Rise of the Undead Legion

Chapter 510 - Long Night

Chapter 510 - Long Night

Dave flew through the terrain toward the first of the watchers, he swung Durandal as powerfully as he could, lobbing the head of the unsuspecting guard off its torso. Not before the head could even touch the ground, Dave had lunched at the second and more shocked watcher, Durandal dug right under the nap of his neck, cracking bone and silencing him from calling an alarm.

Ralph took to Dave's right, there were a couple other guards in the distance, camping, they had taken turns in watch duty, and were sitting in front of a boiling pot of soup. Ralph made it their last supper. The first guard that was intently watching the broth had a katana go from the back of his neck, exiting through his salivating mouth. Before the second one could even process what was going on, Ralph kicked him in the face, and brutally pulled the embedded blade out of the neck of the first dead, spraying buckets of blood. He slashed at the man's neck forever silencing him. All that was left was a trashing person, gasping for breath he will never take again.

"We still have a lot of guards to kill. Can you manage this side?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, but there are like a dozen or more left, it's gonna take a while"

"More than fifty."

"You can see them?"

"Undead Dark Vision. Anyway, make sure you take out as many as you can, our company is coming soon They'll be exposed, we need to lessen the burden on both sides so we don't get a lot of casualties. We have around five minutes before they get into the valley, maybe less." Dave said.

"Right, I'm on it."

Dave nodded and turned his head to the other side. The cliff was far, fifty feet away. He took a few steps back, then sprinted as fast as he could. Dave shot out from his cliff side and jumped, waving both his legs and arms as if he was walking on air.

Ralph took a deep breath, Dave was short a few feet and he began dropping down the valley, the fall will definitely hurt him bad if not outright kill him.

Ralph got to the clif's edge on his side, peered down and was about to call Dave's name. He thought against it, it would only reveal his position and notify the enemy that an intruder was close.

Thankfully, the dim light of a half moon bare light upon the armored person of Dave who was stuck to the wall of the cliff like a gecko. Dave looked up, unperturbed by the miscalculated jump and heaved with all he could, jumping using the power of his arms and legs.

Ralph was genuinely surprised, Dave was actually right, he had jumped at least twice the height and distance than when he was carrying Ralph.

In one Jump Dave managed to reach the edge of the cliff, he climbed up, turned to Ralph and extended a thumb's up.

Ralph knew what to do, he had to start hacking and killing, the night is young and a lot of blood is gonna be shed.

The two began a mass slaughter in the night, and not before the company could arrive to the valley, the first alarm sounded. Dave was spotted, some random warrior was taking a leak, and when he returned to his post he saw the body of one of his comrades.

"RALPH! MAKE SOME NOISE!" Dave shouted and began slaughtering anyone that came his way.

Ralph understood the meaning behind Dave's sudden shout, it was to bring the attention of every warrior and soldier on the cliffs to them, and give the company time to pass through the valley.

The company noticed what the two crazies were doing, they charged faster than before. They didn't want to waste the opportunity that their generals had given them, they sacrificed themselves to face off against an army each, just to give these lowly soldiers a chance at turning the tides.

"Hurry!" called the buffed samurai, in all quietness and hushedness he could.

Their group began marching faster, creating sound, but it was muffled by the crazed rampage of both Dave and Ralph on the cliffs.

This was not going to last for long, Dave judged, the enemy outnumbered them three to one. And the men on the cliff were not as numerous as the men on the other side of the valley. Once the main force takes notice of this commotion, they would send in troops to support the watchers and Dave's company will get compromised.

Dave's side was heavily packed with watchers, he didn't have a problem yet in dealing with them. They were unorganized, and were not working harmoniously together, many of them stumbled in the dark, failing to have a proper footing, as for Dave his night vision aided him tremendously in assessing the situation and landing sneaky blows.

The watchers took note of the difficult vision situation and began lighting torches to get rid of the disadvantage. Dave took the chance to mare any torch near him in the mud to snuff it out and continued the slaughter.

Ralph on the other hand was being pressed into the defensive, too many soldiers and he too was not able to have a proper footing due to the night. When the light came up, he had more easier time dealing with the watchers, but so did they, not finding it that difficult anymore to maneuver.

The battle raged on, for minutes, nicks cuts and bruises, and more enemy soldiers came in to join the fray.

Dave pushed his side forward until he was able to see the camp in the distance, he realized why the enemy troops were getting to him fast. On this side of the valley, the way up was a paved road. Unlike the entrance form where Dave came where he had to carry Ralph and climb up. The enemy soldiers could simply run up from their camp to the cliff.

"HOSTILES MARCHING THE VALLEY!" one of the watchers finally noticed Dave and Ralph's company walking hidden by the night's veil.

"I guess this is it for the distraction, Ralph! Jump!" Dave shouted.

Ralph looked at Dave who began his sprint toward his side of the cliff. Dave was about to jump, but why did he ask Ralph to jump too?

Ralph didn't have time to process and analyze Dave's strange request, he trusted his friend so he bonked a warrior on the head with the hilt of his sword and sprinted to the edge of the cliff.

He jumped toward valley, where Dave launched himself a second before.

Dave managed to grab at Ralph in midair, and with the strength behind his powerful lung, he pushed the two of them to the cliff's side.

Dave had Durandal ready and dug it against the cliff to give them a better supporting position. The legendary sword found it easy to dig itself and carry the weight of both Dave and ralph.

"What now?" Ralph said to Dave.

Dave tightened his grip on Ralph's arm and said, "We'll go down, we did our job. We need to push with the company, we don't have a lot of distance left to cover."

"Right, then let's go."

"Let's go!" Dave jerked Durandal and jumped down, stabbing he sword in the rocks whenever he could to lessen the fall speed. Soon the two of them made it to the ground where the company were in utter shock.

"That was inspirational!" one of the samurais said.

"Inspirational my ass! Get moving! We'll get obliterated if we stay under the arrows!" Dave shouted. He didn't want his effort to go to waste. He bought a lot of time for the company, it was time for them to do their job.

The first volley of arrows shot down, none of them landed on any of the samurais. Which gave them a great boost of morals, they didn't die pointlessly and they were bound to wet their blades in the blood of their enemies tonight.

Dave didn't opt to go under the cover of the crates.

"General! Come under!"

"I don't need the cover, I'm able to see the arrows keep moving I'll cover the flanks!" Dave called.

Ralph sadly didn't have the opportunity and ability to see in the dark, so he had to go under the cover of the crates and use his buffed arms to carry the lion's share of weight all by himself.

"MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!" Ralph shouted and the samurais marched under the valley like a train.

Dave began swatting arrows away, helping reduce the damage on the crates.

One of the soldiers took an arrow to the knee and fell down crying out. One of the crates was near him, and a couple of the samurais that didn't have to carry the weight dragged him under it and continued their march.

Dave noticed a few soldiers on the cliff pushing a heavy boulder, if it falls the wooden crate would be of no protection to them, it would be the same as if they were trying to block a bullet using a paper.

Dave hurried up, jumped against the cliff's side and launched himself in the air, power amassed in the muscles of his arms and Durandal, wielded and swung with both arms.

The sword roared against space, as Dave's swing was powerful and strong enough that it created a vacuum.

The boulder fell and Durandal met it. The Sword cut the boulder cleanly in half, splitting it and causing the rock to fall harmlessly to the side of the company.

"A FEW MORE FEET! MOVE!" Dave shouted and soon the company was in the open.

"Clean up on isle cliff! Split five platoons with me! Ralph take the others and clean up the cliff side!" Dave called.

Five samurai platoons moved with Dave, they totaled fifty soldiers and they walked up the edge of the cliff that they had just cleared up, Dave ordered one of the troops to stay back and use the crates as barricades to stop any samurais form going up their way, or at least slow them down.

He rallied the information to Ralph who did the same and barricaded the cliff's climb from the enemy's camp and then began cleaning up any soldiers that were shooting arrows at them before.

The battle at the cliff's side was a massacre. The watchers were no match for the fifty samurais on each side of the cliff and they were done and dusted in less than five minutes. It was enough time for Dave to gather back the remaining of his troops and send them back to help the platoon that was blocking the enemy's troops from climbing and assisting the now dead watchers.

Dave used the crates to the best of their abilities, forcing the enemy to go into tight spaces to fight them, and lessen the numerical pressure against him. Ralph also began sharing information with Dave using the game's voice com.

Soon, the enemy soldier pressure lessened, especially after Dave's troops mowed down at least sixty of them. Ralph's troops were also doing a great job and their side was clear out of the enemy in the same time that Dave's was.

The remaining stragglers escaped pulling with them whoever survived, o was too wounded to carry himself out of the battle.

A few of Dave's troops wanted to make chase, but a stern command put the Samurais in place.

"Collect the dead! Dress your wounds! Fortify the barricades, tonight is going to be a long one!"

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