Rich Daughter Reincarnates as Her Eighteen-Year-Old Self to Rescue Her Younger Brothers!

Chapter 643: Welcome Ceremony

Chapter 643: Welcome Ceremony

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The woman seemed to have heard the biggest joke in the world, her expression exaggeratedly said, “Am I hearing things right? Self-reliance? Do you think self-reliance is that easy? What can I do with the few thousand bucks I earn from working every month? Not even enough to buy cosmetics.”

Mei Shu glanced at her indifferently, “Alright then, you keep maintaining your high-level consumption here. Now that you’ve offended Zhou Lin, let’s see if he’ll still give you money to spend.”

At these words, the woman panicked, about to stand up, but the ache at the back of her waist forced her to slump back in despair. “No, we don’t have any sort of vendetta, do we? Do you have to play me like this? I give up fighting with you for that room, OK?”

“No.” Mei Shu said expressionlessly.

The woman became even more anxious, grabbing Mei Shu’s hand, “Sister, Zhou Lin seems afraid of you. Whatever you say, he’ll listen. Can you help me talk to him? Please don’t kick me out of Wendith. I have nowhere else to go after leaving here! Have some pity on me. Don’t bother with an insignificant person like me, okay?”

Seeing her soften, Mei Shu’s lips curled into a sarcastic smile, “Weren’t you quite arrogant just now?”

Thinking about her behavior in the hotel moments ago, the woman felt a pang of embarrassment.

Although Mei Shu only hit Zhou Lin and not her, she still felt as if she had been slapped hard.

She pursed her lips, finally adopting a softer tone, “Sister, you’ve been a rich lady since birth, you definitely don’t understand my difficulties. If it weren’t for Zhou Lin, how could I possibly own such a large hotel? He gives me a lot. Please help me talk to him. As long as you agree to soften your stance, he has no reason to target me!”

Mei Shu sighed, “Is the hotel he gave you on Wendith?”

“Yes.” The woman asked puzzledly, “What’s the matter?”

Mei Shu said, “You can sell the hotel and take the money back to the country. There’s no need to spend your whole life here. That money should be enough for your future expenses. Don’t be someone’s mistress anymore.”

The woman immediately shook her head in disagreement, “How could I do that? I’m still young. Who would complain about having too little money?”

As she spoke, she proudly straightened her ample bosom.

Mei Shu sighed, knowing they were not of the same kind, and stopped trying to persuade her.

They had happened to arrive at the hospital by then. Mei Shu silently got off the car, letting Jiang Hai carry her into the hospital.

During registration, the woman looked pitifully at Mei Shu, but seeing that she indeed had no intention of paying for her, the woman reluctantly took out her wallet to pay.

The examination room was on the third floor of the hospital.

Jiang Hai easily took her up in the elevator.

After a detailed examination and some X-rays, the doctor confirmed that her bones were not broken and prescribed some oral and topical medications.

Mei Shu handed her the medications impatiently, “Since your health issue isn’t serious, you can go back by yourself later. I’ll leave first.”

“Hey! Don’t leave me alone here!” The woman felt aggrieved. She wanted to hobble along, but the pain in her tailbone was almost unbearable. Any movement felt like it would take half her life away.

Mei Shu stopped in her tracks, half-turning to look at her, “Why should I care about you? I’m already kind enough to bring you to the hospital for a check-up.”

The woman hurriedly said, “Didn’t you ask me about Sister Li just now? I can take you to find her.”

Mei Shu raised an eyebrow, indifferent, “I can find her myself.”

The woman, enduring the pain, staggered to her and said, “It’s not the same. With an introduction, it’ll be more convenient for you. Sister Li is cautious. If you go there suddenly, you might not find out anything.”

Mei Shu couldn’t help but smile at her wit, “Alright, since you’re somewhat useful, I’ll reluctantly take you along.”

This was exactly what Mei Shu had hoped for.

She was waiting for the woman to take the initiative to speak, to make her purpose seem less obvious.

While the woman was still self-satisfied with her wit, she suddenly found herself lifted into the air again by Jiang Hai’s effortless embrace.

On the way back, the woman became unusually quiet, perhaps busy thinking about her future path, too preoccupied to argue further with Mei Shu.

When they returned to the Summertime Hotel, the lobby had been completely renovated, and there was even a banner hanging overhead, which read: “Welcome Lady Lu to our hotel.”

Mei Shu frowned, instantly feeling uneasy, “Who did this?”

“This was Mr. Zhou’s idea.” The attendant was more enthusiastic than when he first saw her, hastily replying.

Mei Shu’s expression darkened, pointing at the banner, “Take it down. I don’t need such a grand show.”

The attendant was slightly startled, but quickly complied with Mei Shu’s orders, carefully folding the banner. “Lady Lu, if you need anything, just let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate you. Also, Mr. Zhou said there will be a welcome party for you tonight on the rooftop terrace of the hotel. He hopes you can attend..”

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