it on yourself, don’t blame it on me”.

As Su ShangWen was speaking, he casually stretched his hands, thinking of pushing Tang Xiu’s body to one side. But only a clear loud “Kachaaa” sound was heard as Su ShangWen’s elbow got dislocated.

Before Su ShangWen had the chance to scream in pain, he felt an indescribable immense strength lunging onto his abdomen, almost causing him to throw up the food and drinks that he ate in the afternoon, but Tang Xiu was still using both hands to stab randomly at his body making him unable to throw up. He felt as if being struck by a dizzy spell and was in so much pain that he felt like dying.

Under the immense pain, Su ShangWen’s head wavered seemingly like a weak drowning person, his hands danced frantically as if trying to grab hold onto something that could save him.

“Help! A murderer!”

“So much blood, quickly call the police”.

“Just because of a mere $3000 dollars, the birthday party became like that, was it worth it?”

Before losing consciousness, Su ShangWen could vaguely hear the horrified screams and sobbing sounds echoing in his ear, but he could not figure out what had actually happened.

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