Rise of the Undead Legion

Chapter 527 - The Real Devil

Chapter 527 - The Real Devil

"A contract, with a demon god? HAHAHAHA" Asmodeus began laughing, and his voice was that of the death throes of an infinite number of people jarring and disgusting to hear.

"What do you offer?" Asmodeus said after he finished his laughter.

"A place for your kin in the world of man."

"Not enough to spare your life. In time, one of the people will be able to find the passage to hell, and they'll enter it and will have the ability to use my legacy, once that is done, they'll be offered power and I'll have a place for my kin back in the world."

"Are you sure about that? I mean the only entrance is in Urburg that's my town."

"So what? Without you there, the passage remains for the people to enter, you can't stop them, you can't warn them."

Dave smiled and held his ring up.

The ring shone bright and he transformed from an undead to his player form.

"A traveler!" Asmodeus took a step back. "Curses upon curses!"

"Yep, you know what that means, I could easily relay the message to a friend on the above world, and I can have an entire army waiting right at the well. No one will ever enter, and I can assure you undead don't need sleep or rest and they could stand to watch for all eternity there."

"You dare threaten me!"

"It is not a threat, it is a bargain, think of it in a financial way."

The heat emanating from the area was suffocating to Dave's human form he began overheating. Dave switched back to his undead form and said, "Now that's not all. I also need the flame 'Right now'."

"What flame, dumb one, all in hell burns in flame."

"Disas Obascus Fervis."

"Hah, the first flame. But I fail to see how that is related to your offer."

"Consider it an addendum to our terms, in that I can offer you the Pigmy of the Chaos Flame. Ashy boy really needed that one."

"Oh, so you still have it."

"I bet that's pretty helpful to your son who is reincarnated in embryo form."

"It took me a great deal of effort to revive him from being struck with a god slaying weapon, but I see, you also know of what my child needs to transform into a full demon. I would agree to your terms. But I also have my own."

"Yeah, tell me," Dave said.

"I'll have you imprisoned here for one hundred years. And I'll take all of the Underworld for myself, and once the Calamities are upon the world, your army will be an affiliate to my own and be the vanguards in the battle to come."

"How about, no, no and hell no."

"Dare refuse me and I'll do to you what I wish, mortal man!"

"That's where you're wrong buddy," Dave said. "I'm a traveler like you said, I could easily kill myself and be back to the overworld. You're a god, but you can't stop that from happening."

"You think I'll allow you to die?"

"Oh, believe me, I can die as easily as I want to, and you really don't want to risk it. Anyway, let's do some adjustments on those terms and see if you like the proposition any better."

"I won't be imprisoned here, at least not right now. I'm the only one capable of taking down the calamities right now. Think about it, I just killed two in one day. No other traveler could do that. And if the calamities are upon them, while I'm stuck here for one hundred years, you'll still end up finding nothing to rule."

"You make an infuriating good point."

"I'm glad we're on the same page. Secondly, I can give you a territory, but you can't take it right now. You'll only be allowed to use it once the calamities are out. You know the castle of the burning heights, that's mine, and I can give it to you to use."

"Hmm, good."

"Finally, for the undead to be on your call and backing, in your dreams. We do things our way, we will fight the calamities, tooth, and nail, we won't back down, but we'll never collaborate. Still, I can promise you, we will be friends until the first sign of hostilities. Then everything is null and void and all our agreement is canceled."

"You mean, you want us to collaborate in killing the calamities?"

"Yes, once that is done, we can rip each other throat for all I care, I mean, that's been the very cause and reason for our existence in this world in the first place."

"Do you dare trust a demon in respecting these terms?"

"Hell no, I don't even trust you right now, that's why we'll be signing the contract." Dave drew up a white parchment.

"Albert!" he called and the Hawaiian guy appeared.

Time froze and even the deity didn't move or was able to see Albert.

"Ho, you really want to sign a contract with this guy?"

"Yeah, man, I got caught so I improvised, still it's gonna be a little bit more helpful than I thought."

Alfred had already been aware of the conversation between the two, so the contract was immediately written on Dave's paper.

"Thankfully, Asmodeus here is too dumb to notice the loopholes I have in the contract."

"Care to explain?" Albert said.

"Second term, I agreed to give him the castle of the burning heights, not the castle at the burning heights."


"He wants to enter the underworld, and if he does, it's gonna be a damned big ass hassle. Especially with players now allowed to enter the Underworld, he'll have a lot of people wanting to join."


"So, I'll simply have Dagla teleport the castle to the base of the labyrinth I created in the mountain of glory. I didn't agree to him gaining access to the underworld but rather the building itself, it's not my fault that I changed the location."

"Sometimes… I think you're the real devil."

"Hey, we do what we can."

"What about the Pigmy?"

"Aah, that's a little surprise I left for him to discover later on. Now is the contract done?"

"From my point of view, it's perfect. Let's see if he notices."

Albert disappeared and the contract was in Dave's hand.

"Seems that the contract is already in your hand," Asmodeus said. Fortunately for Dave, and unfortunately for Asmodeus, the latter was so surprised at the fact that the contract was already written and in the exact terms that Dave had said. While he just produced it. Making the devil think that Dave had already predicted the entire situation and had the contract ready before even making a single step in Hell.

This caused Asmodeus's attention to be focused more on the frightening existence in front of him and fully forget the notions in the contract.

Once Asmodeus has signed and Dave had done so, Asmodeus handed Dave a small sparkling flame.

"This is your part of the bargain Disas Obascus Fervis."

Dave held the vial that Dagla gave him and the flame was sucked in immediately.

"Now hand over the pigmy."

"Well, I really don't have it on me right now, it's still being nurtured in the Underworld." Dave shrugged.

Asmodeus felt like he got played, no because of his lack of attention, he didn't specify when or where Dave would hand him the pigmy, it could be for all eternity for all Dave cared. But on the contract, Disas Obascus Fervis was mentioned to be given 'Right Now'.

"You tricked me."

"Not really, I have the flame I just need to leave this place to get it. I mean, think of it as an insurance for me to leave."

"True, so have I, I also lied."

"In the contract, you agreed to let me go without imprisonment."

"Indeed, but that was specified for me, and only me, not all that I ruled and command under my dominion."

"To be honest, I had the feeling that you'll do something like that, so toodles!"

Dave switched his form to demonic ascension, and turned tail, he flipped his leathery wings and bolted out of the tunnel like an arrow.

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