Rise Of The Demon God

Chapter 1422 / Chapter 1422

Chapter 1422 / Chapter 1422

"Stop hiding!"  Zhu Ji yelled with full strength, but he soon understood that he shouldn't have said it. 

He soon understood that he shouldn't have said it since the being actually appeared before him. 

"Y-you are a Devourer! How are you here?" Zhu Ji exclaimed, taking a step back. His face turned pale. 

"Oh? You know about me. That's interesting," the Figure said, laughing. "I don't expect youngsters to know about me."

"Y-you aren't supposed to be here!" Zhu Ji said. 

"Who says?" The Devourer asked, amused.  "Who can send me back? You? Or your patriarch who doesn't even know how and where to find me?" 

"I was really thinking about leaving after having my fill since I don't want to meet the old man, but who knew that his precious son was going to be here. It would be fun to snatch the son of that Bastard from him."

"The heir of the Direct Godly Beast Bloodline. I can only imagine how great he would taste..."

"So, where is he? Is he in the temple?" 

"Y-you will never find him! You can't get inside the temple!"

"I would take that as a yes. That's good," The Devourer said, smiling. "Open the path to get into the tomb! And I might think about letting you live."

"You're too late. I can't open the path," Zhu Ji said. "If you go in that direction, you might be able to find someone who can get you in. Or I'll go and find one."

As he talked, he kept stepping back. 

"Very clever," the Devourer said. "But if you know about me, you should also know that I am not an idiot. I know that the blood of you people can open the door. Open it!"

"I'm already banished from the temple. My blood won't open it anymore," Zhu Ji said, sighing. "I'm useless to you. Let me leave!"

"Useless indeed, but let's make sure," Devourer said calmly. 

Feeling something wrong, Zhu Ji prepared to bring out his soul weapon while strengthening his barrier. 


As soon as he pulled out his weapon, he found his body split in half from the middle. His blood covered the land, falling above the entrance of the tomb while his body fell apart. 

A dark shadow covered his body, making it disappear. Only the blood was left behind. 

"Hmm? The blood really didn't open the entrance. Maybe he really was telling the truth. That's disappointing."

Devourer looked around. There was not a single soul at sight. "If I had known that the Black Tortoise Heir was here, I would've left some people alive to open the entrance for me."

"Now, where should I find another? Wait here for Zhu Chang to come out? It might take days. By then, the Godly Tortoise King might even come here personally. I can't wait for so long. I need to find someone else to open the pathway!"

He started flying away to find another person. He left the mountain just as fast as he had come, leaving the empty mountain behind. 


Back in the Black Tortoise Clan, Zhu Clan patriarch had just finished preparing the defenses. In all the preparation, he didn't have time to think about his family. 

According to him, his family was still at home. He had already forgotten about giving Zhu Chang the permission to leave for the Plum. Blossom Mountain. 

His wife, Li Yi, was trying to teach the family of Long Chen some powerful skills when she noticed the strange atmosphere of the clan. All the men could be seen leaving the clan, which made her feel a bit odd.

Moreover, the defense of the clan was increased as well. In the end, she couldn't help but decide to ask someone what was going on

"You keep practicing what I taught you. I'll be right back," she told Long Chen's family before she left. 

She went looking for her husband. After asking some people, she found out his whereabouts. She was told that he was last seen on the roof. 

She went to the roof and found her husband standing there with his two brothers. 

"There you are!"

"Yi? What are you doing here?"

"I came to talk to you. I want to ask what this entire commotion downstairs is about? The sudden increase in the security of the clan and such. What is happening?" Li Yi asked. 

"Oh, that. That's the necessity of the time. We can't relax this time. We must be alert."

"Alert for what? What's happening? Speak straight."

"Someone has infiltrated our realm. And that someone has the real potential of causing danger."

"Who are you talking about? Who could have intimidated you?" 

"Not me. I don't think he would even dare to come before me, but he can be really dangerous for the citizens. You should know him as well... he is known as Devourer."

"Devourer? That devil? He is here?'

"All clues point to it. He is certainly here roaming around. Who knows how many people he killed already. I want to limit the damage and find him. That's why all this security is there."

"I want to fill the entire realm with my men, so he has no place to hide!"

"Wait! If he is here, why did you let Zhu Chang go out!"

"Zhu Chang? Ah, I completely forgot about him! I had allowed him to go to the Plum Blossom Mountain!"

"Exactly! If Devourer is here, it could be dangerous for Chang'er! How could you allow him to go?"

"Calm down. I didn't know about Devourer when I told him. I thought it was safe. How was I supposed to know! X

"Go and bring him back! Right now!"

"You're overreacting. Devourer isn't a threat to him!"

"How can you not worry about our own son! Go ahead and get him back! If anything happened to him...."

"I think you should calm down. Nothing is going to happen to him!"

"Will you go and bring him back or not? Because if you don't go, I'll go personally and bring him back!" 


"Both of you, calm down. You two stay here. I'll go there instead," Second Brother said, seeing the couple argue. 

He looked at the patriarch. "You are needed here more to handle the situation. I can bring nephew back. You handle the more important things."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'll leave after getting some things. I would bring Zhu Chang back." 


While Devourer was searching for a person whose blood he could use, he didn't realize that the concern of a mother had made one of the stronger in the Black Tortoise Clan come in his direction to bring Zhu Chang back.

The two mighty Powers were on path to clash, all because they both wanted Zhu Chang.

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