Rise Of The Demon God

Chapter 1473 1473: Prepared

Chapter 1473 1473: Prepared

Suddenly having her hand grabbed, Xun felt stunned. Before she could react, she felt a force pull her suddenly. Unable to resist, she was pulled to Long Chen.

She landed on top of Long Chen as he fell on the ground. His eyes gazed into the eyes of Xun, who glared at him.

Long Chen placed his warm hands on the cheeks of Xun, gently caressing them as he gazed into her beautiful eyes. His hands slowly slid down to land on the neck of Xun. His hands moved to the back of Xun's neck as he started pulling her face closer to his.

Dazed by the eyes of Long Chen, Xun didn't even realize what was happening as her face moved closer to Long Chen's face.

Her heartbeat raced like drums.

Using his other hands, Long Chen placed his finger on the sweet lips of Xun. After slowly caressing her lips, he slowly opened her mouth before moving closer.

His lips planted on the lips of Xun. Xun's eyes opened slightly as she came out of her daze. She swallowed lightly.

After a short kiss, Long Chen moved his head back.

Xun found a small piece of fruit in her mouth.

Long Chen brought his lips closer to the ears of Xun.

He slowly whispered in her ears. "If you're really not hungry, return it to me the way I gave it to you."

Xun gulped again, but she didn't chew the fruit.

She placed her hands on Long Chen's cheeks as she planted her lips on his again.

This time the kiss wasn't small though. The kiss seemed to last for an eternity as both of them exchanged their warmth through their lips.

Long Chen's hands slowly started moving down from the back of Xun's neck to her shoulders. They didn't stop their descent as they reached her waist before ultimately stopping at her round butt.

"Uhm." Xun couldn't help but let out a moan as she felt her body being touched in such a way that sent a lighting coursing through her entire body.

At the same time, Long Chen's other hand landed on Xun's breast and gave them a light squeeze.

"Uhmm, what are you doing? This is not the time to be doing this," Xun said. Her words told a different story, but her misty eyes made it seem like she wanted more.

"Don't worry. I made a formation around us. No one will come," Long Chen replied before placing his lips on Xun's lips once again.

His hands slid inside the clothes of Xun to land on her bare butt from inside her clothes.

"We... We shouldn't," Xun said weakly. However, she felt her body turn weak. She couldn't even push herself up.

"We shouldn't what?" Long Chen asked, flashing a smile.

Xun opened her lips to answer, but before she could say anything, her lips were closed by Long Chen's lips once more.

Long Chen immersed himself in pleasure not only because he wanted to do it. Even though he did want to hold Xun and make love to her, he also had another reason for doing all this.

He knew he couldn't get any Qi here, but through dual cultivation, both of them could create some Qi of their own inside their body which had the potential of healing his body.

He could've told all this to Xun at the start as well, but he didn't want her to think that he was only using her for his healing. He wanted this to be a special time for Xun as well, where she was the only propriety.

As Long Chen spent time with Xun to make love to her, there was another Long Chen who was also spending intimate time with someone else.

The other half of Long Chen that came into existence because of the Bloodline Temple yet contained a piece of his soul that had the link needed to locate him.

The clone of Long Chen was spending time with the Immortal Queen on her bed. The more time he spent with her, the more he felt that he was getting stronger. He could feel that his soul was getting stronger along with his body.

The Immortal Queen moved from the top of Long Chen and laid beside him. "I think that's enough. You should be ready now."

"Ready for what?" Long Chen asked.

"Ready to leave this world. After the time we spent together, I think your body is finally strong enough to bear the pressure of passing through the barrier. We should leave tomorrow. After we get out of here, that's when your real training will begin," the Immortal Queen said.

She got off the bed and started getting dressed.

"As we're leaving tomorrow, you should finish all your pending work here. We might not be returning for quite some time.*

"Do what? I don't need to do anything. I've already conquered this entire world. It was just for fun. It's not important for me in any case. I'm ready to leave this instant."

Long Chen also stood up and started getting dressed.

"Are you sure?" The Immortal Queen asked.

"I'm sure! I've been waiting to leave this place since I came into existence. Why will I wait even a single second now that I have an opportunity to leave?" Long Chen responded.

"Alright. If you're ready, we can leave in thirty minutes. Inform whoever you need to inform that we're leaving and then meet me on the roof. I'll prepare the formation and everything else."

"Formation? Why would you need formations?"

"How else do you think I'll get you out? I can leave this place alone, but it's different for you. Your bloodline makes things more complicated. I need to prepare more to take you. That's what that formation is for. It'll heal you," the Immortal Queen said.

"It'll destabilize the space and the restrictions around us and give me a boost. That should make things easier for us."

Finishing what she had to say, the Immortal Queen left the room. She went straight to the roof of the Palace.

She opened a small portal before her and inserted her right hand inside the portal. As she pulled out her hand, there was a small brush on her hand.

Using the brush, she started creating the formation on the ground.

By the time she finished, Long Chen also arrived on the roof.

"Are you done?"

"Yeah. You finished as well?" Yeah.

"Good. Then we can leave. Come. Stand beside me."

Long Chen stepped closer to the woman in red and stood beside her. The woman gave Long Chen a small piece of stone. "No matter what happens. Don't drop the stone until we leave this place."

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