Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 9: Fierce beautiful girl

“Boss, why are standing outside the classroom and not going in?” Yuan ChuLing noticed that Tang Xiu was standing silently at the corridor and not going in when he carried his table and chair over to class 10, so he asked curiously.

“Based on Tiger Hu’s character, he must have brought the folder containing my dismissal over to class 10 to read out when it was just released, so I’m guessing that class 10 still do not know that I will be coming over, that’s why I’m waiting for Teacher Han to arrive before going in or else I would only interrupt them studying if I entered rashly.” Although Tang Xiu was stunned from the table and chair on Yuan ChuLing’s hand, but he still answered Yuan ChuLing’s question.

“Studying?” Yuan ChuLing took a peek through the window to see the movements in the class and laughed, “Studying my ass, class 10 is not like the gifted classes, just look at them making a din, it’s as if they can’t wait for us to join them to play!”

Yuan ChuLing wanted to push opened the door after he finished talking.

“Fatty, I appreciate your kind intentions but you should go back, class 5 suits you more, it will only hold you up if you come over here.” Tang Xiu put his hands on Yuan ChuLing’s shoulder as he said with a face filled with sincerity.

“No way, I heard that the people in class 10 are all lawless devils, I’m afraid that you would suffer so I need to stay here to protect you!” Yuan ChuLing’s eyes shone resolutely, “I have never been afraid since young when it comes to fighting, I could still walk out alive even if I have to face the entire class.”

Tang Xiu laughed bitterly as he heard Yuan ChuLing’s words.

Yuan ChuLing’s parents were successful businessman with an asset of over 100 million, but because Yuan ChuLing lived a simple life and was very low-profiled, causing Tang Xiu to almost forget that Yuan ChuLing’s had a status like that.

“Fatty, you can come over to class 10 to study but you have to promise that you will concentrate on your studies for this last three months and not give up on yourself like how you used to, or else you better go back to class 5 now.” Tang Xiu said earnestly after staying silent for a brief moment.

Yuan ChuLing subconsciously wanted to shake his head to reject when he heard Tang Xiu asking him to study hard, but when he saw the serious look on Tang Xiu’s face, he had to forcefully suppress his urge to shake his head.

After a long internal struggle, Yuan ChuLing raised his head, “boss, you are right, it’s not that I don’t want to learn but I’m giving up on myself purely because I want to take revenge on my parents. I also don’t want to ruin the rest of my life just like that, and I’m not resigned to be a bad student. Since boss wants to put in your best effort in this last few months then I shall accompany you to put in my best effort together.”

“Yi, are you two the students of this class? Why are you two standing outside of the class and not going in?” Just when Tang Xiu and Yuan ChuLing were busy talking with each other, a girl had ran to the entrance of the classroom door panting hard, and after giving Tang Xiu and Yuan ChuLing a curious glance, she called out to them.

The girl had a short hair at the neck level. Her hairstyle was very neatly cut and her low-tone coffee coloured hair made her overall hairstyle looked in-trend, with a refreshing and energetic look, without losing the feel of a student.

Yuan ChuLing gave the girl a glance before his eyes became a straight line, even Tang Xiu was captivated by the girl’s exquisite complexion and her sunshine smile.

The girls in class 5 either wears thick spectacles or tie their hair up into two pony tails and have an atmosphere of heavy lethargy due to stress. They also do not take the initiative to call out to people, so don’t even mention about dyeing their hair.

“Hi pretty lady, I’m Yuan ChuLing and this is my best friend Tang Xiu. We are previously from class 5 but from today onwards we are classmates.” After losing focus for a brief moment, Yuan ChuLing hastily stretched out his meaty hands to the short hair girl.

“I was transferred to this school a month ago. I’m called Cheng YanNan, it’s my pleasure to know you two.” Cheng YanNan gave a broad smile before reaching out her hand towards Yuan ChuLing.

“You two must be waiting for the teacher, then I will head into the classroom first.” Cheng YanNan waived her hand at Tang Xiu before stretching out her hand to push open the door.

Seeing Cheng YanNan’s action of pushing the door, Tang Xiu’s heart was raised to his throat.

With the returned of his soul, Tang Xiu’s senses and brain processing speed far exceeds normal people. Tang Xiu had clearly noticed that when he had arrived outside of class 10, all the students in class 10 had an excited expression when they looked at him, as if he was their prey. This situation had caused him be more on guard.

As he was standing outside the classroom, he could hear all the whispers happening inside the classroom with his super-human hearing and subsequently knew what was going on.

It turns out that the student of class 10 had set up a trap at the top of the entrance door using a broom and a dustpan, so when someone pushes open the door and enters, the broom and dustpan would smash onto them.

Tang Xiu would naturally not walk right into the trap after finding out about the existence of it, so he simply stood outside of the classroom to wait for the teacher to come and also to see how the students would clear up the mess when the teacher arrives.

When Cheng YanNan came, Tang Xiu could hear the suppressed cheers coming from inside the classroom and also saw that everyone revealed a look of excitement and anticipation. It was also this moment when Tang Xiu understood that the trap was probably set up to deal with Cheng YanNan.

“Cheng YanNan, are you always late for class?” Tang Xiu could not bear to see Cheng YanNan getting smashed by the broom and dustpan, so he purposely disrupted Cheng YanNan’s action of pushing open the door.

“Why would you ask me this question?” Cheng YanNan looked at Tang Xiu with a curious gaze as her hands movement went sluggish.

In the next moment, Cheng YanNan had a face of realisation as she quickly took two steps back before raising her beautiful long slender legs and giving the classroom door a kick.

After that a “peng” sound could be heard, a “kang dang” sound resounded incessantly as dust was flying all around.

Yuan ChuLing was left dumbstruck when he saw the broom and dustpan that was all over the floor and suck in a breath of cool air as he celebrated internally that he did not pushed open the classroom door just now.

“My god, this bunch of grandsons from class 10 are really sinister to play such a big prank.” After staring blankly for a long time, Yuan ChuLing can’t help mumbling to himself when he finally got hold of what was going on.

Tang Xiu had his gaze fixed on Cheng YanNan as her reaction was simply out of Tang Xiu’s expectation. Furthermore her last action of raising her leg and the kick’s arc and strength gave Tang Xiu a breathtaking impression.

“Tang Xiu, Yuan ChuLing, you guys don’t have to be afraid, their trap was meant for me so its not related to you guys.” Cheng YanNan smiled as she saw the dumbstruck look on Tang Xiu and Yuan ChuLing, and used a soft voice to comfort them, “you two seems not bad, I would take care of two of you next time in class.”

After Cheng YanNan finished talking, she took big steps into the classroom.

Tang Xiu could clearly hear that when Cheng YanNan successfully avoided the trap, the students in the classroom were heaving sighs in successions and a few students who were sitting at the front hastily cleared up the broom and dustpan, making it seem as if nothing had ever happened.

Just when all the students had gotten back to their seats, a rhythmic “da” “da” sound echoed through the corridor and was obvious that it was someone wearing high heels that was walking over.

Looking at the direction of the footsteps, a woman wearing a typical female working attire was heading over towards the classroom of class 10. She was wearing a black and white checkered short-sleeved shirt revealing her snow white skin on her arms, a bright red skirt, and a bright silk stocking.

This lady had a long and straight beautiful hair which was elegantly captivating, a standard goose-egg shaped pretty face, a bright and clean forehead, skin as white as snow, refined long eyebrows, a sharp nose, lips with an exceptionally gentle and beautiful curve that was so tender that makes people want to take a bite on it, and a sharp and smooth chin. In other words, it was a perfect and flawless face.

If previously Cheng YanNan was as beautiful as a wintersweet flower who was graceful and proud, then the lady in front of their eyes was like violet flower, simple, elegant and nobel, breathtaking but not overwhelming.

“Tang Xiu, you’re here early, I was still thinking of going over to class 5 to fetch you over once this lesson ends.” While Tang Xiu was staring at this lady blankly, her cherry lips opened and revealed a set of pure white teeth as she called out with a light smile, her voice so soothing and pleasant to listen to.

“Hel… Hello Teacher Han!” Tang Xiu got back to his senses only when Han QingWu called out to him and replied to her with a face blushing red.

The reason why Tang Xiu was staring at Han QingWu blankly was not because of her captivating looks but because Han QingWu had a very similar look as his lover in the Immortal World which made him dumbfounded for a moment.

If not for him checking that Han QingWu did not posses even half a spiritual energy on her, Tang Xiu would have thought that his lover from the Immortal World had followed him back to Earth.

“Tang Xiu, the principal and Year 3 teacher-in-charge had already spoken to me with regards to your matter, if you do not mind being in class 10, then you will be with me for this few months.” Han QingWu seem to be satisfied with Tang Xiu’s reaction as her the smile on her face got even brighter.

“I will still need to ask teacher for your care and guidance.” Tang Xiu adjusted his emotions as he silently observed Han QingWu.

Tang Xiu felt that Han QingWu was being too overly enthusiastic with him but he could not think of any instances where he had interactions with her. Furthermore, Han QingWu looked really similar to his lover in the Immortal World which made Tang Xiu feel uncomfortable, but he could only choose to avoid it.

“Tang Xiu you’re being to polite, you are the one who got the first place during the entrance examination into Star City (Grade 1) High School, so I’m still pinning my hopes that you would give me a miracle during the final year examination.” Han QingWu did not notice anything unusual on Tang Xiu as she continued to encourage him in a gentle voice.

Tang Xiu went into contemplation as he touched his nose while listening.

“Teacher Han, I’m Tang Xiu’s best friend in class 5 and I would like to apply to join class 10 to continue my studies, so I would like to ask teacher Han to accept me in.” Yuan ChuLing noticed that Han QingWu had her eyes focused on Tang Xiu the entire time and not once did she looked at him, so he waited until Han QingWu had finished up her conversation with Tang Xiu and hurriedly spoke up.

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