Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Volume 1 - Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.1


Chapter 1-1—The end of the beginning

This has seriously become a bad situation .

As he arrived at his destination, penniless, his heart was being buried by those words . Although the word ‘penniless’ wasn’t quite accurate ,as he had entire fortune in the wallet in his pocket to the point that he could probably still do a little shopping . But even so, it is a situation that can only be expressed by the word ‘penniless’ .

“As I thought . Stuff like the value of currency is very different here . ”

In his hand was a ten-yen coin¬—he flipped the rare ‘Giza ten’ with his fingers, while letting out a deep sigh .

He was just an ordinary guy lacking character . He had short black hair, and a rather average height . Not too tall and not too short . He had a physique that would make you wonder if he had ever trained his body, and bore a striking resemblance to a cheap gray t-shirt . The only thing that left an impression was the sharp gaze of his small irises, but now even that had completely lost its vigor as it drooped down without an ounce of ambition .

He had a look so ordinary that you could lose him in the crowd—But despite that, those who saw him out of the corner of their eyes would most certainly look at him like a strange object . It’s something that is to be expected . At any rate, of all the people staring at him, not a single one had black hair nor wore a jersey .

Their hair came in many colours like red and gold, from colours like brown all the way to green and blue . Furthermore, they were dressed in stuff like armor, a dancer’s clothing, a pitched black robe and the like .

Under the unrestrained wave of stares, the young man folded his arms and had no choice but to accept it .

“In other words, it’s that,” he said while snapping his fingers, and pointing it to the people looking at him . “—a trans-world summon, or so it seems . ”

Rolling past in front of him came a carriage-like vehicle being pulled by a giant lizard-like creature .

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