Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Volume 4 - Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1



Chapter 2 [Insults and Gratitude]

—Oy, Subaru, dying here would be pretty miserable .

Still muddled, lying there shaking his head, Subaru lifted himself up and looked around .

He was usually good at waking up, but the reason he couldn’t get his thoughts together was simply because he wasn’t exactly “sleeping” . He tried hard to remember what had happened before he lost consciousness, but the first thing that occurred to him was that he was in a very familiar room .

[Subaru: This is the Mansion’s living room… isn’t it?]

[Oh, Subaru, you’re awake?]

A voice mumbled as if trying to make sure, then the door opened and Emilia’s face poked through .

Her silver hair in a braid, she had a slightly bright expression on her face as she walked over to Subaru on the couch, and bending over, she met his gaze .

Being stared at so intently by her wide, round eyes, Subaru shrank down a little .

[Subaru: Uhm, Emilia-tan, what happened?]

[Emilia: As soon as you entered the mansion we heard you scream . Otto and I were really shocked . Then when we ran inside to see…]

[Subaru: I, was sleeping?]

[Emilia: Saying it like that is a little deceiving……but it’s not technically wrong, I suppose?]

Emilia put a finger to her lips, and tilted her head slightly to the side . There was no sense of urgency in her reply .

Scrambling when he just woke up, now seeing her in this relaxed manner, Subaru realised there was no emergency . Yet even so, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was out of the ordinary .

He was certain that just before he lost consciousness, some kind of animal with sharp fangs had—–

[Miss Emilia, might I have a moment?]

There was a knock on the door from the outside, followed by the sound of a woman’s voice calling out to Emilia . Looking in the direction of the voice, she gave her assent with a small [Sure], and the door opened slowly .

Looking at the door casually opening, Subaru couldn’t help but feel mystified .

—I don’t recall ever hearing that voice before .

His doubt was soon confirmed when he saw what stood just outside the doorway .

[I brought drinks and additional hand towels —Oh, I see you are awake already]

The form of the smiling woman imprinted itself into Subaru’s eyes .

It was a woman with long, almost translucent blonde hair, the lines of her back was in perfect posture . Her appearance and behavior was in every way refined, and in her fluid motions there was not a hint of unnecessary movement .

She was wearing the same familiar outfit as other servants of the Roswaal Mansion —the cute and practical maid’s uniform, with not so much as a crease or wrinkle visible .

The plate in her hands held a water pitcher and hand towels, which she placed softly down on the stand in the center of the room without making a sound . —If she were being scored, she would have passed with flying colors…

…that is, only if you overlooked her ferocious-looking physique and her fiendish smile .

The uniform may be worn perfectly, but the one wearing it was slightly taller than Subaru, with an athletic build similar to his . If she were a he, it would have seen as healthy and strong, but when it was on a female, everything instantly crumbled .

What’s more, the smile at the end of her perfectly fluid motion —was completely ruined by the set of sharp fangs peeking out through the corner of her mouth . Looking even closer, there was something unnatural about the sharpness of her gaze, and her greens pupils seemed to give off a glinting light, like a carnivorous, feline beast eyeing its prey .

[Frederica: It is a pleasure to meet you . I am a servant of the household of Margrave Roswaal L . Mathers, Frederica Baumann…]

[Subaru: Scary face—!?]

Her respectful introduction was interrupted by the overly candor words that slipped out of Subaru’s mouth . Upon hearing this, the woman’s expression congealed, and after her fiendish eyes blinked several times ——tears began to form .

[Frederica: …sniffle, sniffle…]

[Subaru: Wha…?]

[Emilia: Subaru you dunce!!]

Without a word, the woman turned her face away, and even Subaru was shocked . Right after, he was assaulted by both an angry voice, and the painful sensation of having his ear pulled . [Ow, ow!] Letting out a cry and turning to look, he saw Emilia with her usually gentle brows curled up angrily .

[Emilia: That’s a terrible thing to say to a girl! Frederica did so much to take care of you and you…]

[Frederica: I-I ask that you might let it go, Miss Emilia . It is quite alright . I was…I was the one in the wrong after all . I was so happy to have been called back to the mansion, I got too over-excited…and forgot that my looks are usually unpleasant for many…]

Pulling on the hem of Emilia’s sleeve, she— the woman called Frederica was shaking her head . With her other hand she was covering her mouth .

[Frederica: I apologize for startling you so . More than that, I did something very inappropriate a short while ago . I never thought I would mistake Natsuki Subaru-sama for an intruder]

[Subaru: Intruder… . ah, wait a minute . I think I understand what happened now]

Released from Emilia’s chastisement for the moment, Subaru massaged his ear while taking in her words . In fact, he kind of realized the gist of what happened .

Basically, the mysterious figure he ran into into right after entering the mansion was—

[Subaru: When I returned to the mansion, Frederica-san thought I was an intruder, and so tried to take me out . Then, Emilia-tan came in after me, and cleared up the misunderstanding, and that brings us to now…right?]

[Frederica: That’s exactly right…you really can process things quickly I see]

[Subaru: There are things I can’t read from just the situation though…no, before that]

Frederica’s agreement confirmed his thoughts, Subaru then turned his gaze to Emilia who was now standing behind Frederica, nudging her chin to point in Frederica’s direction . He was painfully aware of the meaning behind Emilia’s action . So Subaru stood up from the couch, and facing Frederica, said

[Subaru: Nice to meet you, I am very sorry for saying something so uncalled for all of a sudden . I know I can’t make excuses like having just woken up, or was just joking around and expect to be forgiven . You can decide whether to boil or fry me…though I would be really thankful if there wasn’t much pain involved]

To say he was acting like a man, it was more like Subaru dipped his head while saying this somewhat limp apology .

They definitely started off on the wrong foot, but unlike her, who had only attacked a suspicious intruder, Subaru’s words were just completely rude . So, just as he said, if it would clear up her anger, Subaru would willingly accept any kind of punishment .

Preferably without physical pain, and his hopes were rather leaning toward emotional abuse instead…

That much was the commitment of the man Subaru’s rather effeminate apology .

[Frederica: —-Haha, you really are a funny guy]

With those words, her smile hiding behind the hand covering her mouth, Frederica blew it all away .

At the question mark floating above Subaru’s head, Frederica bowed, the translucent, golden hair flowing around her face .

[Frederica: I should really be the one apologizing . On Miss Emilia’s request, I have been testing you]

[Subaru: Testing?]

At Frederica’s words, both Subaru and Emilia tilted their heads . They had no idea what she was talking about .

It’d be fine if Subaru was confused, but if he were to believe her words, then it would strange to see Emilia showing the same air of confusion as well . Looking at their synchronous response, Frederica’s smile deepened .

[Frederica: Even though I may have been acting according to my sense of duty to protect the mansion, what I did to Subaru-sama was still rude . I was prepared, or rather left with no other choice, but to be relieved of my position after such an act]

[Subaru: No, I think you jumped to that conclusion way too soon . I’m a guy who will understand if we talk things out, right?]

[Frederica: Then, Miss Emilia asserted herself ever so firmly . She really tried so hard, I thought for sure even my face would turn red from the flowery things she was saying about Subaru…]

[Subaru: Wha!?]

Shocked by what she had just said, Subaru let out a strangled cry, looking towards Emilia . While Emilia was standing there trying so hard to hide her own deep scarlet countenance .

[Emilia: Fre–de–ri–ca–!]

Hands on her hips, Emilia uncharacteristically let out a hysterical voice, glaring sharply at the maid . On the receiving end of all that, Frederica calmly retorted

[Frederica: Oh my, so scary… I see Miss Emilia hasn’t changed, still not cute at all . Normally, whether what I said was true or not, turning red and getting flustered would have been the prettiest response]

[Emilia: Eh, really…? Wait, I’m not going to get tricked today . Even someone like me, always getting tricked, would learn to know better! That’s right, I know when you’re lying, one of your eyes goes lazy!]

[Frederica: I had no idea that was the case . By the way Miss Emilia, did you know that whenever you lie, your ears get a little longer?]

[Emilia: No way!?]

Emilia’s expression of victory, an arm outstretched and a finger pointing towards Frederica, was interrupted when she darted her hands back to grab both her ears . Getting this response, at that point Frederica’s victory was complete .

Still flustered, Emilia seemed not to have realized she lost, but Subaru, who had been watching her intently, let out a sigh and shrugged his shoulders .

[Subaru: Seems like I’ve been completely defeated… My name is Natsuki Subaru and… do I even need to do an introduction?]

[Frederica: Yes, of course . I would love to hear it . Let’s start over and get to know each other properly this time]

With those words, Frederica removed the hand covering her mouth, revealing a smile lined with pointed fangs . This time, seeing her weaponized-smile, all the wind left Subaru’s lungs .


This one is translated by Tynkerd! He’s done the draft for the entire Chapter 2 and I’m still in the process of revising through it! (Just the draft is really fun to read! Most of the dialog are straight from the draft it’s so hilarious! :3 Really awesome!)

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