Rise Of The Demon God

Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531

Long Chen's body was infiltrated by the spirit sealed in the dark statue belonging to the first Demon King in history, which should've been impossible. From what Long Tian had told him, his body was protected against all the Spirits because of his bloodline, so he shouldn't have been affected by a Dark Spirit.

However, for some reason, the Dark Spirit directly went inside Long Chen's body. Not only that, but he even placed Long Chen's real soul in sleep, for now, taking complete control of his body.

Not only did Long Chen's body become stronger because of the Dark Spirit, but all the excess spirit aura made him even more dangerous.

The White Tiger King frowned. "I don't know who you are, but if you think you can kill me, then I welcome you."

The White Tiger King clapped his fists, eager for battle. There was not a single worry on his face. He didn't worry about a Dark Spirit who was occupying the body of a youngster, no matter how strong it was before its death.

Long Chen casually flicked his fingers. An orb made purely of dark energy appeared before Long Chen and shot straight for the White cultivation was always going to be weaker than the Cultivator with 00:27

powerful martial skills yet lower Cultivation.

Tiger King.

The orb appeared to be filled with destructive energy that even made the space around it crack.

"That skill doesn't belong to Long Chen. It must be his skill. This guy... He can draw out such strength even though he had just returned?" Long Tian muttered, grimacing.

Even if the first Demon King didn't possess his old body, which was destroyed by the Ancestral God, he still possessed all his knowledge which made all the change.

A cultivator who had no knowledge of martial skills but had higher cultivation was always going to be weaker than the Cultivator with powerful martial skills yet lower Cultivation.

Since he was taught by the Ancestral God himself, receiving his knowledge, he was more experienced than the White Tiger King. In fact, most of his skills were such that they had long gone extinct. Even the current Demon King didn't know this skill.

The White Tiger King dodged the orb of energy, trying to get close to Long Chen. However, as soon as he dodged the dark orb, the orb of energy split into a thousand similar-shaped orbs.

The White Tiger King was stunned to see the change. Even though the Orbs had divided, they didn't weaken. It was as if all the orbs had the same amount of destructive energy as the orbs from before.

In fact, they could only be described as something that was getting more powerful with each passing second.

The White Tiger King couldn't even get close to Long Chen with all these orbs. In fact, avoiding them was proving to be hard in itself. Moreover, since he didn't have his Soul Weapon, it was even harder.

He brought forth another Origin Sword as he kept dodging the orbs, slicing them in half to destroy them. Unfortunately, the more he sliced the orbs, the more they multiplied. It was as if there was no way to stop the orbs that kept multiplying and all chased after him from different sides.

The Orbs were so powerful that they even destroyed his barrier swiftly as if it was child's play. Just avoiding those energy orbs it itself was proving to be harder for the White Tiger King. He could neither stop them nor destroy them. It was as if it was impossible to stop them.

While the White Tiger King tried to avoid the battles, Long Chen didn't even bother to gaze at him. It was as if he was already sure that he needed to do nothing more to take care of that guy. His death was inevitable. It was only a matter of time since the longer these orbs were avoided, the stronger they became.

In the meantime, Long Chen shifted his focus to Long Tian as if the battle was already over for him.

"Who are you?" Long Chen inquired. "You appear to have his aura, but you aren't his spirit. So what exactly are you?"

'It seems he can't read Long Chen's memories,' Long Tian thought, hearing the Demon King's words.

"I am the first soul of the body you possess, and I'm also the friend of Long Chen."

"The first soul of this body? You mean I'm not the first to take over the body?" Long Chen smiled. "Fascinating. So he took over your body, yet you call him your friend?"

"Unlike you, he didn't take over this body forcefully. He did it when he had no choice, and it was unintentional. You'll never understand. Free him and take over another body if you want. Just not him."

"And why not him?" Long Chen inquired, smiling. "Anyway, I know how to return favors. Since it's your body, I won't hurt you either. You can also accompany me. I promise as soon as I'm done, I'll return this body to your friend."

"And what are your goals?" Long Tian asked. He was the Demon King, and he had only two enemies. One was in the statue, and the other's soul was sleeping inside Long Chen's body, injured. What else could he need?

Long Chen smirked. "There is a species I need to wipe. Now that I've returned, it's time I fulfilled my unfinished business. After that, I'll find a different body, and you can have this guy back."

"Father!" Ling roared, watching her father being hit by one of the orbs.

The White Tiger King groaned in pain as he was hit. The attack managed to even pass through his defense, making him experience tormenting pain. It even slowed him down more before another attack came crashing into him.

One after another, all the energy orbs kept hitting him. The White Tiger King was said to be the fastest god beast, yet even he couldn't avoid the destructive orbs.

His defense was penetrated, and his entire body was bleeding. Even his right hand was completely obliterated as he dropped to the ground. Fortunately, he was still alive, even after bracing through all the attacks.

Despite so much pain, he was still holding on. If there was a time when he missed not having his Soul Weapon the most, it was now. He was sure he could've done something if he had the soul weapon.

"Hmm? You're still alive?" Long Chen smiled. "That's good as well."

"It is more efficient with you alive!" He stepped closer to the White Tiger King before grabbing his skull.

He raised white tiger King in the air. "Thank you for the feast. Demon's Sacrifice!"

"Arghhh!" the White Tiger King roared like never before, feeling the most brutal pain.

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