Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Volume 1 - Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1

[Fanfic] Chapter 02

Part 01

「──What happened? Nii-chan? You look like you saw a ghost . ”


With a stern face, I’ve been hearing a voice from a conspicuous guy that has a white sword cut . A stupid reaction goes out intentionally .

His scar twists magnificently when he reply .

“LIKE I SAID, What’s your decision? Are you going to buy or not?


“It’s Ringa! Do you want to eat? Please speak by yourself, Did you see a ghost? ……wait, going to buy or not?”

Comparing my face to that middle-aged man, his scarface structure is muscular . He’s hesitating to put a super cute red fruit in his palm . A fruit that was very similar to an apple .

“No, Like I said . I’m broke beyond compare…”

“The hell! Then, you’re just merely asking for the price . If it is then, leave! leave! I’m elaborating a business here . I don’t have time for window-shoppers . ”

He show a hand gesture that repels me . I move my foot that was tottering to exit in that side store .

And then, I――Natsuki Subaru when look around in the vicinity .

“Eh? ehh? ――What’s the meaning of this?”

In a question and confusion, the best thing to do to spit out that question to that girl and not towards anyone .

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