Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife

Chapter 1242 - Reverse Threat

Chapter 1242: Reverse Threat

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Yun Bixue had a wiretapping device on her body, so Xie Limo could hear whatever she said. Hence, she said this on purpose, to make it easier for Xie Limo to confirm her location.

Yun Bixue continued to say, “Actually, you’re not too far off, isn’t it? You want me to walk up the hill just to punish me. You don’t intend to let Yangyang off at all.”

“Yun Bixue, stop acting smart. Are you coming up the hill or not?”

In fact, Yun Bixue was still very relaxed up until this point. She knew that the bait had already shown up, so the next step would be for Xie Limo to reveal his prowess.

Even then, the other party still had a child in their hands. She did not dare to let her guard down. What if the other party kills the child in a rash move or in anger?

That was why Yun Bixue still tried her best to pander to the other party and started walking up the hill according to her instructions.

What surprised Yun Bixue was that there was actually a temple and a garden in the forest on the hill.

She stayed in Ning An City before. How did she not know this?

Yun Bixue stood in the garden.

Five people walked out of the forest. The woman in front carried Yangyang, while four bodyguards followed behind her.

“Haha! Yun Bixue, you didn’t expect this, right? We meet again.”

Yun Bixue stared at the woman in front of her and said icily, “Jiang Jingshan, I have already guessed that it’s you.”

Jiang Jingshan placed her hand around the neck of the sleeping Yangyang and said savagely to Yun Bixue, “Hmph. So what if you guessed? You’re still in my hands now anyway.”

Yun Bixue leisurely said, “Even if I’m standing here, I’m standing here as a free person. What exactly do you want? Do you just want to vent your anger for those few slaps that day?”

Jiang Jingshan’s voice was filled with hatred as she said, “Yun Bixue, I had long hated you. Strictly speaking, our feud started because you caused the various subordinate families of my Jiang family to be uprooted and ruined. Even the Star’s Fate Jewelry that I personally helmed had closed down because of you.”

Yun Bixue merely said, “Jiang Jingshan, that’s because you can’t compare to others. You’re the one who challenged me first. If you didn’t, why would I interfere in your affairs?”Read the next chapter on our

She knew that the closure of Star’s Fate Jewelry was Xie Limo’s masterstroke. He did that to stand up for her.

She felt really happy deep down. After all, Star’s Fate Jewelry was jointly opened by the Jiang family and the Xu family. They were opposing forces to begin with, so she would definitely not tell Xie Limo to go easy on them.

“Star’s Fate Jewelry had a bad reputation to begin with. The employees in the shop sell their jewelry based on the customers’ status and what they wear.” She still remembered that the employees in Snow Cloud Group clapped and cheered when they heard of Star’s Fate Jewelry’s closure. They said that the employees there were all very stuck up and did not care about the average customers at all.

Jiang Jingshan did not heed her words. “Hmph. That’s because they can’t afford it. If they can’t afford jewelry and still go there to pick and choose, the fault doesn’t lie with my employees. We will only entertain real customers.”

“Jiang Jingshan, this is why your shop had a bad reputation and eventually closed down. You can’t blame other people.” Yun Bixue was deliberately talking nonsense to her to drag the time.

Once Xie Limo knew her exact location, he had already arranged for his men to trek up from the back of the hill to reach her.

Jiang Jingshan was not stupid either. Her eyes gleamed darkly as she said, “Yun Bixue, I’m not going to waste time talking to you.”

She gestured to one of the men behind her and said, “Go and slap her. Yun Bixue, if you dare to move around, I will take this child’s life.”

Yun Bixue immediately took out a knife from her clothes. “You guys don’t have the right to slap me. I brought this knife myself. Jiang Jingshan, you should know that I can’t touch you now, but I can kill myself. Tell me, if any part of me gets injured, what do you think will happen to you and your Jiang family?”

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