Rise of the Undead Legion

Chapter 508 - Seven Virtues

Chapter 508 - Seven Virtues

After being thrown around, over, and over and over again, Dave was completely exasperated. Not at the child, but himself for not being able to land a solid hit on the kid.

"I guess I shouldn't play around anymore," Dave said.

"So, you were playing around, I thought you were learning new ways to break your fall, on your face." Ralph grinned.

"Yeah, keep laughing, it's just that I'm not good against throws, I need to learn more martial arts. Alright, kid, try again," Dave said.

Dave walked up to the kid, and instead of throwing a fully extended punch, he threw a halfhearted one.

The kid grabbed at Dave's extended arm, wanting to throw him once again, but he didn't find any leverage, Dave was not leaning forward and his center of gravity was firmly poised against the kid's throw.

Dave's fingers latched onto the kid's shoulder like vices. "I got you now, sorry but this is going to hurt," Dave said and lifted the kid from his shoulder with one arm.

The kid kicked at Dave's face, but the latter didn't budge, without the support from the ground, the kid's weight proved a little hindrance to the Undead Dave, nor was his strength of any concern.

Dave unceremoniously threw the kid against the ground, he made sure not to do it hard, lest he breaks the kid's head, but it was strong enough that it took the breath out of him.

Dave didn't go for the finisher, he waited for the kid to stand back up and take his stance, the kid was huffing and puffing, he was feeling exhausted. The undead, however, wasn't tired at all.

The kid charged Dave, for the first time, aiming to tackle him from his waist to throw off his posed center of gravity, yet Dave stood firmly, the kid felt like he hit his shoulder against a pillar.

Dave dropped a chop on the kid's shoulder causing him to fall to his knees.

"Enough, kid, you'll die."

The kid looked up at Dave who once again didn't go for the finisher, smiled, then stood back away, he gave Dave a martial bow and disappeared.

"Nice, we cleared it," Ralph said and showed Dave a status screen only he was privy to.


Fu Temple Forbidden Legacy Upgrade.

Unlocked Two Virtues!

Honor, Respect!

First Stage Clear

Score: Perfect!


"Now what?" Dave asked.

"We'll have to wait for the second wave. They should be stronger." Ralph added.

"How long?" Dave asked.

"One minute, you know to catch our breaths."

A minute later and two other kids, a bit older than the former ones came to the battle.

These two had weapons, one had tonfas, and the other was carrying a kendo sword.

"I guess we get to use our weapons," Ralph said.

"Yes," Dave replied.

He drew Durandal and pointed at the closest one, the sword user.

"Hey, how come you get to chose the guy with the sword."

"Tonfa guys are annoying, they move too much, also I figured out how to clear this stage."

"What do you mean? You have a hint?" pointed his katana at the tonfa user.

"Yeah, it was in the notification, this is the samurai's virtues. There are seven, we need to clear the remaining ones."

"I have no idea what those are," Ralph said.

"You have a samurai legacy and you didn't ever do a history research?"

"Bro, I never did research for my studies."

Dave shook his head, "Once the university semesters starts again, I'm planning on rejoining, I always wanted to major in history. Anyway, there are seven samurai virtues. Honor, Compassion, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Loyalty, and integrity. We cleared two, in the last fight."

"Oh," Ralph said. Thankfully, they had the time to chat, as if they didn't make the first move the kids won't attack them.

"But among them, I don't see how we can clear any virtue, it was thanks to you that we got honor and respect, but that leaves five."

"Well, I know the way to get one of the remaining five, let me show you," Dave said.

He charged the kid in front of him, who drew his weapon right above his head, took a firm step forward, and struck down in a kendo strike.

Dave dodged to the side and swung Durandal with all he got, not at the kid, but at his weapon.

The wooden weapon didn't have a sodding chance at surviving. The weapon snapped in two unproportioned halves, and the force of the impact made the kid's hands numb and shaky that he dropped the remaining sword unwillingly.

Dave swung Durandal with decapitating force at the kid's neck, but he stopped a hair's width away.

"Surrender," Dave said.

The kid gulped, took a step back and bowed down, then dissipated.

"Damn, you cleared one," Ralph said.

"Oh, so if I or you clear one of the virtues, it counts for the both of us," Dave said.

"Yeah, quite handy, what virtue was this?" Ralph asked.

"If I'm correct, it's your girlfriend's avatar name." Dave grinned.

"Mercy? Oh, you mean Compassion, right. Now is there a way for me to clear another virtue?" Ralph said.

"I don't think so." Dave shook his head.

"Right then," Ralph charged the NPC and they both began a fierce battle. Ralph's blade was far more powerful than the wooden tonfa, even if he did receive a few blows, he was able to chip away at the weapon until it was no longer usable. The kid threw his weapons to the side when Ralph's blade rested neatly on his neck.


Fu Temple Forbidden Legacy Upgrade.

Unlocked One virtue,


Second Stage Clear

Score: Great


"Good we got it right," Ralph said. Suddenly a blinding light came upon the two players and they were hearing loud shouting in the distance. Looking at each other Dave grinned and laughed.

Ralph was fully donned in a red samurai drab, with the tiled pauldrons, the demon faced face mask. The triangular helmet and the rest of the armor, a mix of leather and plate mail.

"What are you laughing about?" Ralph said.

"You," Dave said.

Ralph finally noticed that he was donned in a full samurai outfit.

"Damn, how come you're still in your undead gear," Ralph said.

"No idea," Dave shrugged, but look around," He added.

There were thousands of other samurais spread along an opening in a green field. Where the two players stood, was at the center of this field, and right behind them was a massive tent. That had a sign, Dave didn't understand the Kanji written on it, but it read "Tokugawa Shogun," once the system Translated it for Dave.

"People aren't afraid of me," Dave said. "They don't see me as an Undead, or probably they don't care. Anyway, what's the quest this time?"

Ralph shared the quest with Dave.


Follow the Shogun's orders.

Death in the quest will void the legacy quest.


"What? Damn this isn't good. We're not allowed to die."

"What, I had that throughout my whole S legacy, you only got one portion, and I had to stay alive from NPCs and players. Be thankful." Dave shook his head.

"Well, I am, but damn it's gonna be tough. Huh, why are you frowning?" Ralph asked.

"Well, if you thought it's gonna be tough, wait until you see your skill bar," Dave said.

When Ralph noticed, his face turned white. "All skills are disabled."

"Yep, and I'm not allowed to use Ajax."

"Damn. Sword only… I don't like this." Ralph said, but his rambling was cut off by the shout of another samurai.

"Get inside! The Shogun is waiting for you!" said a samurai who just came from behind the Shogun's tent.

"Guess it's time," Ralph said.

"Let's go and see what's this is about," Dave replied.

The two of them walked in, the tent was large, carpeted with sheep's wool, and had a wooden table with markers for soldiers and terrain.

Two samurais were standing on the sides of a man who was sitting on the ground right against the table.

"My generals. I have a mission for you. Nagato Sigatoka has claimed the eastern terrain. Our men have fought, shed blood, and broke bone to take it back to no success. I need you two to get it back."

Dave noticed a flashing spot on the map in front of the Shogun. There were three red pieces and one green one.

"I suppose the enemy outnumber us three to one."

"It is as you have said. And they hold the high ground advantage. We cannot do a detour, the only way in from our site is through a small valley."

Dave noticed the valley the Shogun was talking about and frowned.

"They'll arrow us down to the last man standing before we get to the other side."


Dave tightened his fist; this man was no general. He was an idiot, the mere thought of sending men through that valley was stupid. Any half-decent person with a fart for a brain would think twice before sending anyone to their death. They can't get any advantage and will die before they could even reach halfway there. Unless Dave had his own undead army charging the valley, there was no way for any human to do it and survive.

"We'll do as you command, how many soldiers do we have."

"I allocated the Ryu unit to you. A hundred men strong. I expect your task to be successful by sundown. Leave" The Shogun replied, and shooed the two away.

Dave scanned the map and updated his own. Then left after being dismissed.

Once they were out, Ralph asked. "What do you think about that guy's plan?"

"It's stupid. He can't see that we're gonna kick the bucket the moment we get into the valley."

"Got any Skelly ideas?"

"I'm thinking," Dave said as he rubbed his beard.

Once his eyes landed on some of the broken carts. "I have an idea." He grinned.

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