Running Away With The Nemesis’ Cub

Chapter 31 - Easter Egg (2 parts)

Chapter 31 - Easter Egg (2 parts)

The Truth

Jiang Mian accidentally learned that Gong Xun Zhong had known that the cub was his a long time ago. It turns out that Gong Xun Zhong was with him for the sake of the child, and didn’t really like him.

He turned red with anger and wanted to leave, Gong Xun Zhong panicked: “Lao Po, Lao Po, listen to me, it’s not what you think.”

“Don’t call me Lao Po!”

Gong Xun Zhong knelt down with a plop, Jiang Mian was stunned by him clinging to his legs and couldn’t pull out.

“Let go.”

“It’s not like that, listen to my explanation, okay?”

Jiang Mian was furious, coldly grunting and hugged his arms, “Ok, I’ll ask you, you knew from the beginning that the child was yours, didn’t you?”

The cub standing in the crib watching: “Wu wu!”

Gong Xun Zhong was sullen: “It’s just, I only roughly guessed it when you ran away the second time.”

“Then why did you keep it from me?”

Cub: “Ah ah!”

Gong Xun Zhong was aggrieved: “I searched for you for a long time before I found you, I was afraid you would run away again.”

“So are you with me for this child?”

Cub: “En en!”

Gong Xun Zhong got anxious: “Xiao Luo Si Fen you shut up!”

Jiang Mian smacked him on the back of the head: “How many times have I told you not to call her Xiao Luo Si Fen!”

Gong Xun Zhong obediently grabbed his hand: “Lao Po believe me, heaven and earth can see, the sun and moon can testify, I am really not with you for the sake of the child, if you do not believe me I can swear that if I have a falsified a word, let me be unable to raise it for life.”

This oath is a bit heavy, and Jiang Mian, who was shocked, stammered: “You, you raise or not, how would I know if it is fulfilled or not……”

“This is simple,” Gong Xun Zhong quickly got up to carry Jiang Mian, “Lao Po, you will know if you try it yourself.”

Although Jiang Mian believed that Gong Xun Zhong was not with him for the sake of the child, he was still angry that Gong Xun Zhong had actually cheated him, he ignored Gong Xun Zhong at home, and Gong Xun Zhong stuck his hot face to his cold butt every day and did not feel annoyed.

He was not annoyed but Jiang Mian was annoyed. Compared to the cub, Gong Xun Zhong is more like an unweaned child, constantly calling Lao Po long, Lao Po short, sticking to Jiang Mian who wishes he could leave home.

Gong Xun Zhong was completely unaware and his eyes couldn’t leave his Lao Po for a moment. Jiang Mian was currently weaning and occasionally had chest pains. Gong Xun Zhong immediately drifted over: “Does it hurt again? I’ll rub it for you? “

Jiang Mian slapped his hand away: “Don’t move your hands, do I know you well?”

Gong Xun Zhong muttered: “Our relationship is already under the same quilt.”

Jiang Mian calmly said: “Oh, then let’s separate at night ba.”

Gong Xun Zhong cried and followed behind Jiang Mian’s butt: “Lao Po, Lao Po, look at me and see if I look like that unwanted little cabbage.”

The cub

The grown-up cub followed Jiang Mian’s personality for the most part, able to eat, sleep and make a fuss.

For example, when they go out and she sees something she wants, if you don’t buy it she will be shameless, lying on the ground without the baggage of the rich second generation and start crying.

However, to Jiang Mian, these are the leftovers from the tricks he played, he is also not afraid of losing face. Children ma, they are like this and it is understandable. He found a place to sit down and asked Gong Xun Zhong to buy a cone and sit next to him and ate while watching her act shamefully.

Seeing that it didn’t work on Jiang Mian, the cub tentatively looked at Gong Xun Zhong, but Gong Xun Zhong only had his Lao Po in his eyes, and he was even holding a paper towel in his hand to wipe his Lao Po’s mouth and hands, without even looking at the cub on the ground.

The cub was speechlessly choked and got up from the ground herself and moved in front of Jiang Mian: “Daddy, I want to eat too.”

Jiang Mian licked his mouth and handed the remaining half to Gong Xun Zhong, who naturally took it and finished it for him.

“No more fuss?”

“No more.”

“Will there be a next time?”

The cub shook her head honestly, “No.”

“Wipe your tears away.”

The cub obediently wiped her face dry in exchange for a cone and happily followed behind Jiang Mian’s butt home.

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