Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Volume 4 - Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.3

[Ferris: Remember the agreement, Subaru-kyun! Otherwise all the Mana in your body will go on a rampage frying your brain until you die nyan]

[Subaru: What are you saying with that smile on your face!? And why are you threatening an ally!?]

[Ferris: Threatening? More like a death sentence nyan]

[Subaru: Worse than I thought!]

Flinging Ferris’ hand out of his own, Subaru turned away . For a brief moment, in all this commotion

—he faintly hoped perhaps Rem would react .

Sighing slightly, he pushed his dashed hopes out of his mind .

Near the luggage outside the dragon carriage, he found Emilia and Crusch talking .

[Emilia: Ah, Subaru . Is Rem-san’s bed prepared?]

[Subaru: Yep Ferris set it up perfectly . Behold! This is me and Patrasche’s GREAT CIRCUS COMBO! We’ll show you something even the Great Kinoshita Circus wouldn’t be able to show you!]

[Emilia: Even though I don’t know what you’re talking about, I got a bad feeling about this… let’s not do the Great Circus]

[Subaru: The sky! It’s too unfortunate! But my heart had already been beating up and down expectant of Emilia-tan’s misattribution of arousal!]

Subaru called it the “In this speeding carriage my life is in danger, could this increase in heartbeat be LOVE!?” self-directed battle plan .

But to hear Emilia say “Rem-san”… a piercing pain of unfathomable degree lingered in Subaru heart, refusing to disappear .

For an instant, Emilia’s eyes caught onto Subaru’s mouth, which had suddenly stopped moving . But before her words came out, Ferris came up behind Subaru .

[Ferris: Well, the dragon carriage is prepared nyan . Sorry it took so long nyan . It’s sad to say goodbye — Crusch-sama, anything to say?]

[Crusch: En, yes]

Ferris went to Crusch’s side . Subaru went to Emilia’s . Taking them both within her sight, Crusch took a deep breath, and placed a hand in front of her chest .

[Crusch: First, though I have said it many times before, you have my deepest gratitude . Even though I can no longer remember, I know that before I lost my memory, I wanted us to cooperate, and to be friends . I thank you once again]

[Emilia: No… I, Crusch-sama, there is nothing to thank me for . These days I’ve only been kept in the dark and left out of everything…]

[Subaru: En, it’s true Emilia-tan didn’t do anything . But I have everything handled so don’t worry . After all, my achievements are my Emilia-tan’s achievements too!]

Seeing Emilia shriveling in embarrassment, Subaru pounded his chest proclaiming this . Stealing a glance at Subaru, Emilia nodded slightly .

[Emilia: Thank you Subaru… Even though I don’t remember becoming “your” Emilia…]

[Subaru: M – my battle plan to “subconsciously inject impression of a romantic relationship into third party listeners” has been seen through…!?]

[Emilia: Because I was listening carefully… oh, sorry about that]

All the air pressure deflating from his chest, Subaru sank down, and Emilia apologized to Crusch, who was quietly observing their amiable exchange .

[Crusch: No, the relationship between you two seem wonderful . I must quickly work to return to the way I was with Ferris and Wilhelm]

[Ferris: Ferris will always be open to Crusch-sama in both body and soul nyan!]

Ferris, covering his cheeks with both hands, swerved left and right . While Ferris was swerving like an octopus behind her, Crusch seemed to accept it as it is, with a warm, even feminine, smile emerging on her face .

[Crusch: We will meet again very soon, I think, Emilia-sama and Subaru-sama . I wish we would forever be friends]

That was not a lie, it must have been her true thoughts… Subaru thought this .

Despite losing her memory, she did not lose the nobility of her heart . Honesty illuminates her conduct, false flattery and lies are not compatible with that .

Perhaps because that came through so clearly, Emilia’s eyes opened wide with surprise, her lips trembling faintly .

[Emilia: I am… For Crusch-sama, I am an opposing Candidate . The Alliance… one day it will return to competition between us]

[Crusch: En, that is true . With Emilia-sama as an opponent, I will take care not to fall behind, so I will do my best as well]

[Emilia: And even without that, I am a Half-Elf . With silver hair… Doesn’t it scare you?]

[Subaru: Emilia-tan that’s…]

She didn’t need to ask that, Subaru thought, trying to stop her . Seeing the desperate determination on the side of Emilia’s face, he knew this conversation mustn’t continue .

Emilia was serious, in asking that question . The emotional part of her knows she should never bring up her identity lightly .

Above all, to bring it up in front of Crusch Karsten . Subaru knew, to let this continue would be…

[Crusch: The soul determines the value of its own existence . For myself, and for others as well, to live with the Soul’s fullest radiance, unashamed, is the way we should live]

[Emilia: —-]

[Crusch: Somehow it feels like I’ve said that many times before . How should I say it… . Now that I’ve listened to myself, that was pretty sophisticated, wasn’t it?]

Crusch covered her mouth and couldn’t hold in her laugh . Hearing this, Emilia stood dumbfounded, and did not say a word .

[Crusch: Emilia-sama, are you ashamed of the way you carry out your life?]

[Emilia: …I’m, not . Even if everyone around me thinks so, as long as I am not hated by myself, I can carry on and live this way]

[Crusch: If so, then don’t regret anything . Improve yourself, try your hardest, and stay true to the self you deserve . —You have a beautiful Soul]

Smiling, Crusch extended the hand in front of her chest toward Emilia .

[Crusch: To get to know you, I am happy . Fear? Not a single bit]

Biting her lips, Emilia carved those words into her memory, her chest hurting with emotion . She gazed at the outstretched hand . Crusch patiently waited for her . Then, Emilia’s fingers met the palm of Crusch’s hand, and they exchanged a handshake softly .

[Crusch: No matter what, I expect we will meet again soon]

[Emilia: M-me…… no . Me too, this time I should stand tall in front of Crusch-sama, shouldn’t I? Until then, I wish you the best of health]

This way, the two fellow Candidates of the Royal Selection, their promise to each do their best, was sealed .

Looking on from the side, Subaru’s heart swelled with the sense of accomplishment . That was one of the goals of Subaru’s struggle after struggle… Even though in the end it’s impossible for everything to be perfect…

[Subaru: … . after everything we accomplished… why do I still have this sad expression on my face? I don’t want to blame it on you… I don’t……]

Glancing toward the dragon carriage, appearing in Subaru’s eyes was the girl sleeping inside .

In such a happy occasion, Rem would not forgive me like this… Rem wouldn’t want to… I’m so selfish aren’t I?

[Crusch: Natsuki Subaru-sama, please take care . I will look forward to your future activity… and her recovery]

[Subaru: Much more activity from me… I don’t think that’s a good idea… To be honest, I’m the kind of guy that runs around trying to do everything as the last resort and still ends up being completely useless . About Rem… Miss Crusch is not an outsider . No matter what, she will recover . I promise, she will]

Crush extended her hand to Subaru . But to shake hands in this state, isn’t that way too embarrassing? To cover up his embarrassment, Subaru gave her a high five .

A small sound rang out, and the brief contact between Subaru and Crusch’s hands ended . Her hand bouncing off, Crusch’s eyes blinked ever so slightly .

[Crusch: We will certainly meet again]

With these words, the master and servant bowed, seeing Subaru and Emilia off .

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