Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 983 - Expressing Goodwill?

Chapter 983: Expressing Goodwill?

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“Old man Ange!”

Just as Zuo Daquan appeared in another manor more than 10 kilometers away, a fifty-plus something old man he had messaged came and appeared in front of him.

The old man Ange looked puzzled and asked, “It’s so unusual for you to come here at this time, Boss Zuo. What happened?”

“Would you mind letting me take refuge in your place, Ange?” asked Zuo Daquan with a solemn expression. “I got a hunch that somebody is monitoring me and that my place will be quite messed up tonight.”

The old man Ange was silent for a while and then nodded. “You saved my life before and you’ve helped several times, so it’s my turn to help you this time. But you also know that I’m not as strong as your well-trained troops. I only got a little more than a dozen men here.”

“Just letting me take refuge in your place is already the greatest help for me, Ange,” replied Zuo Daquan gratefully. “I can’t say thanks now, but I’ll definitely do it properly after I make it through this crisis safely.”

“Nah. There’s no need for that between us, Boss Zuo,” said the old man. “Anyway, I got a secret room to hide some things here. Do you want to hide there with your men? I won’t leak anything to those who come to find you should there be any.”

“I’ve not come here to hide, Ange.” Zuo Daquan shook his head and said, “I just need to stay in your place to have a look at those who are gonna make a mess in my place. Besides, even if I can hide tonight, there’s no way I can feel safe in the days to come. Well, can I go to your water tower? I need to go up there.”

The old man Ange looked dull for a moment before he patted his head and said, “Damn. How come I forgot the water tower is also a good place to hide? Come on, I’ll take you there myself. That spot seems very unsafe, but it’s the safest spot in my place indeed.”

Ten minutes later, Zuo Daquan led tens of his men to the water tower. The space in the tower was very small and Zuo Daquan only took a few of his trusted men into it above, while the rest stayed below.

The taste of waiting, with restlessness overwhelming your whole being, was never a good feeling. While waiting, a stalwart middle-aged man using binoculars suddenly had his expression change and he reported, “Boss, a convoy seems to be heading to our coconut plantation. There are 13 of them, and each is full of people.”

With a changed expression, Zuo Daquan grabbed the binoculars in his hand and aimed towards the reported direction. He immediately saw that the said convoy consisted of 13 cars. At this moment, his eyes looked as though they were blazing flames as he cursed in a low voice, “The Young Divine Doctor, huh? What a shitty fart! And so is his Magnificent Tang Corporation. You got a good life, Tang Xiu, so I never thought that you’d be just a hunting dog for the Huang. The enemy this time should be the Huang’s men he brought.”

An ordinary-looking middle-aged man beside him put down the binoculars and said, “I don’t think those people are Chinese, Boss. They shouldn’t be the lackeys of the Huang. Those men in the cars are new faces, but they should be Thais from their appearance. Also, I just looked around and I haven’t seen anyone from Tang Xiu’s group who have come to our coconut plantation today.”

“It can’t be. I have no other enemies besides the Huang.” Zuo Daquan shook his head and said, “These people are definitely up to no good, and I can’t think of anyone else except the Huang Family.”

“But if they are indeed the Huang clansmen, Tang Xiu would definitely not be so stupid to come ahead of time with the young lady. It’s just kinda unreasonable to make us alert.” The middle-aged man argued.

His argument made Zuo Daquan frown. He thought about it for a moment and then nodded. “Your reasoning is sound, but the convoy has stopped at the gate of our coconut plantation. If they are not the dogs of the Huang, then who could they possibly be? Kanaja’s men? It’s very unlikely. The relation between I and him is just due to the money he lent to me with no grudge whatsoever. He won’t proactively come here and take me as an enemy.”

The man concurred with a nod. As he raised his binoculars and observed the scene in the distance, his expression suddenly shifted and said, “Have you noticed the weird attire these people are wearing, Boss? The most peculiar thing is the things in their hands. It seems like they are holding cold weapons.”

“That’s bizarre indeed.”

The scene made Zuo Daquan frown deeper. A puzzled and incomprehensible look on his face was quickly becoming much more evident. If these people were really to strike him with these cold weapons, there was only one possibility: these people were all martial artists.


Two worn-out cars were driving fast on a certain empty street of Bangkok.

With a look of surprise and amazement on his face, Tang Xiu sat in the second car and received a phone call from Jin Shi. This was due to Zuo Daquan’s foresight ability, a variable he didn’t expect. The man had sent his daughter and two grandsons away to other places the same night and then took his men to take refuge in the nearby estate.

“We got traffic police blocking the road in front, Grand Master.” Tang Guang, who was sitting in front, whispered all of a sudden.

“Seriously, is this a normal occurrence?” asked Tang Xiu with squinted eyes.

“From my little knowledge about Bangkok, traffic police shouldn’t close the road unless there’s a big incident.” Tang Guang shook his head and said, “Doing so at 4 AM is rather peculiar.”

“So you mean they are coming for us?” asked Tang Xiu.

“The chance is very likely.” Tang Guang nodded.

Tang Xiu went silent for a moment. He then suddenly turned his head to look at Singluen, asking, “Can you deal with the traffic police in front?”

“It should be no problem, but I’m afraid that I’d expose our whereabouts.” Singluen hesitantly replied, “The constellation of forces in Bangkok is rather complicated, and every traffic policeman could be an informer for others. But there’s one man who could help to deal with it. Of course, that’s as long as he doesn’t leak our whereabouts to anyone else.”

“Who’s this man?” asked Tang Xiu.

“Kanaja,” answered Singluen.

The revelation made Tang Xiu frown. His arrival in Bangkok was a secret and Kanaja was the last man he wanted to find out about it since this man had a good relationship with Singluen’s father. The latter was obvious to be partial to Singkuo. In case Kanaja informed Singluen’s father of his arrival, then it was very likely that Singkuo would receive the news right away.

“Is there any other way beside it?” asked Tang Xiu with a frown.

“I got no other idea but that.” Singluen shook his head.

Tang Xiu was a bit disappointed. Singluen’s ability being this abysmal to deal with such a problem was really out of his expectations. He hesitated for a moment before deciding not to contact Kanaja. It wouldn’t be too late to contact this man should they have a clash with these traffic police me later.

The two cars then stopped in front of the roadblock.

Tang Xiu didn’t let Singluen get out the car; instead, he walked out with Tang Guang towards the policemen. With a smile on his face, he then greeted, “Hello, police officer. It’s so late; you haven’t rested yet? Isn’t it too much hard work for you?”

The first police officer, a middle-aged man, looked at the two cars several meters away. Then, his eyes shifted to Tang Xiu. “It’s really hard indeed, but it’s an order from above that we must obey. May I know who you are? We need to inspect your cars.”

Tang Xiu swiftly took out two stacks of dollar bills from his interspatial ring and quickly gave it to the middle-aged policeman, smilingly saying, “Please accept these tens of thousands USD as my appreciation for everyone’s hard work then. Anyhow, we’re in a hurry here. Could you let us pass?”

The middle-aged policeman hurriedly returned the money back. Then he took out his mobile phone and looked at the screen before asking, “Are you Mr. Tang Xiu?”

Tang Xiu’s expression changed as he asked in a deep tone, “How do you know me?”

“Please don’t misunderstand us, Mr. Tang,” said the policeman. “Someone entrusted me a message for you. He said that a powerful man called Singkuo is currently looking for you. Also, more than a dozen cars just passed by an hour ago, which were Singkuo and his men.”

“Then tell me who’s the man who entrusted you with this message?” asked Tang Xiu with a frown.

“Kanaja,” answered the middle-aged man in a whisper.

Tang Xiu’s expression shifted and he inquired again, “How did he know that I’ve come to Bangkok?”

“Mr. Kanaja told me that you’d ask this question and he wanted me to explain to you that Mr. Xingkuo just visited him recently, hoping that he’d help him investigate your whereabouts,” explained the policeman. “That’s why Mr. Kan assigned his men to be stationed in all the streets in Bangkok. As a matter of fact, Mr. Kan has also found out where you stayed last night. He didn’t visit you then since it was inconvenient, so he had to resort to this method to inform you.”

“I see. Kanaja truly has quite supernatural power here, doesn’t he?” said Tang Xiu with a faint smile. “I didn’t expect that he could find our whereabouts so quickly. It seems that he’s more powerful than I had imagined. Alright, please tell him that Tang Xiu will remember this favor and that I require his help to bring us to our destination.”

“I’ll pass your message on to Mr. Kan right away,” said the policeman.

Tang Xiu returned to the car as a cool light flashed in his eyes. He had been looking down on Kanaja’s ability and power in Bangkok indeed. But the arrow had left the bow and couldn’t be retracted. Hence, he could only leave it to chance. Hopefully Kanaja wouldn’t leak his whereabouts—otherwise, the upcoming battle would probably end up more difficult.


At the coconut plantation.

Singkuo brought forty-plus men with him after the cars had been parked in the vicinity. They quickly approached the manor silently and then sneakily jumped up the wall. There were more than a dozen guard dogs that moved about vigilantly in the garden, yet none of them were able to detect the many people with murderous intent in the dark fog drifting in front of them.

“When are we going to strike them, Young Master?”

“Just wait a bit. We need to scout the situation inside first.”

Singkuo acted very carefully and was prudent even though he had bought the intel from the Darkwind organization for fear that he would fall into the enemy’s trap. He had sent some people to investigate Tang Xiu’s identity, but the findings he had recieved resulted in a dreadful feeling inside him.

His trash younger brother, Singluen, was not someone he was afraid of. It was the experts around Tang Xiu that gave him this much dread.

“Who are you?”

Suddenly, an alarming voice sounded out and a gun was fired. Jin Shi, disguised as Zuo Daquan’s subordinate, unceasingly opened fire and immediately ran to the back after firing a series of shots. In just a few breaths, he had already disappeared from Singkuo and his men’s line of sight.


Singkuo, who wanted to figure out the situation in this coconut plantation, ordered without hesitation.

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