Rise of the Undead Legion

Chapter 474 Raiding the Blood Stone Mines

Chapter 474 Raiding the Blood Stone Mines

"Emm, sure. What do you want?" asked the Dwarf.

Dave handed him a small vile and a small piece of paper, "I'll need at least a couple of dozens of them."

The dwarf's eyes widened, he wasn't believing what he was seeing, in the hand of Kis'Shtiengbrah was a vile of a potion of an unknown origin, and on his other hand was the receipt of such a potion.

"This… is from the underworld?" asked the dwarf.

"Yep, and you'll have exclusive rights to craft them, but you'll have to make mine first. See if you have the ingredients I can supply you with anything you're missing."

"No, no, the beauty of such a potion is that it only requires low tire herbs, they're everywhere, it practically costs less than a silver to make one, but since it's the first on the server to actually own the receipt, he can sell it for how much he wants, and no one will complain. Especially due to its incredible effect.

"How long will it take you to make a couple dozen of them?" Dave asked.

"Give me five minutes.

Dave and mercy waited while the dwarf scurried away to get started. After exactly five minutes, he came back with a small bag, packed full of yellow colored potions and handed them to Dave.

"They're here. Thank you for the receipt man."

"No worries, just a small thingy. Alright," Dave turned to Mercy, "We'll be moving now. Are you ready?" Dave asked.

"Yes, let's go." Mercy was the first to tear her teleportation scroll, and Dave followed after her. The two appeared in the Burning Heights fortress. Where Grumpy and a few other Basilisks were waiting.

"I don't see Ralph here," Mercy said.

"They're probably at the dungeon entrance, let's get some rides, we'll need the basilisk where we're headed." Dave jumped on Grumpy's back and the basilisk dashed out of the city in a trot.

Mercy jumped on one of the other basilisks and followed after Dave.

The remaining basilisks followed after Dave and they all went toward the Blood Mines right under the volcano.

A group of exactly one hundred Doom Knights waited in line, most had a gigantic tower shield and a bastard or claymore of epic proportions as weapons. The rare few were Dave's own Boyz, Bud with his vicious claws, Spark with his ceremonial robes and staff. Dog wielding the iron bone whip. The Tengu was still preoccupied with Dave's tasks, but once he finishes, he was bound to come and assist him here.

Dave didn't see any of his party members, so he called to check up on them.

"What's going on?" Dave asked Ralph.

"Oh, we're inside, checking on the stuff here, man the legion sure are professionals when it comes to mining," Ralph said.

Out of interest, Dave wanted to know what Ralph was talking about, he haven't been here since the last time he came to fight the Chaos Centipede.

Dave called his group of undead to line up in a double file and follow after him.

They were met with a sight to behold, torches positioned high up that lit the way inside the caves. The undead had already placed several dozen railways for mining carts to move about in the mine. From what appeared to Dave, the thousand of neatly placed excavation tools was enough to showcase the numbers of undead working in the mines.

The sound of iron hitting rock echoed through the entirety of the mine. Dave and Mercy moved until they saw the first group of undead that were piling Bloodstones on a mining cart then pushed it toward a downward slope.

"Where is that cart heading?" Dave asked the undead elite that was working the crate.

The latter, when he noticed Dave immediately dropped to his knees and spoke, "Your majesty, the carts will head through a tunnel we had built and go straight to the burning heights extraction area. We were advised to do so to increase the speed of the extraction of the stones, and it was better than manually carrying them to the fortress. Also, we have dug several of these tunnels throughout the mining area to increase the production."

"That's interesting, good job on doing that. Tell me, how far have you dug through the mines?"

"We have reached right before the Dogaron's area. We have tried to take some of the Oprenieum, but all attempts resulted in our members being sent to the Dead Realm. That beast is no joke, and he was fast beyond belief that our attempts at swarming it with numbers failed, not to mention the lack of heat resistance we lowly undead have. Most of us were scorched to cinders right at the cave's entrance."

Dave nodded, the undead was unusually talkative unlike other undead of the same tire. But Dave failed to see any potential he could have to be able to join his own undead. So, he dismissed him with a pat o the shoulder so he could continue his work.

"Let's keep moving," Dave said.

The rest of the Doom Knights accompanying Dave followed after him. All of them moving like machines of destructions, their boots marching as one, every step, echoing a hundred time over in the sound of one single construct of steel, and slaughter.

More mining carts moved about along their own rails, and dove into pits that led them outside the mining area. And form other tunnels, emptied carts came in, where other undead carried them deeper into the caves where there were more Bloodstones to be extracted.

Dave found Ralph and the rest of the party standing right in front of the entrance with the braziers, from here onward was going to be out of the Blood Worm area and into the Chaos Salamanders area.

"Guys, I have something for you," Dave gave the party two vials of the yellow liquid he had concocted earlier.

"What's this?" asked Lone Arrow.

"It's a potion I found the receipt of when I was rummaging through the Ash King's Keep."

"What? You've been in the keep?" Lone questioned.

"What's that?" Demeri asked.

"It's the fifth Raid Zone," Dave answered. "Where the Underworld's Final boss lives. It was pretty hectic going there."

"Yeah, the Undead King's planning to assault it soon I think." Perfect Shot commented.

"Actually, he's planning on doing so tomorrow. Guys, wanna join in? it'll be fun."

"Hell, yeah we do!" Flanker said. "We'll get shit tone of EXP with the legion, and probably be the reason why you guys will even win that battle."

Dave sour eyed Flanker, "You're not the one that's supposed to be saying that. Jinx-mouth."

"Hey, when did I get that nickname?" Flanker asked.

"I believe it was the day you first started talking, you just weren't privy to it. Anyway, We'll be fighting the Ash King, that's not easy. We'll need to prepare for it." Tess said.

The Crimson Witch was an S legacy holder and even she believed tackling the Ash King was not going to be an easy feat.

"What do you mean, the Undead King has an army of millions," Flanker shrugged. "He could easily take those horny guys out."

"Horny? You mean horned?"

"Tomato tomatho, still, we'll get decent Exp and shit tone of loot. I say jackpot." Flanker said.

"Wait until you're face to face with other players then we'll see where your courage takes you."

"There will be players?" Flanker questioned.

"Duh, shouldn't you know this by now. They're using the temples to recruit more players, and it's ongoing while we're still speaking." Fortress said.

"I didn't know that, that might change stuff. But still, we have skelly and his mega form."

"Tomorrow's going to be a legion's quest. I don't know if I'll have time or the ability to take on the players while the Ash King is there. And he has a nasty beef with me."

"Either way, I believe we'll win."

"I sure do hope so. Now, let's get going. We have a lot of rooms and distance to cover."

They moved through the tunnels, Dave on grumpy and the rest of his party members rode on the other extra basilisks.

"Why do you get to ride on an armored basilisk?" Flanker asked.

"Because I paid for the stuff, I could issue one for you if you'd like. It's only 20,000gold."

Flanker quieted down for a moment then said, "I would rather not, I mean armor is for the weak, and I'm better off knowing I don't have it lest I depend on it and it betrays me in a moment of need. I mean, I need to be focused on all times and a—why are you all looking at me?"

"Shut up!" Tess shouted, "You talk too damn much! Were you a damn radio in your last life?"

Flanker swallowed back his words and looked aside. Apparently not only Tess was of the same opinion. When Flanker opens his mouth, it was always worse than opening the pandora's box.

Speaking of which, Dave facepalmed as he forgot to ask Balaam who was in his coronation ceremony of the whereabout of such an item. He made a note to go to the Mountain of Glory and find out later.

They entered some caverns deeper in the mine where hundreds, maybe thousands of stalactites hung from the ceiling. Each stalactite looked like it was made from drippings of fresh blood. Here and there some of the crimson formations descended all the way to the floor of the cave, in pillar-like formation.

On the other side of the room was the dungeon divider, where the new area will start.

Dave raised a fist and the group stopped.

Inside the room, ten red lizards the size of horses were marching about in the area. The moment they noticed Dave, and unlike the last time where they came charging in, the group of lizards scurried away and dove into small pits where lava gathered into pools.

"Damn, you're so ugly you scared them off," Flanker commented while shaking his hand.

"I bet they would have had the same reaction if you were to open your mouth."

This resulted in the group releasing a bout of giggles.

"Let's keep going, The Dogaron is still two levels down."

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