Rise Of The Demon God

Chapter 1471 1471: Runaway

Chapter 1471 1471: Runaway

"It seems like you're scared of me," Long Chen said, glancing at the men around him. "Let me out. I won't hurt you."

Unfortunately, no one seemed to understand him. Everyone just watched him speak some random words that they didn't understand at all.

Seeing their reaction, Long Chen shook his head in disappointment.

"They don't understand me, do they?" he muttered, shaking his head. "I'll have to get out on my own."

"I'll have to get out on my own."

He tried standing up in the cage as he brought his King's Sword out of his storage.

Seeing Long Chen pull out the weapon, the men outside grew even more worried. "He's truly going to attack us! We need to stop him!"

All the men also pulled out their weapons, some of which included spears. Without thinking twice, the men thrust their spears inside the cage from the gaps.

The spears were so long that they could easily get from one end of the cage to others; meanwhile, Long Chen's Sword couldn't even cover that much distance back.

Long Chen tilted his body at the last moment, avoiding one of the spears that were about to hit him. At the same time, he used his sword to block the second spear as well.

As for the third spear, he changed the direction of the second spear while protecting himself. The second spear moved in such a way that it not only avoided the Long Chen but it also hit the third spear, creating an obstruction in it.

"Will you all stop?" Long Chen asked, roaring. He swung his sword once again, but this time he didn't target the spears that were attacking him. Instead, this time he targeted the bars of the cage themselves.

The metal cage was strong, but even it wasn't strong enough to resist the attack from Long Chen's Sword.

The sharp Sword moved, slicing the winds whole, leaving a pale green arc in its wake.

The metal bars of the cage offered a fraction of resistance against the sharp edged sword; however, even they couldn't last long. The Sword sliced the bars.

Swiftly creating an opening in the cage, Long Chen jumped out of the cell and out of the carriage to land outside.

The men in the carriage were still stunned to react. By the time they could come out of their daze, Long Chen had already jumped out of the carriage.

"Stop the carriage!" The men called out.

The carriage stopped. All the men jumped out of the carriage as well. However, they couldn't find Long Chen around them. It was as if Long Chen was long gone.

"There, he must've entered that forest! He's in hiding!" The men glared at the nearby forest.

"We need to chase after him."

"If he's in the forest, it'll be hard to find him. Are you sure we should chase after him?"

"We should chase after him. We can't let him roam around freely. We need to take him to the capital. He is our responsibility!" The village leader said, running towards the forest, following the footsteps.

All the men entered the forest.

"This is where the footsteps end. You think we should split up?"

"No one is splitting up. We would be weak if we split up. We don't know how strong that person can be. Staying together will be our strength."

"Won't it be hard to find him if we stay together? We'll have a hard time locating him. We won't be able to cover enough area like this. We can cover more if we split up," one of the men suggested.

"No, we can't. I am telling you, we aren't splitting up. We need to be able to face him if we find him. Otherwise, it's better to not find him at all. It's better than losing you all one by one," the Village head refuted the order of the man.

"Fine! We'll stay together. We'll do as you say."


Long Chen entered the forest. Instead of fighting the men in the carriage, he preferred to just leave and find his own way out. These people couldn't understand his language, and neither could he understand theirs.

Moreover, after facing their initial attacks, he was sure that he couldn't face them calmly. He was just about to be attacked.

Treading through the carriage, he located his way out soon. He was so fast that he left the villagers far behind.

After searching for two days, the villagers gave up the thought of finding Long Chen.

They went back the way they came from and entered the carriage.

Instead of going back, the villagers decided to continue their journey to the capital. They still needed to inform the Capital about this strange person that they had discovered.

They knew that they were going to be scolded for losing the man, but they believed it was still better for the overall situation to tell them. The Capital had resources to find the man, unlike them.

The carriage continued on its way.


Long Chen had already left the forest from the other end.

He sat before a pond in the middle of nowhere. For some reason, he didn't find a single water source inside the first but as soon as he left the Forest, he discovered water.

He decided to rest for a little while near the pond, but before resting, he made a formation circle around the pond which covered a vast area.

He made a small formation circle on the back of his hand as well and connected it with the bigger circle.

He connected both the circles so that the small circle could give him a warning signal whenever someone stepped on the bigger circle.

After taking all the precautions he could, he sat comfortably and brought a fruit out of his storage.

"What a headache. I don't know where I am, but I don't like this place. I had reached the higher realms. If I fall here, Zhu Chang can never find me. He won't even know where I am. How can I go back again?"

He looked at a small droplet of blood which was floating inside his ring.

"I recovered the Phoenix Blood as well, but I can do nothing with it. Snake Monarch is with Zhu Chang as well. Everything went so wrong. At least the Rainbow Phoenix can't find me either, but if I stay hiding here, how can I become strong enough to face my Demons?"

"No matter what, I need to find out where I am and how I can get out of here. I also need to heal my Martial Soul and help it, but how can I do that? There's no Qi in the atmosphere at all here!"

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