Saikyou Juzoku Tensei ~Cheat Majutsushi no Slow Life~

Chapter 32

Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 31: 15-yrs Old (9)

15-yrs Old (9)

3rd day since I started making smoky leaves field.

A row of Otem close to 50.

And Yamsan 2nd and 3rd who protect them.

Well, I had a hard time.

It is difficult to manage if the scope becomes too wide, so we have replanted the living Otems and consolidated them in one place.

"Thank you, Shibi, Giselle. After this, all we have to do is just wait for it to work well."

"No, no, if I compared with Giselle-san, this is nothing..."

Shibi was talking to Otem.

Is he really okay?

On the 2nd and 3rd days, he should not have taken a good sleep.

Did I use him too much in my sense?

If I am successful in growing the smoky leaves, I will give him a good return.

I also have a headache because of the side effects of potion. I feel nauseous.

I just want to go back and take a rest.

And, when I turned to the return route, I saw someone coming to this side.

There are three people.

Sure enough, they are the ones from before.

"Oh, that, that the front one, isn't he the only son of the Calco family..."

Shibi speaks while staring at the 3 group leader Noswell.

Until a while ago he was taking to Otem, but it seems he have finally returned to sanity.

He should have heard that we did not go home, so he thought we were suspicious and came to see our situation.

I do not know what kind of measures the Calco family will take.

My future depend on how the other side reacts here.

I slap my cheeks and charged my spirit.

"Huh! No way, you were doing something like this. You are stupid than I thought!"

I look at Noswell and then look at the behind 2 tails.

After shaking their shoulders, they turned their eyes around.

Go home already.... Every time, what do you do following him?

"Well, what is it for this time?"

"What is it for? Do not play dumb. What, how many Otems do you have?

Is it okay for me to think you are challenging my house? Hey."

Noswell narrows his eyes and approaches me.

"Ah, what are you guys! Do you think that you will be fine by selling fight to Abel-san?"

Shibi screams and comes out in front of me.

Then I glared three people one by one.

Shibi is pretty strong compared to me or Giselle.

Well, I felt like that when I first met.

By his saying of just now, it's like he is saying about the threat of the tiger.

Noswell laughs with his nose at Shibi's words. Two people behind him shake their heads like fan.

Seeing that, Noswell hits their head.

I reached out and get in between the two while stopping Shibi.

"Not really, there is no rule to not to cultivate smoky leaves."

"If there is no rule, you can do what ever you do? Remember those words, okay. Challenging my house, you don't think you can get away easily."

By smirking, Noswell returns the way he came.

Today he pulled back early than I thought.

"Can I go home already?"

One of the two asked Noswell as if he is relieved.

"Oh, since I warned, it's fine now. I was convinced after seeing that amount of Otems. It is an idea of a foolish idiot who has not thought about anything. By disappointing and disappointing, he would have moved forward without thinking ahead"

Noswell turns his back to Noppo, then deliberately shrugs his shoulder.

Then he looks back this side slowly.

"Let's leave them alone. Well, why don't you think? Who is going to make so many Otems and get someones to help with the magic supply? I hope he will do well with that smoky leaves field, I hope he'll get along well, I'm looking forward to it, Abel-kun. Then, let's go back, go back."

Is magic supply?

What am I missing?

Seeing sideways, Shibi had a bluish face.

After seeing off Noswell with two people leaving with a quick and fast pace, I asked Shibi.

"What, those guys what were they thinking? That face, did you find something?"

"Oh, that's it. That three people, they will probably call on other villagers not to help us! What should we do?"

Even without help, I thought that I could manage myself in the future, but ... could commonsense be underestimated?

It's something that even Shibi understands, so it's not going to be a professional story either.

"Hmm, what do you mean?"

"Don't you know? There is a place where smoky leaves are grown in the back of the house of the Calco family, but it seems that the supply of magic power is done every morning by hiring nearly thirty people with good magic control. Those things consume too much magic... It is not something one or two people can do... "


"So if you can't gather people, you'll soon be overwhelmed by loss of magic power! That's not something Abel-san saying!"

Certainly, it has been difficult to collect talented people who can supply magic power in the smoky leaves cultivation.

Alive Otem will die soon after the enchantment of the food is exhausted.

It will die if you miss the supply even for a day.

It is one of the reasons why smoky leaves cultivation does not spread.

I heard that even when Rietta's family is cultivating smoky leaves, they still bow their heads down for the staff of Calco family.

I see, so that's why he did act so generous?

It was good to understand the reason.

"What, what should we do? The people who can supply magic power are limited. Most of them are supposed to be people who have a strong connection with the Calco family and they will not be able to come to you because you asked them."

"Shibi, calm down."

"I can't calm down! How are we going to do this? No, it was useless! Like this, Giselle-chan will! Yes! Alright, his house, let's blow away his house! It is the quickest and clearest! At this time, let's say that is what I did! so let's do it!"

"Hey, Shibi."

"Oh, yes! My dad, he is pretty dexterous! Let me help! There are many people who have a grudge against the Calco family, I know them! If there is cooperation between them, people who will follow me should come out! It is inevitable that it will be important, but it will be war if it is war!"


"What, what is it? Why does Abel have a calm face?"

"Because I can do it alone, so be relieved."

Underestimate me, it's troublesome.

If it is this scale, my magic alone is enough.

There will no problem if it is about ten times wider.


No, it was good.

It seems that Noswell will not disturb anymore. Let me do what I like.


Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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